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Photo TR: Random but Ghetto Amusement Park in Galway Ireland

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My Boyfriend is Irish and while I was over visiting him, we randomly stumbled across this little amuesement park at the beach in County Galway.


I apologise for the kind of smudgy mark but my camera got damaged on the plane


We Then Went to the arcade. Where I won The Jackpot on Deal or No Deal! 100 Tickets!! Wooop!!


Thanks for Reading :)


The Golf too was pretty ghetto. These rocks were the obsticles you had to get passed. But maybe we are spoiled disney golfers.


We decied to play some mini golf. We got charged the kids prices as well. Always a bonus when your in your 20s


Just as we were leaving, we spotted a bucking bronco!! Although, these kids weren't alowed on it.


There was also a powered train!!


Lets all ride Disney's Bus (Disney Pointing Ex Castmember Not Included) With...Erm... Tweety Pie??


Shamu? Is That You???


They also had some arcade like games. Mostly un-manned.


Closed!! No Sad and Pathetic-ness for me today. Although, If It had been open, I probably would have got dumped! Lol!!


Waltzers - Why is it that all ghetto rides are themed to half naked painted people??




Some other "attractions" around the park


So this was our view for about 20 mins or so, as they only let one car round at a time and there was about 7 in front of us!


OMG! Hidden Mickey!!!


You do actually get a nice view of the beach. Kinda reminds me of blackpool, but less tacky!


Lift Hill. Yup.


TPR Meet Simon. He really likes to be dragged on random 4 Euro rollercoasters. Honest.


It was a really really really really tame spinning mouse! I think it only spun around once. Quite possibly Elissa friendly!


The "Signature Ride" Haha!


Here we are at leisureland Galway!

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^^I was trying to figure that out at first too. Apparently the back of her shirt and the front of her shirt are held together with spaghetti straps on the side, and the light is casting a slight shadow where the straps meet with the back of the shirt, causing the appearance of a bulge where in fact none exists.


Still, not exactly, um... yeah.

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Hey now, Leisureland is the closest thing this country has to a proper amusement park


Looks like the rides haven't changed much since last year when I visited. Relief really that I don't need to go back...




Hehehe! I didn't even know it was there... Im really surprised there isnt a small theme park in Ireland.Although, I did hear that there is a rollercoaster in Meath?

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Hi Chrissie!!



I really liked reading your report and checking you out as well


I wish you all the best with your boyfriend and hope you two spend many a day at amusement parks in the future!



Your Bud, Big Mike

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^ Thanks! Lol!!


Thanks for posting the TR. Unexpected little finds like this are sometimes the most fun...so random. It looked like a fun day. (and congrats on the hottie Irish dude!)


Haha! Thanks and your welcome!! Simon will love that comment...


Hi Chrissie!!



I really liked reading your report and checking you out as well


I wish you all the best with your boyfriend and hope you two spend many a day at amusement parks in the future!



Your Bud, Big Mike


Awww, Thanks Big Mike! and Hi!!


Stay tuned for Chrissie and Simon do Disneyland Paris

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