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Ex-Paramount's Star Trek: The Experience Closes September

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^^^I know what you mean with LAX, you have to allow so much time to get through security etc. I appreciate your helpfulness. If it had been a few hours drive I probably could have justified it, with a side trip to Buffalo Bills to get the Deperado credit but I think it might be sensible to stay put.

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I'm not a Star Trek fan, but my dad is, and we went to this a few years ago. I was really impressed and enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would! It's a shame that they're closing it.

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Ever since the first year of STTE, I've been going to Vegas, mostly just for Trek @ the Hilton.


That's difficult to believe when the age under your avatar is listed as 16. So you were 5 years old when you started going to Vegas? From Idaho? Something seems amiss.


I just moved to Idaho last October from Southern California. So every year we went to Vegas, we could either drive or fly, most of the time we drove.


And about the age thing, I had a brain fart when I posted that. I thought that STTE opened in 1999. 1999 is the first year I started going to Vegas with my parents. The whole reason for making me want to go to go to Vegas was seeing a advertisment for STTE before watching a Trek episode on VHS. So, no, not since the first year, but 3rd year.

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This is a real shame. I am not a Star Trek fan but the experience is a must do. Even though Klingon Encounter is a bit dated it is still done really well. I highly recommend doing this if you have a chance to head out to Vegas. It just seems than anything that is family oriented in Vegas is vanishing right in front of our very eyes.


They do have discount tickets along the strip at these ticket booths called Tix4Tonight. I believe it is half off for both experiences. And if you have the chance you should do the behind the scenes tour of the experience, it is a must see!!



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I stopped by yesterday to have lunch with my Mom at the Hilton, Star Trek the Experience area is a sad sight. The SpaceQuest casino is still there, but the entrance to the Star Trek area is all boarded up with ply wood. I asked around to see if they are keeping the casino but no one seems to know anything. Most of the signage is still there but with notices that it closed.

One thing I found funny was in the Star Trek themed casino they just put in some Star Wars slot machines in. I thought that was kinda ironic lol.



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I just read an article stating that CBS is in negotiations to license a new Star Trek Experience at the Neonopolis shopping mall in downtown Las Vegas. I am really excited about this.




'Star Trek' attraction may find new home at Neonopolis


Don't mourn the departed Trekkies yet.


Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Neonopolis developer Rohit Joshi say the defunct Star Trek: The Experience attraction at the Hilton is moving downtown.


If it works it would be the biggest resurrection since the Enterprise crew found Mr. Spock's coffin on planet Genesis -- both for the Experience show and the troubled Neonopolis development.


Goodman let the news slip Thursday morning during a chat with reporters at City Hall.


Later Joshi, developer for the struggling Neonopolis mall on Fremont Street, confirmed a deal was close.


But he clearly wasn't prepared for the news to leak.


"You kind of shocked me," Joshi said when asked about the potential deal. "I don't know how to respond to that."


He continued: "We are in very serious negotiations. We think it would be a fantastic addition to downtown."


Joshi also produced a bound agreement with CBS Consumer Products, the licensing division of the media giant that owns the rights to the Star Trek name, dated Monday.


Leslie Ryan of CBS said the company had no statement on the potential move.


CBS owns the costumes, rides and other hardware and intellectual property that make up the Experience.


It licensed the material to Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., to operate the Experience at Las Vegas Hilton. But that agreement ended when the show closed at the Hilton, leaving CBS free to license the material to someone else.


Cedar Fair spokeswoman Stacy Frole said the company had no involvement with the move downtown.


Star Trek: The Experience had an 11-year run at the Hilton that ended Sept. 1.


If Joshi is able to revive it downtown he will be operating an attraction that lured millions of people to Las Vegas for Star Trek rides, themed food, a museum and even weddings.


"We don't have volcanos, we don't have fountains, we have got to create attractions," Joshi said.


Reviving the attraction won't be easy, though.


In addition to retrofitting space on the first floor of the mall to accommodate the rides, restaurant, museum and other show elements, Joshi would need to bring back the audience.


Even hard-core Star Trek fans say that by the end of its run at the Hilton the attraction was getting stale and needed an update.


And a new "Star Trek" movie scheduled for release in May would make the old props look even more dated by comparison.


"I think it is a mistake to take what was there and recreate it," said Anthony Pascale, editor of the Web site TrekMovie.com. "It was getting a little long-in-the-tooth."


Pascale said the version at the Hilton was aimed at a generation of Star Trek fans tuned into the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


"That is just part of Star Trek, not all of Star Trek," Pascale said.


He suggested a revived Experience would need to incorporate the new movie and more of the original 1960s television series which later spawned several movies including "The Search For Spock," a film that included the resurrection of Mr. Spock, perhaps the most renown Star Trek character in popular culture.


No matter how a new Experience unfolds, Goodman was clearly excited by the prospect of Neonopolis living up to its promise to attract new blood downtown, even if it becomes Nerdopolis in the process.


He practically beamed as he dropped the news on Thursday.


Neonopolis has long been viewed as a black hole in terms of development downtown.


The complex is between the east end of the Fremont Street Experience canopy and the west end of Fremont East, a bar and entertainment district that includes the El Cortez hotel-casino.


The mall has struggled to attract tenants and its lack of life has been blamed for reducing foot traffic between the canopy and Fremont East.


"It would be ironic," Goodman said of the potential for landing Star Trek. "Perhaps the most successful place downtown could be Neonopolis, even though it has been an albatross around my neck all these years."

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For what it is worth this is from Wiki


According to a Feb. 6, 2009 article from the Las Vegas Sun[4], the Star Trek Experience is scheduled to reopen in the Neonopolis Mall in Downtown Las Vegas on May 8, 2009. The date was chosen to coincide with the release of the movie Star Trek XI.

The first phase of star trek the experience will open this year and in 2010 the full experience will open.

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