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The Official "TPR Europe Trip 2008" Thread!

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Nice to see my hitchhicking pic came out with me showing all that leg . The looks I got on that road!


Having a blast over here, but a few observations:


* These "twin" beds are tiny!


* I actually started using my french after 20 years!


* I worked public transit in 3 European cities with no problem.


* I still can't get used to bathing in one room and doing my "business" in another. Speaking of bathing, I ran into a few that needed one! We left a show early becase we stood next a guy that was pure B.O. Not cute.


* You european kids certainly don't know how to say "Excuse me" when you force your way past me. I already snatched three kids and a kid faceplanted into this meaty quad and started crying.


* It's cheaper to get a glass of wine than cola here. So you know what I've been drinking.


* When I get back to the states I'm getting a BIG glass of ice water. Lots of ice and a little water.


* You take getting ice and free katsup for granted in the states. 30 cents each for a packet of catsup and mayo makes me homesick.


* I rooted for Spain to win the European soccer championship because that's my next stop on my European tour. I want the boys to be partying in the street... like that aren't going to do that already!


* Cigarette machines are everywhere in these parks! Don't these kids know that stuff ages you among other things?


Of course I've been busy getting my statue credit pics together... so get ready for some artsy pics thrown in when I get back to the states.


OK... time for bed!



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A few things I want to say

Extra extra extra extra extra ride time on Expedition Ge Force

ERT on the Monorail at Europa Park

FIRST EVER SLC! (and two others, as one was closed)

Bandit, SOB's little brother who didn't get as much attention, yet still likes to induce pain.

I've taken over 6000 pictures so far, and surprisingly my video camera is also still working, and I've filled up several tapes so far. Don't count on a Trip Report though, but I may post some other things, including a few videos and plenty of pictures of Big Mike

Boobs, boobs, and more boobs! A lot of parks have them. Even some of the hotels, including the one we're at right now.

Evac credits!

We rode Michael Jackson (or did he ride us?)

Nautic Jets

An X-Car coaster that doesn't suck

Roadside car crashes (several of them)

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^It's way worse in europe. They would line jump and try to push you out of the way. Then I would whirl around and give them that look that tells them they've reached the end of their line jumping and they would stop. I dread Disney on Friday just because of that... they are really bad!


We just finished our day at Europa park! These american parks owners need to visit a few of these parks to take notes... they need a few of these coaster and ride types over there! The music in Euro-mir and Euro-Stat had me thinking I walked into a circuit party! Hot!


Well, Disney will need to ignore the blatant copies of Pirates or the Haunted Mansion... really cheap imitations! And it was really hot today... and the park doesn't sell bottled water like we're used to... so I was dying... warm little bottles of water but cold beer or wine! I did find a grocery store two minutes from the park that had big warm bottles of water.... what I wouldn't do for some ice!


And because it was so hot, people were using the fountains as pools... and jumping in with their clothes on! No wonder the B.O. level was so high! One slightly overweight guy was nice enough to bring his speedo to jump in...ewww! I was worried about getting in the grass for a statue credit and I was reminded "The park isn't stopping the guests from swimming in the fountains... what are you worried about?" He was right... snap away!


The hotel we are staying in, the Hotel Colesseo, is really great; although the "natural air conditioning" we had wasn't too cute. Pack a portable fan with you when you visit. I had a chance to walk around (and look for statues) and check the place out. I'll add those to my TPR as well as well as my sauna photo shoot.



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Day Three, Part One - Bobbejaanland


Lots of photos by Hanno Roos


TPR says "THANK YOU" to to Bobbejaanland! It was an awesome day with *seven* rides during ERT!


Ice Bat! ATTACK!!!


KidTums is out too. It was a HELL of a day at Bobbejaanland!


Dave Thomas is also dead....again!


The bus ride to Toverland and Chris is dead.


Take a guess which plate is Elissa's!


And the free beer when over well with Steve!


TPR members love to eat!


It's hard to tell from these pictures but we filled up a WHOLE train...and that's like 50 people!


Full train of TPR members.


Group takeover on Revolution....err...I mean "Evolution" (The R is crossed out)


"You talkin' to me punk?"


confederates, indians, and everything else non-politically correct. It really is an awesome ride!




...where you are encouraged to shoot women....


...and El Paso Special. This could be the GREATEST dark ride ever!


And for more ERT fun the park also gave us Indiana River, the indoor log flume....


ERT continues for ride #5 - Oki Doki!


Um, please, PLEASE turn off that wall of water!


Nice Vekoma suspended. (Yes I said nice!)


Hey TPR, want more ERT? How about a few rides on Dream Catcher!


That's three rides in on ERT so far...


ERT continues on the giant Frisbee.


The expression says it all.


Hey look! Lou has a cute little butt penis!


"We have just been violated!!!" =)


They have a Huss Fly Away or better known as the "George Forman Grill" ride. Even more ERT for TPR.


Funky inversions make me happy.


Eight people? Check. Looks like everyone survived during ERT.


Yup, that is "Ooooh Sh1111111t" going through their head.


Bobbejaanland is home to Typhoon. One of them Gerstlauer well beyond vertical drop gadgets.


TPR gathering at this awesome park in Belgium!

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