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Orleans Place Boardwalk |RCT3|

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Year 2


Hello again! Today we are nearing the end of another great year at the Boardwalk! The park should be making an announcement any day now.


Three coasters in one shot!


Carnival might be getting a new ride next year but that's only rumor.


I've also been told to look this way for next year's addition.


Not a big crowd tonight...


Check back soon for the big announcement!

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The park is very cool and the theming is top notch but I think you post alot of screens that don't really add to the park. I know it sounds weird but I think you post very little new stuff like a small addition here and there but I think its a shame that you do this mini updates that don't really present somthing new, nothing is actually updated if you know what I mean, I constantly check the thread for new stuff but mostly its just a new screenshot from the same places as 3 updates ago. I'd like to see more new stuff and expanding in this park because I know you can pull it off masterly.

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I know but more than 60-70 percent of your updates are like this and you say this is the area where they will be expanding but you don't show anything new or maybe a teaser like a piece of track, etc. But I'm not gonna argue on this with you any further because I think its your choice to present your park this way and I respect that because what you build is totally awesome and I can't build stuff like that so keep on working like you do and I'll still be checking this out for more

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^Like you said, I wouldn't argue with him of the reasons you outlined. Considering we have threads where people have barely created their parks despite the new guidelines, I wouldn't knock the ones that have their parks together. I see the updates on threads like these as giving a different view of what they have done so I have an idea of how they did it as well how some people have put their parks together.


Putting parks like these take time and effort; so if they show a different view of their work to keep interest in their threads up until they add their next part, then that's a good thing. I began working on my park last weekend and it took me several hours just to put together a graveyard scene for my first ride.... and I'm only about 5% done (can't do anything simple!) and I know some of the pieces need to be redone.



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I feel that when there's something new in every update it's hard to keep up with what all's going on. But things are going to start picking up because I'm going on hiatus for a while and I'm ready to finish this project. Thanks for the replies!



Year 3 Announcement



NEW ORLEANS - Orleans Place Boardwalk continues its three-year-deal with Hard Rock Cafe to bring the restaurant to its lineup of incredible restaurants. With bringing more musical influence to the boardwalk, Orleans Place Boardwalk has become the place to stop for music lovers.


Filled with music memorabilia, the restaurant will feature a stage for bands to perform, several large video screens displaying music videos, and a gift shop for up-and-coming rockstars to get their own merchandise.


"We are very excited to be in this partnership with Hard Rock," said an Orleans Place Boardwalk spokesman, "we feel that Hard Rock Cafe is what's hot these days and we are dedicated to keeping the boardwalk fresh."


The restaurant will feature the same architectual style that is found in last year's Hard Rockin' Roller Coaster entry plaza.


Check back soon for more updates!

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Year 3


Hello again! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been very busy with work over the past couple of months.


Airtime is happening now.


House of Blues


Hard Rock Cafe's waiting area makes a great shot.


Hard Rockin'... STATION.


I hear they're gonna put some fish in here!


The ferris wheel still dominates this area of the boardwalk.


Two different themes going on in this picture!


Delta Demon


It seems alot bigger when you get close to it!


Check back soon for more!

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The park looks great so far.

By the way, how do you get the water to look like that? The water in my parks always looks blue and unrealistic.


Are you on a laptop? When I played RCT3 on my laptop, the water was just like you described



Nope. Just on a regular computer. I have my settings on High Quality, but maybe if I go custom and boost the detail it might work.

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