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Accelerometer logs of some of the coasters of day three:


Sommerland Syd:








Extreme Racers




Tivoli Friheden:


Orkanens Øje






















And the worst: Lateral


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^^^ Yeah Cobra is crap, at least that is my opinion. Its down with Jupiter at Kijima and Space 2000 at Gyeongju World.


^^ As my brother said, opened 26-27:th of June, we rode it on the 29:th and it crashed on the 4:th of July.

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Day 4: The final day and Piraten


We had saved the best coaster for last on this trip, Piraten. The biggest reason why we saved for last is that it's the coaster we really wanted to ride, and by doing this on the last day, which was a Monday, would help with crowds in the park. After the park, we just had to drive up to the ferry at Fredrikshavn to get on the ferry back home, so we had a full day at the park if we needed to.

This day we had the best weather of the whole weekend, so we had a really great time.


Djurs Sommerland


This park must be one of our favourite parks in Denmark, along with Fårup Sommerland, BonBon-land and Tivoli Gardens. Its a big place with a lot of space for future expansion, and have a good share of stuff to do for the whole family. Maybe not as many coasters as you would like, but 2 of the 3 they have are ace.



Karlo's Taxi, just another kiddy ride, and yoiu don't need to borrow one to ride it

Thor's Hammer, is one of those Gerstlauer Bobsleds, and they are by definition really fun to ride, and this is no exception. It boasts insane helices, nice wild mouse turns, some great airtime and 2 really sweet transitions.

Piraten, is the new kick ass mega-lite coaster from Intamin. And there is just one thing to say about it, GO AND RIDE ONE!! They are awesome and might be one of the best additions that are made this year. It's not the tallest, but it have massive airtime over EVERY hill, especially the smallest of the twisty hills. It's smooth, fast and powerful everywhere else.

We rode it in every row, and more or less decide that the front of the train gave the best ride, both by the terms of smoothness, but also had a bit better air over the hills.


Now on to the final pictures from this trip:

Yay, no more driving 60!!


I think that we are close


Then a few minutes we almost wet our pants after seeing this!!


I want to ride you now




Mmm, Intamin


Inside the entrance we saw this area, but..


we turned right and headed in this direction instead


But before I post a crap load of Piraten pr0n, here is pictures from the rest of the park first...


After the first ride of the day, we headed toward the kiddy area for some whoring


There was some scary Mexican guys at the entrance


Mmm, credit


Wonder if you can eat it?


Get your kids, of wait you don't need them


Same as the rest of them


You can even see Piraten from it, so it's way better then the rest of these rides




Wonder what's behind this thing?


Cool, off road Go-carts, still not as cool as those at Uminonanknaknands Seaside Park


Then we got to this thing


Plain Old Norse, pretty easy


Hmm, a cows head, wonder what they have sacrificed it for?


A shot for the lift-hill geeks


Goat Boobs!!


A Viking chick


Thrones for the Norse Gods


And here we have Thor himself


Helixy drop


These turns made some Gerstlauer fart-noise


Even more Helices




Even more Helices


I just love these transitions


See what I mean <3


Oh yeah, it have airtime as well


They have a water area


That have a giant bucket at the top


Next up was the Jungle Cruise


Where they have a bunch of Apes doing strange stuff



See what I mean


Then we were attacked by some hostile tribe


And were brought to their village


And they had some big Elephants there as well


Then we found Tarsanland



It's a big obstacle course, not as hard as the one at Sommerland Syd though

It had some easier routes


Over these


Through a swamp




Over logs and through some crazy spinning nets


And then finishing it of with a Takeshis Castle moment


Then we entered a Cemitary that had all the famous guys from the Wild West


A chair swing that went both ways, and had some water feature to it




I told you so


Topple tower, too bad that it was pretty lame


After a crazy golf session we went for the dinghy slides.


These are self operated and you begin by taking a dinghy


Put yourself in this position


And then press the green button, and hold on for dear life


While waiting for our time on the slides we saw this


Piraten through the TREES!!


Now it's time for Piraten!!

Yay, Piraten


I love this area, but it needs less grass


They have a cool broken Pirate ship though




Intamin awesomeness


Even this part is speedy


Mmmm, first drop


They have a band playing


They are soon going to feel some extreme pleasure


Wiiii, Floater


Going down


Did we say that the park was empty


Up again




Since they were slow loading, I snapped this shot for the lift-hill geeks


This part is very fast


At this point of the turn around you were seeing stars


This is the best hill on the whole coaster


Another train returning a bunch of people that have been ejected




These twisty hills produce some massive airtime


Random cool themeing


Even more lift-hill porn


Almost there




If you don't remember which ride you are looking at




Signature shot


Going up the lift


Did we say that the park was empty


Even the wildlife enjoy Piraten


Bad operations caused this to happen on every run


But during those I managed to take these geek photos


Did I say that it have massive airtime


Oops I almost forgot this hill




Even if we could have stayed at the park a bit longer we decided to leave a bit early to be sure that we would get on the ferry, so that meant...


We are looking forward to your clone in a few months


Bye Piraten


We'll return in the future


After we left the park we saw this sign, it could only mean one thing, PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL!!


On our way to the ferry we met 3 blades that probably were going to the same power plant that the hub we drove by on the way down


To pass the time we had left before the ferry, we found some old bunkers:

Complete with big guns


It's nice to feel some power between your legs


The place also had a lot of sheep


Oooo, Bunkers


This place gave me some: CoD, RTCW:ET, MOHAA and other WW2 shooter flashbacks


These things didn't manage to stop our car on the way back to the ferry


We had to drive between all these trucks to get to the ferry


We love the fact that this Porsche driver had bikes on his roof


Then it was time to leave the harbour


The captain put the hammer down


Express Ferry POV


After a while we saw the familiar sight of the Lighthouse on Vinga


On our way into the Harbour we played chicken with a big cargo boat


Then we finally got back into Gothenburg


Hope you all enjoyed reading this PTR, as I did riding the coasters

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Accelerometer logs of some of the coasters of day four:


Djurs Sommerland:















Thors Hammer










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