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Disneyland, home to the Tiny Castle

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For me its the tiney castle. I got a shot here standing 50 feet or so from the castle on the bridge and got the entire thing in on shot without any crazy angle. It's funny. Disneyland is fun.


Look! It's minuscule/miniscule!

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"disney, home of the tiny castle"


More like disney, home of Walt's frozen corpse.






If you were standing only 50 feet away form the castle, then wow, that thing is small!


Trev"walt's frozen!"32

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Its about charm....believe me, I would know


I say, its not the size mate...its how you use it.






Although they stoped the walkthough attraction, they use it a lot in the fireworks, Remember...Dreams Come True, which is the most kick ass fireworks show I have ever seen.



Anyways, I assume that you meant to lead off an actual discussion.

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The first time I saw the castle was from a video over at the Wonders of Life attraction at EPCOT. They have (or had) these exercise bikes where you'd watch a video while peddling. One of the videos was a tour of Disneyland. My jaw dropped when I saw how tiny the castle was! Especially since I'm used to the Magic Kingdom's castle, which is at least twice the size! :shock:

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