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Final Destination 3 And Roller Coaster

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Ah well, same difference, both have a similar train design with ratcheting restraints rather than the Intamin style hydraulic ones.


Regardless I always thought Vekomas had a good safety record.

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hopenui, theres more of a chance of your principal/boss/teacher/sibling getting struck by lightning twice, then getting killed on a rollercoaster. Unless your doing something incredibly stupid like trying to get out of the restraints or something. And the crash the portrayed in the movie is incredibly unrealistic in the sense that, how the hell would a small camera derail half a train.

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For those who don't already know about my unhealthy obsession with the Final Destination movies, here is my recreation of the coaster. Now I know you have probably seen many attempted recreations on youtube, but this one is based on the layout which I was able to get from here, as well as CGI images of the coaster shown on the DVD special features and technical stats about the coaster spoken in the commentary on the DVD by the director.



This is a Vekoma, so don't expect it to be any-what smooth.



Instead of creating a whole new topic just for my recreation, I figured it should go here with the main discussion.

Devil's Flight.nltrack

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You all need to pay more attention to detail in the roller coaster crash. They hydraulics rupture from that big african american teenager strapping in tight. The camera just sped up the destruction of the hyrdraulics, so no plot hole there. And even though they got off, the tracks were still broken, so they would have died anyway...


The only thing that movie kind of scared me of was tanning beds...

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If you want to see a more realistic movie involving coasters and death, rent Rollercoaster (the 1977 one). It has some issues, but it makes more sense (and the final bit is hilarious.)


Haha I love that movie!! I've seen it so many times... it just never gets old. And you're right it makes more sense than FD3, and is both more realistic and (although only slightly) more likely to even be remotely possible.

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