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PTR, Denmark + Germany weekend

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This trip started out as a short visit down to Heide Park to meet the TPR Euro trip, to meet the people we met on the TPR trips last year (Japan/Korea for me and Midwest for my brother), and with a bunch of new coasters opening in Denmark this year, we decided to head to those on our way to and from Heide Park.


Our initial travel plan were as following:


* Leave Gothenburg early with the express ferry to Fredrikshamn

* Fårup Sommerland

* Karolinelund

* Drive down to our first hotel north of Hamburg


* Heide Park

* Stay at the same hotel outside Hamburg


* Sommerland Syd

* Tivoli Friheden

* Stay at a hotel in Aarhus


* Djurs Sommerland

* Head back to Sweden in the evening with express Ferry


But after reading both Shockwave's and Divv's awesome trip reports from their trip to Denmark a few weeks before we decided to add Legoland to ours, since it would easily fit our timing on Sunday.


Here is an overview of the parks locations:


Day 1 to follow shortly.

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Day 1: The trip down, plus a few awesome coasters.


So we got away a little later that morning then we should have. We had to be at the check-in at 7:00 to get on the ferry and we were a little worried that the GPS told us that we would arrive at the docks by 7:15. But fortunate for us it were a bit of, and thought that we should be driving around the docks at 15 km/h before we would arrive. But we arrived with a few minutes to spare, so first part of the trip was done.



We made it on!!


Good bye Sweden


It took us about 1 hour of slow cruising to get to the last outpost of Sweden


Then the Captain put the pedal to the metal


Woohoo Denmark


Ok, so we turned the wrong way in this crossing, but after a bit of nagging by the GPS we started to get back in the right direction


So we weren't allowed to drive 60 km/h


Bumps times 2 must be equal to boobs, WHERE ARE THEY!!


Finally we found the right way


YAY, first stop of the trip


Fårup Sommerland

This is a nice little park, that actually have some great coasters.


First up was Falken, a small S&S power woodie. This was a real surprise for us, smooth, fast and have loads of air. The park was so empty that the operator sent us around again without leaving the train There was a bit of shuffling in one of the helices but it's a really great coaster.


Next up was Flagermusen, a standard Reverchon spinning mouse. Not much to say about this ride, except that we got a pretty good spin on the ride and ended up backwards in the station.


We carried on in alphabetical order with Lynet. This ride was a real treat, brilliant powerful launch, great airtime and nice inversions. It's way better then Kanonen which is the best comparison to this coaster. This was the ride that had the longest queue in the park, about 10 minutes.


Then we finished of with the last 2 coasters in the park.


Mine Expressen "broke" down on the lift-hill on every run, and Mini-Lynet, a small power-coaster, that doesn't really do anything.



Almost like a ERT session, must be thanks to the lovely weather


First ride of the day


Pleasure starts at the top


Lovely G-trains


It's soon time to say Wiiiiii!!!!!


Nana-nana-nana-nana - BATMAN!


We have all seen this before


Next up was Lynet


It's a really nice atmosphere in the station


Just head for the light in the tunnel




Every train broke down on the lift


OMG!!! 90 Degrees!!!! and through the Trees!!!!!


Signature shot


Ok, that's better


Extreeme lats here


Then we saw a nice Carousel


We rode the spinning drop/shot tower of death


The speed boats were cool


During Lunch we saw these two guys, I'm not sure if they were working for the park


Flagermusen through the trees






Then it was time to leave the park, so


Bye Lynet, you're ace!!


And Bye Falken, you kick ass, in a good way that is.


On our way to the next place we were told not to drive 30 km/h


If 2 bumps are the same as boobs, then what are 6?


While we were on our way, then we noticed that we were followed by a huge rainstorm


But the Danish air force were scrambled to fend it off


The GPS told us to go through Aalborg city centre, and then do some forbidden turns, we ignored her and she started nagging


What is that in the distance


And you thought that smoking was bad for your health


Next stop Karolinelund



This is a nice little place, which is free to enter. But then again you will have to pay 100 DKK to ride all 3 coasters.


First up was Looping TL 59, a really big Pinfari Looper and also my first one. It wasn't as bad as I would have thought by the bad reputations these have gotten, Ok, so it wasn't the best either.


Next we did the dual train Caterpillar, this is a really strange one, lots of tunnels and a lot shorter trains then the normal Wacky Worm.


The Boomerang was just a standard one, nothing new to report. It had the same strange twitch as the one at Woobang Towerland when it connected to the lift-hill chain.



Looks like any other tivoli in Denmark


More rides that are plonked in the area


This is what was connected to the picture above


W00t! My first Pinfari Looper credit


The train awaits us


Rising to their death




Credit whoring time


There is nothing like the smell of a Wacky Worm in the afternoon


My brother is trying to take a picture of me, but Caterpillar dodges it for me, +1


Tunnels are always a good thing


I wish that it was a little faster, just imagine the air you would get


OMFG, enter lightspeed


It's not that often as you could see the front and the rear of a wacky worm at the same time


Loopen again


Last but not least


The mighty Boomerang


In case you forgot what you are queueing for


Themeing or Visitors, you decide


You aren't as bad as most say


Why not say what speed we are allowed to drive at??


Big as propeller hub


Yay Germany


It's less then 158 km until it's time for bed


A nice looking bridge


Day 2 will come in a while....

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Graph of the coasters on day 1.



























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Day 2: Meet the TPR people


We started pretty early this day to be able to get to Heide Park before opening. The weather was really bad, and it was pouring down, but as we got nearer to the park the heavy rain dissipated, and we were greeted by some foggy wetness in the air.

We had bought tickets online to get into the park quickly so that we could meet up with Mark, whom we had arranged a meeting outside Desert Race.

After jumping the queue to get into the park we headed in that direction of Desert Race for the meet and my first ride of the day.


The day progressed in a steady pace with multiple rides and a lot of chatting with people which we met from previous TPR trips. We managed to dodge the massive rainstorm that hit the park by having lunch at the time.

By 4 pm it was time to say good bye to all our friends, since they had to carry on to the next location. But we decided to stay in the park until closing, and that was fortunate since we got a couple of rides more, the weather really improved and I managed to take pictures to post any pictures from this day in this PTR.



Big Loop: was a lot better then I remembered it to be last time I were here, or it could also be that I now know how to ride this kind of ride without getting to many bumps and bruises.

Colossos: have recieved a bit of TLC since last time, and most ot the bumpiness from the helix is now gone, it's a solid ride with lot's of airtime.

Desert Race: one of the smoothest accelerators I have been on, a pretty good ride on this one as well. But a "Drivers strike" got us stuck in the train waiting to launch for about 5 minutes.

Grottenblitz: standard power-coaster, pretty fun though.

Indianer-Achterbahn: I like it more as the Dog Fart coaster at Bon-Bon land

Limit : standard Vekoma hang and bang ride, nothing special about it.

Schweizer Bobbahn: my favorite Mack Bobsled, that goes on and on and on and on (well, you get the idea)...


Now onto Pictures, in a very specific order:


We start up in the observation tower:

Many TPR members have slept here


Easily the best coaster in the park


Drivers Strike!!


Here is the green/white corner


The new area of the park


While we are at it let's take a look:

Welcome to Lucky Land


Here we have the bucket wheel of death


This area was overflowing with TPR members a few hours before, since the queue to the Indianer-Actherbahn couldn't fit them all


Speaking of which


Wonder if they serve Whiskey in one of those houses


Get ready to be farted on, wrong park...


Just by the Lucky Land area there was a Lego shop, where we scored a few coupons that gave us 20% of the entry to Legoland the day after, Sweet.


Now let's jump to the Desert Race area:

Desert Race is easy recognisable by the big ugly thing that hovers above the launch


This part is way better then the helicopter


First you enter the train, right about here


After some lights flashes in your eyes then you suddenly find your self about here


They you get sideways






This part is way faster then Rita


Oh yeah, they also have a red train




OMG 2 trains in one shot


This part of the park is just like Liseberg, an Intamin P'n'P woodie and an Intamin Acceleratorn next to eachother, lets head over there now


But before some Colossos action we finish of Desert Race with a signature shot of it



Mmmmm, Intamin woood


Did I say that this thing is massive?


Pleasure starts here


Wicked fast lift


Right about here is a brown trouser time


Then it's just one way out, straight down


(insert fart-noise here)




You know that Nintendo thing...




Then there is time for the helix of death, though it wasn't as killing as it had been


After a few sweet airtime hills then it's the final turn


If your not hooked on coasters after this then there is something wrong


Next to the awesome woodie, starts the Green/White section:

First a Green/White Condor


Then a Green/White Enterprise


Then another Green/White random Huss ride




Then comes the coasters


Mmmmm, corkscrews


The loops aren't as good


Woohoo, empty


Too bad that it looks better then it rides


Get ready to become scrambled


What is that behind those trees??


Well its long and Green/White....


It must be Bobbahn


And no one is riding it, sweet


This is better then most ERT sessions


Get ready to BOB








Going left


OMG almost 90 Degrees!!


Random Park Pictures:

Best observation tower modification evar!! Agree Brian??!??!


Strange logs...


Get ready to scream, after this gate






Heide Dorf, with the weakest spinning cups ever ridden...


The bad one of the two in the park


Wildwasserbahn through the trees


Random kid section


The other observation tower


Hmmm, aren't we in Germany




We must be, look at the flag


But WTF, a fat statue of Liberty


Wumbo says Have FUN!!


Slides of Death


Spinning ride of Death, or a quick way to get dry


Beautiful carousel


One of those wind flappy thingy


I told you that the other Swinging ship was better, BOOBS!!


Hmm wait a minute why are all the employees leaving??


Ahh, the park closes now...


Final shot of Colossus


On the way back to the hotel we passed a new ski slope


And a sign that said that the Dutch should think ahead...


Oh yeah, Thanks Mark for the Fish and other crazy stuff, I hope that the MER was tasty!!!


Day 3 will be up in a while...

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Accelerometer logs of some of the coasters of day two:




Desert Race


















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Day 3, Part 1: Hang Over reunion, NOT!!


Day 3 will be divided onto 3 parts, mainly because I don't have the time to one update, but also since I have too many pictures I want to have in it so that the update will be massive.


So after about an hour drive from our hotel in the morning we arrived at Sommerland Syd. This park have a coaster that I really looked forward to ride, Tornado. But to me then it will always be Hang Over, the Vekoma Invertigo prototype that were located at Liseberg a few years ago.


We arrived at the park about 40-50 minutes before the park opened, so we hanged outside the entrance watching Top Gear until the park opened. When we got into the park we discovered that none of the rides would open until an hour later, so we decided to first walk around in the park and take pictures, and then do a credit run before leaving.



The night before we saw that the McDonalds by the hotel had a Space Ship simulator, so we had to stop by it in the morning to take a picture of it.


Well on our way we saw a sign that told us to keep right, but we aren't Dutch so we didn't care...


Since this was a Sunday morning we enjoyed some Autobahn ERT


Then we entered Denmark and was immediately told not to drive 110 km/h


I guess that we should follow that sign


On our way to Sommerland Syd, we saw some home redecoration gone wrong


But then suddenly we saw this ugly thing


It looks like we are in the right place


Look, it looks like that we are going to have the park to our self...


Aaahhh, they haven't opened yet


Wonder if we could sneak in that way...


Ooooh, Entrance


After waiting in an eternity outside the gate they finally let us in


They had a small stage by the entrance


Some small obstacle course behind it


Haven't seen this view in a while


Mehh, it doesn't open with the park...


So we took a look at the rest of the park and saw Captain Toilets swinging ship


They have a beach..... that didn't open


They have some water slides


Then we got into another section of the park with some stuff to keep us occupied for a while


We had to get over this bridge before we discovered it


Almost there


A Robinson themed obstacle course of Death


This was the hardest of the ones we encountered (almost every park in Denmark have one)


See what I mean


We escaped the island on this rope bridge


I'm pretty certain that they have crocodiles in this pond


Then we entered "Jungle Land"


With King Kong


And Tarzan Slides


They had some funky chair swings


Then we stumbled on this contraption, it's like a suspended kiddy powercoaster


But we weren't allowed to ride it, I would have definitely counted it though


They had a automated child care, just put your child into this and it will take hours before it could get out


Then we finally got to the second coaster in the park, a Pinfari non-looper of death


There weren't any gates to hold us back, so we could sneak up on to the platform to take a picture


Now for some Geek porn...

A Pinfari train strip tease


The operator sent one train around to see if it got back


It did, so it was safe for us to ride it


This thing is like a giant Helix


And it had some Ghetto tunnels


After we we got our Credit we headed over to Tornado again


But it was broken


So we left the park instead and met the Fire Department on our way out, wonder what they were doing there...


And then we were on our way to the next place of the day...


Sommerland Syd is a pretty Ghetto place, the worst park we have visited in Denmark


Next up is any kids childhood dream to visit, LEGOLAND

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^^^ They probably got a lot very chepely, and then painted everything with it. It all gives the park a good sence of cohesion to the park. But apart from that, no idea.




^ As I stated before, that's just noise, a more real measurement would be around 4.5 g's. But then again, you should see the log we have of the Voyage, it bottoms out our sensor to about +6.2 g constantly, but that is also noise.


Part 3b will come tomorrow, since I can't bother right now.

Pictures are done though.

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^ I'm glad you liked it, I really enjoyed the Swedish Fish, really tasty. But your super sour stuff was weak compared to some stuff we have here, but tasty non the less.


I will at least meet up with you all again during Scandi trip, but anything can happen

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Day 3, Part 2: A boyhood dream come true, in super speed.


Thanks to the advice we got from Divv, we decided to stop by LEGOLAND on our way towards Aarhus and Tivoli Friheden. And the fact that we got a voucher for 20% off the entry when we were at Heide didn't also helped with this.

Even though we could have stayed a whole day at LEGOLAND to really absorb the park, we opted for a quick visit, mainly to get to Aarhus at a reasonable time and due to the fact that the park was really crowded. But then again, I would love to return to the park in the future.


Dragen, was a pretty cool power coaster, with a dark ride segment before the last speedy turns outside. It's probably on of the only power coasters that run multiple trains, which makes it automatically cooler then the rest of them.


X-treme Racers, is a standard extended wild mouse, cool cars though, but I managed to bang my knee pretty bad on it.


The last one is the one for the credit whores, which means that we really had to do it


Pictures (not that many, since you really have to experience it first hand):


Welcome to DNALOGEL


The guy in the ticket booth thought that it was funny that we were from Sweden, at LEGOLAND in Denmark with a voucher from Germany


Pretty crowded, even if the weather was kinda meh


Viking Riversplash, is one of the coolest rapids ride I have ever seen, with a big drop, too bad that the queue was enormous, but why is there a giant dragon there?


See what I mean...




While Waiting for Dragen


All hail the mighty Dragon


Wild Mouse, Lego Style


They had shark infested waters at the flume ride


It didn't want the rapids ride to outdo it, so... SPLASH!!!


Then we saw Mount Rushmore


A big ass Indian


Before we found our last coaster


After riding everything we wanted, we started to walk around the Miniland area, and we started with some big Flamingos


Hmmm, didn't we see this yesterday??!?!


This one didn't have a beer belly though


We headed down to Athens


Before we entered northern Europe


Captain: WTF, why are there big ass ducks outside??


So this is how it feels to be a LEGO man




Ready to Launch, in 3... 2.... 1....


Even more Rockets


Too bad that we were at Tusenfryd during this holiday


Even more stuff


Even if this part of the park is Miniland area, the sky scrapers are still huge


China Town


A movie set, with remote control cameras


We swung by Amalienborg, but we didn't see the Danish Queen


It's just too much stuff to see


Nice looking castle


Even if there were a big as Concorde, a small plane by it caught my eye


Namely this, a Nazi Germany rocket plane, COOOL!!!


Look it's the plane to Japan, wonder if we could hitch a ride...


Lets storm these gates


We passed this place on our way to Djurs Sommerland the day after


I love the shape of this plane, it's an Airbus A380 if you didn't know


So then it was time to leave


So it wasn't called DNALOGEL


They have a pretty big airport next to the park


Wonder if these guys take advice from Norwegians on how to build a tunnel...


Next up, Day 3 Part 3, later on...

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Peter great pics as ever and nice to see you again (albeit briefly) in Europe.


Quick Q as I have bust yet another camera. I remember yours being able to take great night shots so what camera do you use?





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^^^ Thanks


^^ Yeah, LEGO kick ass


^ Thanks, and it was also nice to see the lot of you I met, whished I could have met you all, since I missed a few of the group.


And to answer your question, I use a Panasonic TZ-3, but since I got it they have released a newer version TZ-5. That have a few good improvements compared to mine (mainly better image quality at higher ISO), you can read more about it here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonictz5/

It works very well for me.


Pictures from Friheden is currently uploading, so expect the last part of day 3 in a short while.

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Day 3, Part 3: DEATH!!!!


So after the super speeded visit to LEGOLAND, we finally arrived at Aarhus. We begun by checking in to our hotel for the night, and then drove the few kilometres to Tivoli Friheden.


Tivoli Friheden is a nice little park, that have a really secluded place surrounded by massive trees. This makes the park feel a bit cosy. The rides in the park feels a bit carny and some of them have massive glass noise screens built to the side that face the city centre, which make a pretty cool effect.

We did the coasters in the park and then grabbed a quick bite for the night before we left.

We were lucky enough to arrive just after they lowered their entry prices since it was less then 3 hours before they closed, but the park was empty so we did get a good amount of rides.



Orkanens Øje, We started with this one since it was closest to the entrance, and I just have to say that it might be the best coaster in the park, maybe not as good for the rest of the coasters, since it's a Pinfari Looper of DEATH.

Tyfonen, was next, and it's just one of those crappy spinners that are everywhere. I think we just spun one revolution on this thing.

Cobra, was next, and I will come to that in a minute...

Dragen was the last coaster of the park, and it's just another wacky worm, nothing to write about really.


First some general pictures and other non Cobra stuff...


You have arrived at your destination!!


After parking our car, and walking to the entrance we saw this cool thing waiting for us...


It looks really nice


A swinging ship


The banana boat, probably better then the swinging ship


It was really nice to ride a Paratrooper


Some odd fire extinguishing ladder game ride


Didn't ride the SCAD tower, since I was scared of getting into the elevator (of DEATH)


My second Pinfari Looper of DEATH


The train awaits you






This transition doesn't look all that good


Next the spinner of DEA.... (oh sorry) CRAP


No spin on this one




They hide it pretty well behind these glass panes


It's at least pretty fast....



This is the ride I would guess that everyone is most interrested in, since it's new and there isn't many "non-Danish fan-boy" reviews of it. So here are my 2 cents...

What I can think about after riding this thing that is positive is that it uses the same comfy seats and OSTR's that the previous Pinfari XP56 uses, but that's about it, oh yeah, some parts of the ride is still smoothish.

If those are the good things then what about the rest...

Well, the lift needs tweaking to catch the train properly, the design of the track is worse then one made by a NoLimits n00b that doesn't know anything about heart-lining, the Italian engineers that were on standby in the station took our front row seats (so we just got back row rides, but he didn't look amused when he got back), the braking system is flawed, you can actually see the roughness in the track.

But the worst thing by a mile is the insane head bashing. Any Vekoma I have ridden isn't even close to this one, I think that you might end up with a mild concussion after one to many rides on this one, and they aren't "mild" either, we measured a 5g!!! lateral bash when changing direction in the Cobra Roll.


This thing might take the crown from Gouderix (still waiting to ride it) as the worst coaster ever, especially since it was just 3 day after it's premier when we rode it (and we hate it), and the fact that it crashed 1 week after it opened, doesn't make it better.


So to sum it up, it's looks really cool, the seats and restraints are awesome, but the rest is like going down a rocky hill in a Vekoma box. Not a ride we recommend to ride. We give it a 1/10, due to the comfy seats, but it should really deserve a 0!!


Pictures of Cobra:


Just opened 3 days before


Looks really good


Station Shot


Made by Sartori


It looks so good:


You can see the kink in the track


Italian engineer that took our front row seats


Maintenance platform


Funky transfer track


They are working on improving the number of concussions/hour


A NoLimits n00b can make a better heart-lined exit then this one


Here you are pretty fine, just mild head banging


But here is another story, 5g's right in your side




It broke down on us, the magnet's on the brakes must have made contact to the train, since it wouldn't move


Hot ops, getting aided by Italian engineers


When they brought out a ratchet and chain, then we knew it was really stuck


So we left the park and settled in for a comfy bed and free internet


Next is the last day and some Pirates...

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