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Photo: TR 6/16 The Kemah Boardwalk

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This is my first ever Photo Trip Report, so go easy on me. I'm still learning.


I took a trip to Texas with the Girl Scouts and we just so happened to stop at The Kemah Boardwalk. I had been to Kemah once. I visited when they had just begun construction on the Boardwalk Bullet. I was pretty piseed and I doubted that I'd ever go back.


I was overjoyed to hear that Kemah was going to be a stop on our week long journey. I would finally be able to get Credit # 41, The Boardwalk Bullet.


The day was beautiful. We got there at about 5:30 and to my surprise there wasn't a crowd. It was more like, "Where is everyone". It may have been that it was a Monday and it usually isn't busy on weekdays.


The longest wait of the day was to get the Pay-One-Price arm bands. I'm so, so sorry that I don't have more Bullet photos. It's a very hard coaster to photograph. I tried.


Boardwalk Bullet x 3


And now---the photos. I would really appreciate you comments. You don't have to wait for me to finish the whole P:TR!!


-Tatum "Hope you enjoy it. It's my first P:TR ever"!!


P.S., I kinda messed up the order of the last two pics. I may need help posting a P:TR from an experienced TPR member.


I never did find Legend, Voyage, or Raven. Who knew Holiday World had a sister park in Texas?!?!


TO BE CONTINUED! Feel free to post your coments!


The enterance sign. It overlooks the marine, also very pretty, too!


I see you Boardwalk Bullet. I've been waiting for you for over a year. I see you too Observation Tower!


Just a friendly reminder of where you are...The Kemah Boardwalk!


From here, the Chaos looks like a Trabant. Also made by Chance. This park is a Chance wonderland!


Pretty fun ride. I perfer the "chaoticness" of the portable fair models. I think this is a portable Chaos.


Chaos..new for 2008! Made by Chance. This model is known for its many accidents and its vast removal from parks accross America.


I love taking pictures of ride's shadows. This isn't really the best ferris wheel, but hey, atleast I'm riding one!


I like seeing that on ferris wheels. Kinda like Elitch Garden's. It adds a nice little touch.


TPR...I now introduce you to the world's loudest ferris wheel. Why does Chance only allow two rider's per gondola?


Nearly verticle. I experienced the most Air Time on this pirate ship!


This is probably the best pirate ship I've been on. I perfer Chance's model to HUSS's model. Anyone agree?


This bad boy was my 41st credit. Bullet is a very strange, but enjoyable, coaster.


This was my very first ride on a Chance Inverter. I loved it. Even if everytime if inverted, the floor soundled like it'll fall out!


Why is it that every other park that has a Chance Inverter can get their's to work, exept Six Flags Great Adventure??


How you doing Geauga Lake?

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Thanks Matt!!!!


I acually perfer the front seat of the Bullet to last seat. I got way more Air Time in the front, but not as much force as in the back. I don't any Air Time in the back. The restraint locks down higher in the front, and the restraint in the back goes all the way down without room.


The second set of photos will be up later today



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The back did have ejector air on the first drop and 2nd large drop after the high turnaround, correct? Just checking.


Nice reports, I look forward to the next installment.

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Round Two!


It's about to invert...hince it's name "Inverter". This is my favorite flat ride at Kemah!


More to come! Feel free to comment!


Kemah has some kiddie rides as well. This is the Crazy Sub. Nope, I didn't ride it. I wasn't that interested.


This is a vehicle for the Aviator. You can pull a lever and that controls the direction the flyer flys.


I didn't ride the train this time. It's a pretty nice ride in tunnels and under resturants and around the property.


My butt never made contact with the seat on this ride!


I love the design of the floor the Aviator has. Kemah put a lot of effort into this park. They could have just thrown the rides down on a parking lot like Six Flags.


The Zamperla Boardwalk Bouncer with the Inverted in the background.


Kids..next year you might be able to ride Scream! or Superman: Tower of Power up the road!


The Chance Observation Tower.


It broke down later that day while I was on it. Hurry! Contact every major news paper and tell them that they need to run an article that the Oberservation Tower broke down! Oh the agony!


The ticket booth mural. I liked it. I wish more parks put as much effort as Kemah does.


The Aviatar is fun, but it doesn't rule.


I only saw this ride rotate once while I was there. It must not be two popular with the kids.


I love the Aviator! This is the ride to be on if your hot and if you want a nice relaxing ride.


I grew up with this ride at SFNO.


Wait....Kemah has pretty much every Chance ride that SFNO did!

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Thanks for the great photos! This is a park that has always intrigued me, but all you ever see is the Bullet and nothng else. It's good to see some of the other attractions that park has to offer. If I wasn't a college student with a part time job, I would definitely try and make down there.

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Wow, great TR and photos!


I have lots to comment on...lol


First of all, I can't believe you liked the Inverter! That is my most hated ride of all time... Was it not painful? (My thighs were CRUSHED...)


It was nice to see rare photos from Kemah. I didn't even know it was a park, I just thought the Bullet was a solo attraction.


And finally, that "Bounce" ride you pictured, was a Moser Spring Ride. Those things...ARE AMAZING! Did you ride it? I noticed you said that the kiddies could move up to Supreme Scream down the road, but I like these little towers WAY more than anything S&S could offer...


That's all for now. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! How could I forget the pain that is the Inverter? Acually, the worst part of the ride were the restraints. I pretty much lost feeling in my thighs. Good thing my camera wasn't in my pants, it be destroyed!!


Thanks for reminding me that it's a Moser! No, I didn't ride it. It looked fun, but not that appealing!



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A lot of Chance rides here, huh? Does that mean you "take a Chance" by visiting?


One day, I'll find myself down there. Looks like a fun place. You did a nice job with the TR.


And it was a nice change to see other stuff besides the Bullet. There is more to a good park than its coasters.



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