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planning to get to Six Flags Great Adventure

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this is to those who might know. i'm gonna be going to New York City for about 8 days,and i'd really like to know what mass transits can get me closest to the park if any. i can deal with local taxi services (i've done that many times in my life).


I ask because i usually do not travel by car, just by mass transit, and i KNOW NYC has a lot of that. just not that far (just wanna if there is any that get near it - cause taxi cost would kill me)


I've never been to this area of the country, and all i know is Amtrak and greyhound go in and out of the city all the time.


planning to just hit up the park in one day (if i have a day to spend, since most of my time will be touring the city).


Also one more question, the flash passes is it the Qbot or the four pieces of paper.







Found this




this is a bus service that goes to Jackson New Jersey (hey its the town SFGA is in, i can just get cab fare from there). i just need to know what street is it...

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The NJ Transit bus is a super easy way to get to GAdv. You'll catch the bus at Port Authority on 8th Avenue between 40th-42nd St. There are several buses that leave around 9:30am. They even have separate ticket windows to purchase the tickets (you'll see signs that say Great Adventure), which are $27 round trip for just the bus ticket, or $53 for the bus and theme park.


Once you buy the tickets, you follow the signs upstairs to Gate 324. The bus drops you off right at the park, so there's no need for a cab.


The times for the buses returning to the city vary. Last time I went, they told us they were leaving at 6:30pm and 8:30pm, but I'm not sure if there's a set schedule. I know the website says 9:30pm but there are definitely earlier ones.


I haven't used the Flash Pass this year but the park will be packed, so if you want to get everything done, it will be worth getting. Have fun!

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Wow, I'm doing the same thing next week and I was wondering the same thing. Also, if the park is packed what rides should I be sure to ride? Does everything have long lines right away or is it the front of the park first? I can't afford the Flash Pass so that's out of the question.

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Everyone runs to The Dark Knight and Kingda Ka at opening, I would get try to get those out of the way first and Superman since that always has a long, slow moving line. That and El Toro are the 4 coasters with the longest lines at the park. Medusa opens at 12:00, if possible get there right at 12 (or a few minutes early if there is a line of people waiting for it to open) so you can ride it without a wait.

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Hey there! I work at Great Adventure at the Guest Relations office and I'd be glad to help you and anyone else that may have a question about the park!


I see some people have already helped you with the buses, so I don't know if you want any more information on that. We do have bus schedules at the office, so if you want to know when the buses leave, just check with us.


If you don't buy a ticket at the bus terminal, it's only 49.99 plus tax to get in, we're offering the Big Six pass now which is six visits for the price of a one day visit, I know that's all we can sell at the GR office now. Your best bet if you're coming with someone is a Coke can, which is Buy one Get one Free on Weekdays and $15 off on Weekends. My personal advice is to buy your tickets online. Not only are they cheaper, but you can also get flashpass online as well. If you have any problems printing out your tickets, make sure you bring your receipt or confirmation number, and we can print it out at the GR office for you. You can also buy parking online to, but it will still be $15 dollars. Make sure you have that printed out so you can get through the parking booths.


When you get to the entry gates, head up main street past the fountain and go to the yellow and blue building, that's the flashpass building and it will have a long line if you don't get there first thing. I suggest a gold flashpass if you want to get every major ride in the park done in one day. Flashpass prices can be found here at this link: http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/tickets/flashpass.aspx.


I'll give you my personal opinions on which rides you should go on so you can make a nice loop around the park. Go Kingda Ka, El Toro, Nitro, Batman, Medusa, The Dark Knight, and Superman. Flashpass will work really well so you don't waste too much time waiting, if you get a regular one and the line is an hour long, you should try and catch the Dolphin or Tiger shows, they are pretty cool and are nice places to sit and relax.


For eating options, my personal favorite is Best of the West. It has a great atmosphere and you can eat in the air conditioning, or out next to the log flume, or next to the lake. Granny's (over by the Big Wheel) has an all you can eat buffet for 14.99, but it's only for an hour. Johnny Rockets has the main location on Main Street with seating by the Gazebo with a cool percussion show. Nathan's Hot Dogs is in the Boardwalk along with Ted's Cheesesteak's. La Cocina is known for having great food and it is near El Toro, so you can go on Toro and then grab some nice quesadillas or nachos afterwards.


I hope you stay long enough to catch the Glow in the Park Parade at 9:10pm, it really is a great parade. The best place to view it is by the fountain, so don't miss it! There are lockers are every major ride and they cost $1, so I suggest bringing at least $10 dollars in singles so you can stow your stuff away. If you want, there are all day lockers located outside in the outer mall and inside the park over by Johnny Rockets and the Big Wheel. If you buy something in a store that you don't want to carry around, just fill out a package pick up form and at the end of the night, you can claim it over by the GR office.


There isn't really much else I can think of to suggest, but I hope you have a great day at the park and enjoy yourself! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and if you encounter any problems at the park, be sure to stop by the GR office so we can take care of it. Have a great time and I hope I've helped you in some way!

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On crowded days, Flashpass will most likely sell out, they only have so many units available. I'm not sure if they have more than last year, but we did just get the new ones this year that let you reserve a ride from anywhere in the park. Making a reservation online is your best bet so you know that you have one waiting for you when you get there.

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