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Photo TR: Sam's Summer of 100+ Credits

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Last Monday, my family and I went to Cedar Point for the first time ever. Let me tell you - I was blown away by its awesomeness! I remember the rush of excitement I got when e drove up to the park and along the perimeter road to the Sandcastle Suites where we were staying. We arrived last Sunday evening.


What does this have to do with 100 credits since there are only 18 of them at Cedar Point? Well this is the first of many parks I will be going to this summer with new credits. The majority of them being on the TPR east coast trip in a few weeks!


It took a while to get this started because of traveling and I am here in Colorado for orientation at College which was last week and have been to busy. Also, the internet connection I am on is slow and uploading the pictures to Photobucket took long. This is also the "first" free day I have had since before I left for Cedar Point.


6/23 - All 18 credits at the park were achieved today!


We walked along the beach to TGI Fridays for dinner when we arrived.


More of Magnum before I got into the park.


Dragster of Top Thrill


Better station work that from what I had expected here at a Cedar Fair park.


Count the trash cans.


We got in an hour early with the hotel and headed over to Maverick first. This is now my favorite roller coaster. Sorry Goliath...


The lakeside setting of the park is awesome!


Three train shot.


Later in the day, this would prove to be a very Dan-UNfriendly water ride. I was wet for the whole day after riding this.


Is it an Aqua Trax?


Another ride beats out Goliath.


The painful coaster. I rode this later in the day.


Powerful up until the very end.


The gates at the train crossing were malfunctioning which resulted in crowding, stuck, and confused guests. We took the Maverick path back and hit up credits that way.


The authentic theming was a nice touch from the concrete and cans at the front of the park!


Free to ride unlike at Knotts.


My dad took this photo.


Closed - FAIL. I came back later and got the credit. This ride is nothing special. Just slow and boring. Goldrusher at SFMM is better by a long shot.


A good looking ride, but oh my god this ride is terrible.


See that long queue!? I wouldn't wait more than a 2-train wait for this ride. It LOOKS good and fun, but in reality it is boring and headache inducing. I hated it from the minute we started going down the first drop which was trimmed to the point where you could feel yourself slowing down as you descended. The ride is very bumpy all around and gave me a headache. Not even the old Vekomas at my home park of SFDK are as painful and crappy as this. From what I have herd about Psyclone - I never got a chance to ride that - This is probably worse. I will personally fly 2500 miles out to the park to take place in a torching ceremony of this piece of sh*t. I really hoe the rumors are true about removing this ride. The scrap wood would make better firewood than a coaster! I also wouldn't mind seeing it shredded up into mulch for landscaping purposes.



If this were Final Destination 3, this picture would show my death. Maybe not the best comment to make after what happened at SFOG yesterday.


50 minute wait including 10 minutes of down time was worth it. This ride kills Xcelerator the way Jr. Gemini kills Mean Streak.


Draggin' Iron. Neat ride, just boring compared to Ninja.


My brother and I were addicted to this during our stay. We rode all 4 towers.


Corkscew was fun. A bit bumpy, but nothing worse then CGA's Demon.


Raptor OMGZ


Airtime heaven. One of the best wooden coasters I've ridden.


Last in the country.


Maxair provided some neat views of the surrounding area.


Corkscrew credit.


We headed over to Wildcat, but threatening weather shut down the park.


I have come to conclude that the reason they have such an anal rain policy is to move guests from the rides into the shops where they can spend money. We noticed all the shops crowd up as well as restaurants during this shut down. This is an understandable policy. We took this time to do our shopping at the park. My family decided to head back to the hotel to drop off our purchases, and other things we did not want to carry around. My brother was tired, so he just went back with my parents. Afterall, everything was closed due to the weather. i decided to stay and took the opportunity for some credit whoring.


No, not on this. I already rode this earlier in the day. It reopened just after my family left. There was not even any rain. They just shut down due to the threatening clouds. Magnum us a fun ride, but the lapbars hurt like hell. They need some of those Intamin replacements!


After that, I headed back to Gemini. On my way, I passed Jr Gemini and noticed it was open. Although I heard this was an impossible credit without a child, the ride ops still let me on. I was amazed they let me on. Credit number 73 for me!




Then it actually rained for about 20 minutes in the classic Cedar Point downpour. My family got back after it rained and we rode Gemini on both tracks. Gemini-blue was my milestone 75th credit


I then rode Woodstock Express and got this shot of Millennium Force.


One of my new favorite shots.


Mantis hurts. I love it's placement over a pond though. Good looking ride, not so enjoyable. Worst station ever. Better than Mean Streak though.


Last picture of the day.



After Iron Dragon, we got back to Wildcat which was my last credit in the park to bring me to a total of 80 so far. 18 credits down, more to come in the next two months!





Thanks for reading!

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It sounds like you had an awesome trip. I've got to get to CP in the next couple of years.


Now you get to go on the East Coast trip and get even more credits. There is still a lot of summer left for you!

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I agree, Lucky with the Jr. Gemini credit! But i've gotten man enough to ask kids if i can ride with them now, so next time i visit CP i'm sure i'll get on it.


100+ credits in the summer though, that's quite a feat, well you are doing that trip, the most i've gotten in one year was about 50

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Day 2 (6/24): Cedar Point and Soak City




So in the morning I awoke to a text message from my friend Stephany who was supposed to meet up with me at the park so we could hang out and I could ditch my family - well the bad luck of Sam hit and she said couldn't come because she had the flu and her dad would not let her go.


Another day with my parents and my brother. How sad and pathetic. Overnight there was a mayfly hatching, so these bugs were everywhere in the park.


Onto the pictures because I know that nobody really reads these things.


I'm just glad to be at the park, even though I couldn't meet up with pretty girl, it was a good day.


We first headed to Millennium Force and my brother and I rode the front car! We then headed back to Maverick only to find...


It was broken down. They had to evacuate passengers on the brake run. We came back and rode this in the late afternoon which both my brother and I rode the front on.


The three antique car rides in the park add to the atmosphere nicely. It's sad to see these ride disappearing from parks even though they are not very fun.


A Robin with a mouthful of the mayflies from the overnight hatching.


Park improvements over by Top Thrill Dragster. It's nice how they keep this park nice and clean without using an excess of trash cans. To my surprise, there was not as high volume of trash cans here as at Knott's. You would think the original Cedar Fair park would be the trash can capital of the world.


We rode Dragster twice this day - once in the late morning, and once late at night.


What was meant to be a fly-by shot, turned into a launch porn shot.


But we rode Corkscrew instead because Dragster had a long line. The park was definitely more crowded than on Monday.


They call it Corkscrew, but all I see is a loop.


My brother and me in the front of TTD!


The endless countdown to launch.


Planet Snoopy (aka second hand Geauga Lake rides) overview. It's finny how everything new for this year is relocated from other Cedar Fair parks. Skyscraper from Valleyfair being the other.


Skyride and Corkscrew. I'm losing my sense of creativity here.


Wait, wasn't this ride in yesterday's update?


Best non-coaster ride ever.


The invert that didn't kill anybody.


Yup, still Cedar Fair.



Soak City


I doubt there has ever been a Soak City PTR because of the low quality of water park, and the fact that you need a water proof camera to get pictures. You will find some never before seen shots of the park in this! I have a waterproof case I used for my digital camera for this. Works great! We decided to go to the water park because we had all our credits, lines in the park were long, and our tickets included Soak City. If Stephany had come, we wouldn't have gone because she doesn't like water parks and would rather spend all day on Maverick - not that I wouldn't like that.


In review, this water park is about as thrilling as any next door to a theme park water park. The slides are lame free standing structures with no theming or atmosphere whatsoever. Some slides were fun, but others were just lame. This pales in comparison to Denver's Waterworld, which I will also post a PTR of in this thread! I will be going there tomorrow!


The only thrilling slides here.


When was the last time you saw this shot? :)


Tube slideage.


Kids area was not very popular. Nor is the rest of the water park.


Skyline shot from the body slides.


Magnum broke down and left a train stranded at the bottom of the lift. It never reopened. As we were walking out late at night, I saw the train still there.


The insides of these slides feels like a sauna! The ghost like blur is a water drop on my camera case.


Water drop, wave pool, and Magnum.


From the top of Erie Falls.




That's all for the Cedar Point and Soak City pictures. It was an amazing park, CP is much greater than SFMM. And I can't wait to go back.




Next update will feature a lesser known park in another state. Stay tuned! Hyland Hills Waterworld Tomorrow!

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I'm playing "catch up" here with all the updates today - I finally had enough free time to do so. Now for the third park with new credits on my trip.


Today, 6-29: Heritage Square You might remember this from Robb & Elissa's Denver trip in late 2005. This park is located in the town of Golden, Colorado where I am currently (also home of the Coors Brewery for you beer fans). When visiting my grandparents every year, we drive 5 minutes to here for the alpine slide. This time, I took on the opportunity for some extreme slutty credit whoring on two of their kiddie coasters. For now, photos!


Where are we again?


Add trash cans and you got Cedar Fair material.


My mom worked in this building about 30 years ago.


The reason we are here besides my credit whoring. The slightly inclined hill will keep any ACErs out.




The amusement park I will credit whore at soon.


Walking up the hill, I overheard some guy telling some chick the alpine slide was lame because you didn't get any air over the drops. "Next time, I'm going faster to get some air." BAD. My dad and I tried this on an alpine slide in Minnesota 10 years ago and it nearly killed us.


You take a lift to the top of the mountain.


There used to be a bungee jump tower here. I think it was here until 2005, but it closed long before that. I always wanted to try it.


The old terrain water slides which have not operated since 2002. I remember riding these while watching thunderstorms over Denver many years ago.


Awesome views of the park, Denver, and beyond!


This is an alpine slide for those of you new to the concept.


At the top of the lift, you take a left turn to where you get in to the slides here.


Some kiddie go karts in the Fish n Farm amusement park at the base of the mountain.


My credit whoring begins now, on Python Pit.


Miner Mike wins the Jeff Johnson award.


Is it possible for me to sink any lower than this?



$5 got me these two credits to boost my count up to 82 credits. 20 down, 80 to go before 100 new credits!




Tomorrow I will be at Waterworld in Denver. Although there are no credits there, there will be a photo TR. I'm looking forward to trying out the new 8-lane Turbo Racer, the massive drop down body slides, and all the one of a kind rides at America's biggest water park!

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Wow thanks for the pics Sam. And yes I did read every word of the report like I said I would Glad you had fun! So three coasters (MF, TTD, and Maverick) beat out Goliath as your favorite? Well lucky you. Those were some awesome side shots of the park from the slides. That was some great thinking of you to bring a water proof case to take over there. Well....I wish I had more to say but I'm at a loss for words except...LUCKY!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the ptr from the water park in Colorado. Thanks again for posting Sam!!

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Great Photos! I love Cedar Point and in fact I was there the same time as you. I saw you when you were on Skyhawk, with your TPR shirt on. I was first in line for the next cycle. I too had a TPR shirt on.


And yes, indeed it was very crowded Monday. Were you there Tuesday? IT was absolutely packed! The line for Wicked Twister went through a couple of switchbacks, Maverick had a full que, and Millie had a 1 1/2 hour wait. Still, all the coasters were worth the long wait.


Again, great pictures and glad you had a good time at CP!



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Yeah, I was at Cedar Point on Wednesday, 6/25 and Magnum was broken down all day with that train sitting at the bottom of the lift. I don't know what they were doing, but they were hosing off something in the station pretty much every time I walked by. Great pics by the way!

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6-30 - Hyland Hills Waterworld



Today my brother and I went to Denver's Waterworld - one of the largest and best water parks in North America! The park was filled to capacity due to the 95*F temperature, so lines were long, the concrete was hot in the less shaded areas, and my brother's toe hurt so we left around 3:15pm. No credits at this park, but we don't get many water park trip reports here I will cover this.



Screamin Mimi is a one of a kind water ride where you take a sled to the top of the hill, ride down on this track, and glide across the splashdown pool before coming to a stop.


One of the park's terrain rafting slides. This is one of the 6 main ones in the park. Some of them much more elaborately themed than others. Some go underground too. Not the best shot, but you get the idea.


Turbo Racer opened last year, but when we were here last year it was still under construction.


For these slides, you wait in line before given a foam mat which you take to the top of the structure. You ride down laying headfirst. When the light turns green, the riders go. Down! All I have to say about this is "meh" Timw would be better spent on attractions unique to the park which you can't find at Six Flags or Cedar Fair water parks.


Revolution opned in 2005 and is basically a giant toilet bowl - Tornado slide turned on it's side. We skipped this due to the massive lines. We skipped alot of the parks signature rides because of long lines today. Sadly, this meant skipping all of the terrain rafting rides including the famous underground Vorage To The Center Of The Earth ride. However, over the past few years of coming here, we have ridden everything here.


This kids area is new for 2008. It replaced what once was a wide open area of concrete and that green "turf" like path stuff.


Pipeline Peak - the tallest free-standing slides in North America and the slide at left features the steepest slide drop at 70 degrees! Rode this twice today and it still remains in the top of my favorites!


The park is built on a hill and is so large that it requires a gondola transportation system for the ACErs at the park. On the subject of that, with the park entrance being at the top of the hill, it keeps out the overweight so it is nothing but hot chicks.


More of the new kids area. Oh R.C. you're gonna love this - there is a new bathroom for the park too down here!


Overview from the Prank Tank queue. This area has certainly changed compared to last year.


2009 expansion. The park has everything but a Deluge water coaster. Hopefully this is what it will be for!


The Zoomerang halfpipe slide is dwarfed by Revolution. I skipped this for the third year in a row.


Looking towards the south side of the park from the top of Pipeline Peak.


Wildlife credit.


Look closely and you will see two crappy water slides in this picture.::D


The innertube rapids ride. I skipped this due to the lines, but here is a picture from last year that shows something you will never see at any corperate owned park.


NBC9...er, the Bermuda Triangle slides provide quite a thrill considering their size. Even these 15-year old slides had lines today. :omg:




That is it for Waterworld. It is time to take a break for Sam's summer of credits. Unless I go to SFMM with Adam next month, the next stop for new credits will be with the TPR gang on the east coast trip in August.

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Screamin Mimi looks like a pretty cool slide. Can't remember the last time I went to a water park, must be like over 10 years . Good TR though, a couple more hot life guard shots and it could have been great .

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6-30 - Hyland Hills Waterworld


More of the new kids area. Oh R.C. you're gonna love this - there is a new bathroom for the park too down here!


Thanks for pointing that out! I love new bathrooms I want to got to Waterworld some day. I've heard that it is awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing how the TPR East Coast Trip goes for you!

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Screamin Mimi looks like a pretty cool slide. Can't remember the last time I went to a water park, must be like over 10 years . Good TR though, a couple more hot life guard shots and it could have been great .


I was about to get one when walking by the lazy river of an even hotter lifeguard, but she walked out of view of my camera.


Not lifeguards, but more rear shots of hot girls for you.

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Oh boys and their penis'.


You'll love Fort Collins! I go there a couple times every week (I was there today working out at the CSU gym). It has a lot of diversity, college students, amazing food, and there is always something to do. Much, much better than Greeley!

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Today, Adam (thrillgeek) and I met up at SFDK with some of his friends. I have all the credits here already, but this is another photo TR to add to my collection. Oh what a mistake this was to come on a Saturday. We should have guessed the crowds would be heavy like this. 50 minute wait for Boomerang, and 2 hour wait for THBS, we endured. Definitely not worth it. As season pass holders, we would normally come in the week, but it was either this, or reject the invitation to go.


Medusa - 1x

Monsoon Falls - 1x

White Water Safari - 1x

Tazmanian Devil - 1x

Boomerang - 1x

Voodoo - 1x

Tony Hawk - 1x



Note: Pictures were taken on my phone because I didn't bring my camera.


CGA on Monday and Tuesday for the first time in 6 years for me and Adam's first time ever!


Would not be complete without Tony Hawk's Big Spin shots.


SFOG could use a few more of these.


Bonus points for any non-employee who can name where in the park this is.


We're not at Dorney, not for me yet at least.


Boomerang got new paint for this year, but it's hard to notice with the sun in the background.


Please tear down this waste of valuable land 4D theater. It's glory days as "Dinosphere" are long over and instead of remain closed indefinitely as it is now, replace it with something. Anything will be better.


R.C.'s new bathroom is complete and open.

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