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Title Town USA?


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I edited your topic to be more specific. Make sure your topic titles are descriptive enough so people know what you are talking about and they can respond.[/i]

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Grew up and live in Chicago, but definitley NOT voting for it even though I am a Sox fan and they won the World Series in 05


The Blackhawks last won the Stanley cup in 1961

The Cubs last won the World Series in 1908

The Bull last won a NBA championship in 1998

The Bears last won a super bowl in 1985


Ill vote for Boston

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This is the ONLY National Exposure Parkersburg has got in years and it you look at the records they are insane 192 cships.


192 high school state championships sounds more like Title Town West Virginia to me. It's impressive, but it's also limited to West Virginia.


While it was a close decision for me, I have to give the nod to Boston over Gainesville. In this decade, their overall sports prowess has been unmatched; 3 Super Bowl wins, 2 World Series wins, 2 NCAA Men's Hockey national championships, 1 NBA championship, and 4 MLS Cup appearances.


Overall, they have 17 NBA Championships, 7 World Series wins, 5 Stanley Cups, 3 Super Bowl wins, 3 NCAA Men's Hockey national championships, and a slew of championship appearances.


Though I know a few cities could top Boston in overall history, I place more weight on recent history, so it's hard to pick any city over Boston.

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^Couldn't agree more.

If you think about it, our four major teams made the playoffs and two of them won the championship. I don't even have to talk about all the titles the Patriots have won. Ya I know there was the camera incident, but even after all that they still went on to go 18-1 and no other team has ever done that. Also the Celtics last year were the worst team in the NBA, but this year they traded for some key players and were able to beat the Lakers for the championship. Yes Wes the Celtics beat the Lakers. Boston teams have been apart of playoffs and championships for the last 5 years, and it could be the same way for a while.

I rest my case.

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^ Well, recent success is great, but for me, when I think of an overall "Titletown," it's not just about "what have you done lately?" I think this should only really come down to a handful of the major metropolitan cities. It's a short list in my mind, anyway. Sure, the small towns who boast of having one huge successful team/franchise are definitely commendable, but I'm only stacking the "big boys" against each other for the win.


As far as major cities with at least three of the four major sports (and perhaps a strong college football and/or basketball program) represented over a reasonable amount of time, I've got it looking like this:


1. Boston

2. New York

3. Chicago

4. Pittsburgh

5. L.A.

6. Detroit

7. Miami


And even with that said, I'd still prefer to break it down into individual sports for the name "Titletown."


Basketball - Boston

Baseball - New York

Football - Green Bay

Hockey - Montreal

College Football - Notre Dame/ Bama?

College Basketball - UCLA/ with Kentucky a close second.

Etc. etc......

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Some of the choices for Titletown have just been flat out ridiculous!


Palo Alto?!! Valdosta?!!


IMO, this is just something that ESPN is doing to fill out the summer. I really wish that they would have a gone for a little bit more for quality in their choices. Even I have to agree that Knoxville was not a quality choice for Titletown. If you take out the Lady Vols, we have one NC in a major sport in my generation. They even used Peyton Manning as a supporting evidence.

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I thought that there mightve been some "ballot-stuffing" for Valdosta, but it seems that they're consistently winning titles.


I thought it was difficult to vote for a town. I wanted to go for Columbus because of my association with OSU, but outside of Buckeye Dominion, is Columbus really known for championships/big success?


I also wanted to go with New York, Boston, or LA - I even thought Detroit was a little enticing.

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I'm pretty embarrassed for ESPN that they would make such a big deal over this "Titletown" thing and then end up with Valdosta. When I think of Valdosta the only thing that comes to mind is Wild Adventures, and that's not a good thing.



Well, UF just got named the #1 party school in the nation by the Princeton Review, so at least Gainesville won something...

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Well, I think the idea of VOTING for "Titletown" to be extremely flawed. Voting is great, but just because people voted a town "titletown" doesn't actually mean they are the most consistent winners. It's not a democracy, it's pretty much just fact.


The town with the most PROFESSIONAL (or at least college. Highschool sports really shouldn't count) titles/success are "Title" towns. It's really that simple. Voting for you're home team doesn't make them great, just popular.


In truth, the most successful cities are Boston, NY, and LA. Period.

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I thought that there mightve been some "ballot-stuffing" for Valdosta,


Something tells me it wasn't so much ballot-stuffing for Valdosta as much as the rest of the country not giving a flying rat's arse about this whole thing. I bet a vote from each Valdosta football player would've been enough to win this lame summer airtime filler for ESPN. I know I don't bother voting for this crap. It's an interesting water cooler conversation for an hour or so, but that's about it.

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