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Walt Disney World Resort Non-Park Discussion Thread

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^ I haven't had to replace any of mine and I don't exactly treat it nicely either. Thank god there are plenty of shops here in Korea. My BTTF Uniqlo shirt gets worn pretty often out of some other movie ones that I tend to end up using for my kindergarten job where it gets tugged and pulled on and covered in all sorts and I haven't replaced any yet. My cheapish hoodies and jackets that I use almost daily for dog walks during late fall- early spring have outlived a lot more expensive ones as well.

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Having never been to Japan, can you tell me a little about UniQlo? Why do you like it so much, what all do they sell, and is there a store in the US is similar to it? Thanks!


Old Navy.


They have a website with pretty much everything they sell on it. There are also a handful of stores in California.

Yeah, I'd say closer to The Gap more than Old Navy. Old Navy to me says "cheap, crappy clothes" whereas The Gap is at least higher quality and a bit more trendy.


You can always just go check out their website:


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^I think that's a very poor comparison as Old Navy clothes are crap and get destroyed after a few washes. My Uniqlo stuff lasts and lasts.


Gap is definitely close in terms of "style" - Uniqlo sells basics - tees, jeans, shorts, shirts, etc etc. They do have some interesting design partnerships (including Disney, but also the MOMA in NYC) that have more interesting designs/prints than their normal stuff.


Where they are HUGELY better than Gap (or pretty much any other mainline clothing retailer) is that they are obsessive about quality and the technical aspects of their products - they do a LOT of research and innovation around fabrics and manufacturing techniques that result in pretty affordable clothing that is extremely resistant to wear/washing, and also has high-performance (moisture wicking, warmth, lightness, etc depending on exactly which product) that is a lot closer to something you'd be buying from a sports or outdoor company at MUCH higher prices.


I read once that close to 90% of people in Japan own at least 1 item from Uniqlo if that gives you a sense how good & popular they are there... their US expansion is slow but steady.


I've had great experiences with their clothes, particularly things for our little guy.


Oh, and their puffy winter coats are just absolutely great value/quality, especially for the price. For those of us who actually need those things... can't imagine many of them for sale at Disney Springs!

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Missed the replies to my recent questions. Glad to know Molly's Cupcakes are superior! I love them. Georgetown Cupcakes taste like cardboard in comparison to Molly's.


Thanks everyone for the info on Uniqlo! Old Navy and Walmart stuff sucks and falls apart in 2 washes so a clothing company that actually cares about quality without skyrocketing the prices is my kinda store.

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It's so great that Disney Springs is coming along so beautifully. We'll often just go down there to stroll around and have dinner. We also do the same thing at Epcot, but with Disney Springs having so many new options it will be a quicker alternative

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Not sure how to embed tweets but it seems typhoon lagoon is getting a new slide!


I just saw on my local news about an expansion to Typhoon Lagoon! I've never heard of it until now! This is exciting as Typhoon Lagoon is currently my favorite water park. I do think it needs a new slide...but I enjoy the atmosphere, the wave pool, the theming, and the swim area with the sharks.

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Over the last few weeks Disney Springs has continued to grow with new additions opening every few days. Standing in these new establishments it is hard to believe that just a few years ago the land used to be surface parking lots and the remains of the former Pleasure Island clubs, but walking through the newly opened neighborhoods of Disney Springs, you'd never know. Disney Springs has always been a special place for me (I had my first date with my now-fiancee there and later proposed to her near where we first met in front of Cirque du Soleil) and I admittedly frequent it more often than most. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that I have made it a point to try as many of the new offerings as often as possible as soon as they open... This update highlights some of my experiences at the newest venues (with more to come in the comings months into next year).


The latest restaurant to open is Frontera Cocina, the latest concept from famed chef Rick Bayless, located along the edge of the namesake Disney Springs.


More of the interior...


The restaurant's bar area...


Bacon Guacamole featuring Neuske Bacon!


The house Queso Fundido was thick and stringy--sure to please many!


The restaurant is practically being stripped to frame to begin its restructuring as Paddlefish, a new concept seafood restaurant that will bring back the smokestacks and paddlewheel that formerly graced the building (the structure is not actually a parked riverboat, but a building built onto the water) when it was the Empress Lilly Restaurant.


Oddly enough, I never had the chance to dine at Fulton's Crab House before it closed...


The full menu for Frontera Cocina...


The long lines at Sprinkles Cupcakes have died down since the store first opened, now making it much easier to walk in and enjoy the awesome cupcakes and ice cream inside!


Pro tip: Be sure to ask what the seasonal cupcake and ice cream flavors are when you visit--I was able to get a Key Lime Pie Cupcake and an "adult ice cream" containing gin, vermouth and an orange liquor that packed a punched in the best way!


Frontera Cocina also opened with a quick service window attached that serves two of the house margaritas and a few food options for those on the go.


The chicken tostadas with avocado were pretty tasty!


The Atomic Guacamole has serious heat especially on top. Made with habanero peppers.


The Shrimp Enchiladas Suizas didn't disappoint! My favorite dish of the night!


The Carnitas were the table favorite of the night (I was outvoted as they were my 2nd favorite).


The Chicken Enchilidas had a red chile sauce with the bottom of the skillet coated in beans. Delicious!


The Pepito Torta was good for the sandwich lover of our table!


Shrimp Mojo De Ajo came with a healthy serving of prawns as well.


The Carne Asada was cooked nicely and the portion was generous.


Coctel Verde (seafood ceviche) was fresh with large prawns & medium sized scallops.


The presentation for the Tortilla Soup was very nice!


The house Manhattan... Strong!


It should be noted that the drinks are partially pre-prepared (like they are at La Cava del Tequila) with fresh ingredients and bitters thrown in to order in order to maintain a quality taste standard for each drink on the menu while also serving with a fresh taste.


The Mexican Cola was among the MANY drinks we had during our visit, and it was awesome!


We sampled the Cream de Tequila and it was delicious! Basically caramel tequila!


Hilda, one of the tequila experts from La Cava del Tequila was on hand to explain the significance of the Cream de Tequila.


Some of the interior elements of Frontera Cocina...


Branded door handles!


You can't beat this view. The winner of the best patio at Disney Springs goes to Frontera Cocina!


The ant salt rim... It actually contains real ants and it was delicious!


Plantain Sundae. BRILLIANT!


The Pecan Pie Bar was definitely the best dessert of the night!


Quattro Leches de Coco wasn't my thing but everyone around the table devoured it.


The salt rims of Frontera Cocina...


Some of Rick Bayless' Frontera-brand sauces, salsas and books are available for purchase at the host stand near the entrance of the restaurant.


Moving on, our next stop was Amorette's Patisserie, which opened with the Town Center. The venue offers signature cakes like these that many of us had been dying to try... So we went all in and gave it a shot!


Despite all the new items, I come here for my favorites... The chimichurri steak is one of the best.


New to the drink menu is the option for a table side Caipirinha. A server comes over and offers up a selection of fruit to muddle (I went with pineapple) and then the cachaca is poured in a gracious serving and given ice and a stick of sugar cane.


This drink isn't for lightweights! With the exception of the fruit and ice, there is nothing else in this drink that 40% alcohol content cachaca! This drink was delicious and right up my alley, but it definitely wouldn't be for everyone.


Even the dessert menu at Paradise 37 has been expanded!


Even some new sandwiches!


A cross section of the signature cake--lots of layers!


Joffrey's Tea Traders in The Landing (opposite The Boathouse) is offering seasonal, spirited teas for those who are into that kind of thing...


Paradiso 37 (another favorite of mine) quietly but significantly expanded their menu last month...


Lots of new entrees!


Lots of new starters!


Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar has also received a reworked menu that removed several less popular dishes (sadly meaning that my favorite Good Dates are no more), updated a few mildly popular options and introduced a few new items. I'll have to come back to give them a shot.


Work continues on transforming Planet Hollywood into the Planet Hollywood Observatory and the attached Stargazers Lounge!


Next on deck to open with be Homecoming: Southern Kitchen and Shine Bar...


For $10 you can get three medium sized ribs prepared in the same style as the signature ribs inside of the main restaurant, and they are just as delicious here as they are inside!


Morimoto Street Food, the quick service option attached to Morimoto Asia provides some of the best quick service options on property! The bao are delicious!


This new concept restaurant from Chef Art Smith will boast an emphasis on southern cooking (something that hasn't been strongly present at the Walt Disney World Resort previously).


A new special beef curry rice bowl was available during our visit--it was hearty and flavorful, and if it is still on the menu next time I will definitely get it again!


More bao to enjoy!


Sugerboo & Co. is one of the latest stores to open in the Town Center, in the open air arcade to the side of the Coca-Cola Store and Planet Hollywood.


Lots of paper goods and unique home items are offered here.


Vivoli il Gelato at Disney Springs is still one of the best places for ice cream on property and in Orlando!


The Takoyaki is not necessarily a guest friendly item for most guests when it comes to protein (octopus) or its texture, but for some reason, I really love the flavor profiles going on here! I love octopus and these equate to fried risotto balls for me, so this is right up my alley.


Grand opening bottles (limited edition 500 for each color) were sold during the opening festivities... I had to buy a few.


So much soda!


Moving up to the rooftop bar, you get a great view of the surrounding Disney Springs.


The Coca-Cola Store also offers two different sized surprise bags (the smaller for $1.99 and the larger for $7.99) with unannounced items inside that will reportedly be changed each month. I won't spoil what I got in my bags, but I will tell you that for what I paid, the value was greater than the cost! I look forward to seeing them change it up in the coming months!


This chandelier is the centerpiece of the Coca-Cola Store's ground floor shop, and it is made entirely out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles.


You can purchase tasting options like this International Soda Sampler (there's a soda float sampler add-on that I skipped this time around)!


Sunfill Mint from Djibouti is like a less-strong flavored Disneyland Mint Julep!


I'm freaking out!


Of course there are Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines upstairs to use!


The rooftop bar offers any soda on tap (all 100 international flavors included) with the option of turning it into a float... Which means that you Beverly lovers can get a Beverly Float. And in my case, I can get a Fanta Melon Frosty Float or a Smart Watermelon Float!


Using the wraparound pathways (or the elevators for those that need them), you can move up to the second and third floors to enjoy even more!


Lots of unique merchandise items available here...


And it will soon be host to the Coca-Cola Polar Bear meet and greet experience. This will be the same hyper-articulated figure from the World of Coca Cola, who we also met at IAAPA a few years ago!


The second floor is home to even more merchandise options (not the same as those on the first floor)!


Plenty of apparel to choose from.


Lots of options!


Even some items made out of soda can tabs!


Next up was the grand opening of the Coca-Cola Store... And if you know anything about me from my previous reports on Theme Park Review, you'll know that I am a HUGE Coca-Cola fanatic!


I love how much Orlando-branded merchandise they have in the store!


Easily the best side I've had on property. The Queso Anejo Mashed Potatoes with Aged Cojita Cheese!

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With all the expansion going on at Disney Springs lately, and all these new amazing restaurants opening up one after another, we figured we'd get caught up on things and have dinner at the new STK which is right around the corner from the new Town Center, Morimoto Asia, and a number of other new locations. Here's how it went....





Going to have dinner at STK Orlando! Looking forward to a great meal!


image1.thumb.JPG.d30f851d984117faf1b0ef2edfa5cfe1.JPGimage2.thumb.JPG.8cbaffc9783aa77973d2822a2574452f.JPGHere's a look at the menu.



Yessss! Shark Tank wine!





We have started our drinking tour of STK with a Strawberry Cobbler!





The appetizer round at STK! Holy cow those mini burgers are AMAZING!!! It's all great!




Wow! The red chili pepper in the "secret affair" really sneaks up on you! Great drink!






It's dinner time!!! Amazing steaks & sides! 5 cheese mac & cheese FTW!!!




A "bag-o-donuts" & Orange Dream Cheesecake for dessert! WOW!!!



Awesome meal at STK tonight! If you love high end steak, we recommend it when you're at DisneySprings!

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the food not only looks delicious, but those prices! Those are super-reasonable prices for a quality steakhouse!


wow.. on my wish list now for next time we are in Orlando

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It's important to note that I don't eat real hamburgers and I barely eat steak...I ate an entire mini-burger and my whole filet!!! Not to mention the parmesan truffle fries...Mmmmmm...


I just felt like quoting this because...ELISSA ATE NORMAL FOOD!!! (that's how you know a restaurant is good)

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The Walt Disney World Resort has sent us a press release about the exciting new addition coming to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in 2017, Miss Fortune Falls!


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is growing its roster of great guest experiences and embarking on a high seas adventure with a new family-friendly water attraction called Miss Fortune Falls expected to open in spring 2017.


Located near Crush ‘n’ Gusher, Miss Fortune Falls brings to life the story of the fictitious Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine who got stranded at Typhoon Lagoon years ago by a rogue storm.


Once aboard their treasure rafts awaiting them at the ride’s entry point, guests will embark on a journey through Captain Oceaneer’s past before plunging into a white-water adventure where guests can see unique artifacts that she collected on her many treasure hunts around the world.


“We’re thrilled to add to our menu of great guest experiences at Disney’s Water Parks with Miss Fortune Falls,” said Faron Kelley, vice president of ESPN Wide World of Sports, Disney’s Water Parks & Miniature Golf. “We believe this new attraction will quickly become a favorite with our guests, who are always looking for new ways to enjoy our parks.”


With a ride time of two minutes, Miss Fortune Falls will be among the lengthiest at any Disney water park.


Miss Fortune Falls is yet another exciting addition to a series of expansion projects across Walt Disney World Resort as the property continues to grow in innovative and exciting ways. Within the theme parks this summer, guests can enjoy even more immersive experiences in Disney Parks including “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” Fireworks and Projection Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and “Frozen Ever After” at Epcot. Longer-term expansion projects coming soon to Walt Disney World Resort range from Pandora – the World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Toy Story and Star Wars-themed lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is a 60-acre themed water park – inspired by the legend of a typhoon, earthquake and volcanic eruption combining to create an inland sea with break waves (Typhoon Lagoon) and a towering watershed mountain (Mt. Mayday) atop which is a stranded shrimp boat (the Miss Tilly).


The park offers water activities suitable for all ages, including signature attractions such as Crush ‘n’ Gusher, a water-coaster that takes riders aboard inflatable rafts on a twisting, turning, up-and-down adventure; Ketchakiddee Creek, a water playground for children ages 2 to 5 (under four feet tall) and their parents; and Castaway Creek, where guests hop onto inner tubes for a meandering water tour through a misty rain forest and a hidden grotto.


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Sounds like an awesome new slide, and I'm glad to see Disney investing in their water parks, thanks Volcano Bay!


I've always really like Typhoon Lagoon, almost prefer it to Blizzard Beach. This attraction might finally push that park over the edge.

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It's been a while since I've been to a Disney waterpark but all of the water parks in Orlando (Aquatica, Wet n Wild, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon) tend to get insanely crowded during the summer. I have been to Aquatica and Wet n Wild in the last year and both times we got there at opening and by like 11 or 12 the place was slammed with 30+ minute waits (or longer) for most of the slides.

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