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Photo TR: Canobie Lake Park 6/25/08

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This is my first Trip Report! I had been planning on posting trip reports for years, but I've been too lazy. So I decided to start small with a nice family park.


FINALLY, today, the t-storms cleared up (I want to go Monday, but the weather didn't) and I could satisfy my need for adrenaline... well, small park adrenaline. I've been itching for thrills lately as I haven't been fortunate enough to visit many parks in the last couple years (aka, I've been lazy and I had no money). I was at Six Flags Great Adventure last week and my addiction level is as high as it gets right now. Next week is Six Flags New England, so I spent some time in my home park... by myself (I think going to parks alone is underrated).


The park was fairly busy (of course, what was I expecting after 2 days of rain ), but very manageable. I pulled into the lot a little before 10:30. I had decided to arrive a little after the park opened so I could get my shots of "Yankee Cannonball" from the parking lot. After parking I walked out and to my surprise, they were still testing the ride... about once every 5 minutes. So I just headed in and ended up taking the photos later.


I soon found out the reason why it wasn't open... the park doesn't open their rides until 11:00am!!!! AHHH. I hate that. Oh well, time to walk around and check the place out (it had been a while since I was last there).


Here are the photos:




After this, I just rode The Yankee Cannonball a bunch of times and headed home. I was surprised at just how much air-time the Yankee Cannonball had in the back. Intense, violent ejector airtime. Just what I like!


Turkish Twist. Great ride to go on after just having ate. Oh, but my stomach loves these rides!


The food lines finally died down around 2:15, so it was eating time. I wanted a juicy burger, but the "cooks" were just killing the patties. Oh well, I'll settle for chicken.

Notice the veggie packet. First time I've ever seen that.


Cool looking water section. It was really hot out but I think that would get you more wet than a log flume.


The Pirate Ship. I love these bad boys. If only it was an invert.


After more than a half hour taking photos I headed back into the park. It was about 1:30 and I was hungry... but it was 1:30 and everyone else was eating... boy I can be stupid.

Well, another water ride. I just liked the entrance... But nope, too wet.


Close up of the first drop.


Just one more, I promise.


And some more...




The park could sure use a make over. '70s style ride stations and white, brown, and hippie orange coasters aren't too appealing to the eye.


After the ride I headed out into the parking lot to take some photos.


After much delaying, it was time to ride "Yankee Cannonball", the real reason I was at the park. The line was still long, but I gotta ride it eventually.


The random train photo while on the way to the bathroom.


Until this. I'm not such a fan of "wet" rides. That certainly qualifies.


The "Boston Tea Party" aka (as some poster said) The Ghetto Plunge. Looked fun...


Ok, this is it, I swear.


Not as generic ... I think...


Original shot of the year...


Next up was "Canobie Corkscrew". I've got to admit, I was more anxious to take photos of the ride than actually ride it. Looks great, but the ride... not so much.


Another shot of it.


"Extreme Frisbee", the newest ride in the park. Looked great... but again, the line was just too long. I hate lines.


I walked by "Yankee Cannonball" but the line was just too long, so onto "Zero Gravity". I forgot how powerful some of these flat rides can be! (Yeah, I'm one of "those" guys who just rides the coasters a billion times)


First ride of the day, "Star Blaster". I first looked at it and chuckled a bit, "A kiddy S&S Power Tower" I thought. Boy was I wrong, the thing packed quite the punch. Guess size really doesn't matter.


Generic park entrance photo I always take.

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Great Pictures.

I can't wait to get back to Canobie this season. Its just a great park to hang out in. I see they switched to the red trains from the black trains last year. I like the look of the black trains better.

Also I agree about Star Blaster that even though its so small its much better then some of the really tall ones like Scream at SFNE.

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They actually let you take a camera on the Yankee Cannonball? Or did you sneak it on? (I'd recommend if it was the latter, you remove the onride pic.)



Where do you see an on-ride picture?


I did not see any in his post. Did he already take them down?



Anyways, nice Pictures! As for the Yankee Cannonball: I think the orange color on the rails is different, and some what original for a woodie. The only other woodie I can think of that had a similar color scheme was Florida Hurricane @ Boardwalk and Baseball.

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