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Photo TR-Coastermania 2008 CP, Waldameer & Kennywood

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Well, it was time for my sis and I to go on our traditional yearly trip and for some reason, a Coastermania Adventure sounded cool and worked for me! I think she actually enjoyed it for the most part! Of course, not many people seemed to be into a "themepark as a destination trip" so we were on our own and it worked out really well. It definitely was a great weekend.


We left on the Thursday fairly early so made a pit stop over at Waldameer Park before continuing on to Cedar Point from Fort Erie.


On our way I-90 styles!


Woohooo...the US of A border! There's nothing more intriguing than a bridge that leads to Buffalo! Actually Buffalo is close and is an ok place to hang out and check out the Bills, Sabres, shop cheaper or oh yah...Darien Lake .

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On to our first stop, Waldameer (Erie, PA)


A great little park where the flats are on "traditional" or "carny" settings. Honestly, I never felt sick on a spinning ride until that day...


I had never been to a park like this so it was definitely a great experience with a lot of new and old mixed together.


Although the park is small, between the park and the waterpark, there's definitely a lot to do to keep anyone busy.


You enter at the park's railway crossing. Parking is free, definitely a welcomed surprise..


Last look at the park from the wheel


The other side of the highway


Crazy disappearing act..yes..into the Ravine, who would have thought? :)


The bridge..


Ok, back to the good stuff..RVII!


ARRrrrr!.....didn't have time for whatever that building Captain Hook is on..

BTW, evil, evil Tilt a whirl..


Great flume, but man...way to rub it in! The bigger drop is Big Thunder and of course flies the US flag. Well, Canadians will have to be happy with being recognized as Little Thunder at Waldameer.


Another look at those well...whacky (and very old) cars in that...well...whacky shack.


Another look at the 'good shtuff'...


A very old ride but a lot of fun! There are definitely a few crazy sections in there! From the looks of it, I don't think my sis really wanted to give it a try, but we did.


Ravine Flyer II! I was definitely looking forward to riding something other than a KECO woody at Canada's Wonderland or Mean Streak. I never knew how smooth they could be!


A short but cool climb through the trees. Yes, we were the largest people squeezed into the back of that train :)


Peeking up Comet's hill?


The park looked great and was very clean. Definitely a family atmosphere for the most part.


...or a skyride?


What would a park be without a ferris wheel?


A bit dizzy afterwards, but whatever, bring on the insane spider/ monster ride (more 'on' that later).


Paratrooper action. Never saw one of these before so it was the first ride.


The Comet is a great little kids coaster that looked and felt 'classic'

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Hey thanks James! My first comment to my very first PTR!


Waldameer is a great little park. RVII was definitely a fun coaster. They had all trains running and were very efficient. Like I said, I still can't believe how smooth a woodie can be. I thought El Toro was a one-off but this was just as smooth or very close. Mind you, who knows what it will be like after its first year


Coming soon....Cedar Point (Coastermania08 day)

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Ok..so on to Cedar Point! I think most have seen the park in many trip reports so here is an experiential snapshot: In the park from 6:30am to 10:00am - Coastermania 2008!


After the last pick, we rode some flats and other rides and headed back to the hotel to rest up for night ERT. More to come!


I had some serious making up to do for that crazy Caddy ride. I was sentenced to watch The Misadeventures of Molly and Maverick...


You're turning it the wrong way!! :) No, she doesnt' have a license yet haha


Ok car buffs, take a look at this! Is that a Briggs & Stratton under the hood? Wooooeeee!


So after all the driving during the past two days, time for a break. Looking for someone to drive me around...


..taking the dog out for a walk


Ok, this just didn't turn out as I hoped. I had the pose a few seconds before haha. Cool mural of Snoopy (at a new Planet Snoopy entrance)


Park is open, waiting in "no line" for Wicked Twister. Cool view of the beach.


Wow, what it looks like 'on the other side' before 10:00am.


I dunno, will this ever come back in style?


Again, just an indication of how much space there was around us as the park just opened to resort guests, who were being filtered through the entrances. We began walking up to Raptor for a ride on that before heading to Maxair and Wicked Twister for 10:00am.


The not so fun part of being early, waiting for a train to fill. Things could be worse! We rode one more time after with still no wait.


Walked back to Millennium Force and were second in line for 9:00am.


One last look at Maverick and Lake Erie at ERT. Morning Coastermania ERT finished at 8:30am so that the park could prepare for Resort and Season pass ERT from 9am to 10am. We were included in that as well.


2nd of three rides (2 in back, 1 in front)


Waiting for the front, thumbs up to that! What an amazing day out on Lake Erie!


About those enthusiasts, happy to report that there were no incidents of biting or attacking. Although, I was a bit worried to see these dudes. Honestly, it was a pleausre meeting everyone that we did. Just a great group of people all around that along with all the ride ops (and Tony spending ERT at Maverick) made for a phenomenal event! Just to think there was still night ERT!


So, about that line. Long? Jess looks happy so not so much. 10 min tops! Absolutely amazing! "Where have all the enthusiasts gone?"


Oh yah! That's the stuff! Now, about that line...a bit nervous about how long that sucker is going to be! Oh, that would be Mean/ Rough Streak in the background.


With ERT half over....a brisk walk to Maverick. Hmm...how long will that line of coaster enthusiasts be? This was a first coaster event of any type for us. So of course we were both wondering if hardcore coaster enthusiasts bite or attack due to the use of flash photography?


Waiting for the front...I forgot how steep that lift is.


Getting in line for the second run


Classic Millennium Force shot


The way a line should be....running to the station and still waiting for the train to fill! Just awesome..


I think I mentioned this is a favourite? Oh I should qualify by saying that I've never been on any Superman ride. But I'm sure I'll always love Millennium!




Passing by Mantis on the way to Millennium Force! A personal favourite!


Still early in the season, but the trash cans are in full bloom. Again, a great indication of what the park is like with just us coastermaniacs around during ERT! Definitely lots of space.


Before hours shuttle? If only! The park really is massive. It's a good 15-20min. average pace walk to Maverick.


Classic Corkscrew shot


Midway Mania!


Raptor and main midway shot, no one around (most ran to Maverick I think). We opted to get about three rides in at Millennium Force first since Maverick will most likely always have a line.


Walking in, man it was early! Loved the Starbucks coffee and donuts at registration! It was also a really hot day but they gave out hoodies as part of the gift pack? Apparantly this time last year, it was a lot cooler.

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Cool TR with some nice shots of CP. Is there anything more beautiful than being in a park before it's open to the GP ?

Oh and BTW from your earlier post, what kind of ride is the "wacky shack"? It looks pretty ghetto, but I mean that in the coolest way .

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Thanks for the posts! Oh for sure, it was a one-of-a-kind experience seeing the park during non core hours. The fresh lake air, no bumping into anyone, etc etc.


Whacky Shack wasn't very ghetto believe it or not, the visual effects inside weren't that bad! I even felt sick after the last 'veritigo' type section. Just the cars alone rock...

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The rest of Coastermania was amazing! Night ERT, I didn't end up sticking around because the weather was really wonky. Anyone know how it went?


So, I booked a firm room in Pittsburgh hoping that the Penguins were going to get to game 7, but, it wasn't to be! Detroit had won on the Thursday and I had a room in Pittsburgh. No biggie, Kennywood was on the agenda on the Saturday regardless as tickets and breakfast came with our hotel room.


After Kennywood and not watching hockey at the stadium, it was time to get ready for the fairly short drive home the next day. An awesome trip! Hope everyone enjoyed the PTR....


Turtle madness....


We tried out a few of the classic flats, including The Whip and this turtle ride, both the last in the US if not worldwide? I think Jess just wanted the day to end it was so hot haha


Complete with a nuclear rabbit on a really classic train...must be insane..all I can say DOUBLE DROP sweetness!


Jack Rabbit Goodness! Yet another classic that honestly, still packs a massive punch!


Hmm...bunny in the background..


We headed over to Racer after trying out Ghostwood Mansion. It was ...meh... Racer is a great ride! Definitely another classic. Our train won...ahem..of course..


America's favourite cookie! Deep fried....who would have thought? Angioplasty anyone? (Yah, I also had the famous ice cream chocolate dip with a cherry lol)


Now what is this tasty confection?


Another view of the center of the park. Patato Patch on the bottom right...I dunno how the arteries held up that day...


Thunderbolt goodness....it really makes use of the terrain and the first coaster I've been on with no single riders permitted and after you ride, you'll know why.


Phantom's revenge was great with insane air. Looking around, time to try out the Thunderbolt!


It's crazy watching the trains just drop into the ravine


Walking to..the Phantom..oooga booga! A little Kennywood atmosphere.


We were definitely looking forward to trying Phantom's Revenge out.


The parking, entrance, music, atmosphere were all very much traditional and classic. A very cool atmosphere.


After a quick stop at the hotel, it was off to Kennywood to make use of those tickets. It was really, really hot that day.


Whoohoo, Pittsburgh! I honestly thought it was flat and pictured it to be like of the Hamilton, Ontario of Pennsylvania, which it isn't. K Penguins..next year!! :)


The interstate became road kill alley, kinda nasty.


See ya Sandusky! Helloooo Pittsburgh! We passed by the Geauga Lake exit on the way down, never been so no real comment.

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