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Facebook/Twitter, Anyone?


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Over the past few weeks, the Facebook chat has been acting up to the point where it is impossible to have a full conversation (without interruption) using it, and therefore, is currently pointless.


Please join this group to support the idea of Facebook staff fixing the problems involving chat at the moment, so that we can all continue our discussions and connectedness with friends on this website.





I have sent a message to Facebook staff concerning these problems with the Facebook chat, and hopefully they will take them into consideration. Until then, I have recently formed this group to help build up a large base of people to show the administrators just how much support is behind repairing the application.


I'd really appreciate you joining!

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I've had Facebook since my freshman year in college... until now. For me, Facebook has taken a turn for the worse and I just had to deactivate my account. Besides the only people that I did talk to on a regular basis on there were my family and I can just text them, so it seemed pointless to keep it. One more thing, I started to get friend requests from Facebook "whores" as I like to call them. They're basically the same as Myspace whores.


Edit: Oh yeah, another reason is that I kept getting malware from Facebook. Four times now I had to run the anti-malware software.

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