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Roller coasters and body trembling

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I would have to say most recently it would be Stealth (Thorpe Park), the adrenaline i got from that was great!


Recent Thrill Ride that did the same was Hurakan Condor (sooo tall!)


Past adrenaline experiences have to be


Hulk opening year

Dueling Dragons opening year

Nemesis opening year (you gotta remember, i was much younger when all of these were done).


Andrew "Must ride more coasters" Shakespeare

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Rita: Queen of Speed, since it was my first launched roller coaster. I was not prepared for the intensity of the launch and the overall greatness of the ride.


And, for other rides, The Flight of the Phoenix at Terra Mítica. It was my first drop tower and I was really intimidated by the height and the rush going down was sooo intense I left the ride all white and trembling.

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Top Thrill Dragster & Tatsu. TTD was because of the anticipation, sitting looking up at the tower that couple seconds before you launch.


Tatsu cause I had no clue that pretzel loop would catch me so off guard.

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I naturally shake a lot, like I can't keep my hands completely still, roller coasters generally make me... not shake, I become more calm i guess.

Or if by trembling you mean.. just can't walk straight.. Fairly Odd Coaster at Nickelodeon Universe.. because i rode it directly after riding that Avatar ride... so... too much spinning.

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Only 2 coasters have done this to me and thier from the same park. Kingda Ka for the first time was the most gut-wrenching experiance of my life. The other is El Toro. That coaster was just mind-blowing. I came off saying Holy S**t.

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I was shaking quite a bit before and quite a long time after riding Griffon the first time. Like I've said on countless posts so far I'm a coaster newbie so to speak so this was a bit extreme for me. The whole 3 second hang really did me in and seriously that first ride was a near death experience. After riding a second time the next day though I couldn't get enough and I ended up riding it almost 16 times by the end of the 3 days I was there.

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