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The Official "TPR Europe Trip 2008" Thread!

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EGF looks so fun! I like the color scheme of it.


But why is it called Holiday Park? I see nothing relating to holidays.

Holiday as in 'Vacation'.

Yeah, in Europe, going on "vaction" is called "going on holiday" so that's where the "Holiday" in name "Holiday Park" comes from.



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The temperature because the magnetic braking energy is transformed into heat. The lower the outside temperature, the more brake force is generated.


Erik, could this have been part of why people thought the trims on EGF seemed more forceful last year? It was apparently a colder day than this year. I thought the trims seemed to have very little effect on the speed of the train this year.


Yes, the outside temperature has a very very big influence. While the temperature has also negative influence on the coaster speed while the internal bearing friction on the roadwheels increase at lower temperatures. So the train is slower, and the brakes generate more brake force...


Interesting. I rode GeForce in 2007, not with TPR, but on my own visit. The general TPR consensus was that GeForce was not up to its usual standards in 2007. I went to Holiday Park on Aug 1, 2007 (which I believe was shortly before or after the TPR visit) - the day I visited was warm and sunny (once again, I was wishing for sunglasses on the loading platform and lifthill). On Aug 1, 2007 GeForce was running GREAT - it instantly became my number one favorite. Personally, I didn't see too much difference between the way GeForce was running on my 2007 visit and the way it ran for us this year.

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Day 10 - Europa Park

Home to Theme Park Review's "Best Theme Park in Europe!"


Thank you Europa Park for an AWESOME visit!


Everyone in the group loved Euro Mir! I think it was most people's favorite coaster of the park!


So THAT is what's inside of those towers...it's AIR! "This is PURE AIR! Do you have any idea what the street value of this tower is?"


Here is the "Ikea showroom" part of the ride!


Little do they know I'm going to smack them in the head with the camera as they come by!


Here comes the party train!


The only way to describe Euro Mir like "one part russian disco, one part roller coaster, one part lazy suzan, and one part Ikea showroom!"


Oh dear...is the world ready for TPR on EuroMir???


"Hey down there! You all ready to ride?"


We got to walk up the towers for some hot TPR photo taking action!


We ended our visit to Europa on one of the most awesome...most unique roller coasters in the world...EuroMir.




Maybe we can use all these tickets to build a fort!


Boogey! Boogey! Boogey!


"Hey Elissa...don't you want a little bit of my raclette?"


"I'm CRAAAAZY plate of hot cheese...gimme some Elissa!"




Spongebob looks PISSED! Dude, I'd be pissed off too is some old guy was grabbing at my crotch!


Um...what exactly is going on here?!?!?


...except for the "emo group?"


Big Mike was relaxing doing his Road Show update! Everyone loved the hotel....


The food was amazing...


The hotel is beautiful...


Our stay at Hotel Coloseo was beyond AMAZING!




"Do you get wet on this ride?"


"I'm gesang in the regen!!!"


Girls on Trampolines!!!


"I've always wanted to be a construction worker, and now thanks to Europa Park, I can live out those childhood memories..."


It's beautiful! Just like a postcard!

(Thanks Hanno!)




Big Mike is enthusaistic...Joe is....confused?


"I am communicating with my home planet!"




You guys like waking up in the morning to roller coasters?


Here is Silver Star. While not as awesome as GeForce, still a lot of fun! (Note the new scream shield!)




Yup, it's Pirates!


Ok, let's go check out some dark rides...


Big Mike is ready for his Exclusive "Ride" time! ;)


Europa Park has a crazy selection of coasters, and yes, the bobsled has drops...that's a good thing!


Even with the lights on this ride is completely INSANE!!! (Watch out for that sudden jolt!)


Is everybody in? Your Eurosat ceremony is about to begin.


TPR's tour of Europa Park would start with a little bit of ERT on Eurosat...with the LIGHTS ON!!!


Everywhere you look there is sexy architecture that makes grown men drool.


The landscaping here is better than any other park in Europe. (Yes, even Disney IMO!)


Europa Park is by far Elissa and my favorite park in Europe! It's got everything...awesome coasters, cool dark rides, and most importantly...RODENTS!

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Hanging out in that fountain area of Hotel Colosseo was a trip highlight for me. You could eat ice cream or drink alcohol and watch the awesome fountain show. Heck, you were allowed to play in the fountain if you were willing to risk getting totally blasted with water.


The hotel in general was beautiful, nicer than most Disney hotels. And they gave us a fruit bowl and sparkling water in the rooms when we got there!

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^ I think it was just because you guys *looked* like the emo group. You all totally looked like the sad and dejected high school group disassociating yourselves with everyone else! The funny thing is, that I noticed you all up there looking that way so took a picture of the group, only to find that Big Mike and Hanno ALSO took the same picture!!! So apparently I wasn't the only one who thought you guys looked emo!



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^^^We do look upset. We probably looked emo because the real fountain show was going on and there were no kids running through the fountain hurting themselves at this time.


Seriously most of us had a blast sitting up there. It was initially a group of about 10 people and we probably had half the TPR at one time.


That Hotel was a blast.

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I absolutely loved Europa Park - it was my favorite park of the entire trip (which is saying a lot, considering some of the amazing parks we visited). Gorgeous theming - great collection of rides and coasters. (Now if they'd just do something about those pesky trim brakes on Silver Star...) Good food too - the fish sandwiches in Scandinavia land were delicious. I'm so glad we got to spend two days (and two nites) here!


Hotel Colosseo was breath-taking, one of the nicest places I've ever stayed. Everything was great - the theming, the coliseum seating with the torch fires, the food, the ice cream, the fountain, the delicious drinks at the bar - and a special thanks to our lovely waitress Katja for taking such good care of us all!


I noticed Europa Park was clearing ground for a new coaster (2009?) All the more reason to go back! I could seriously spend a week at this place.

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Europa Park was the best park of the trip. Best food and best hotel, too. I loved the place and would go there again in a heartbeat.


As for spontaneous "emo" pictures, hmm, I seem to recall having some from years' past . . .


I'm not bringing you down, am I?

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I loved Europa.


Poseidon was a suprise hit for me. I absolutely loved that ride. The level of theming in the queue and the first part was completely unexpected.


While the park does not have anything completely stellar in the coaster department (except for Euromir which is so unique nothing can come close to it). They are all good. Combine with the level of detail they theme each and every ride. This park is a winner in my book.



Where were they clearing land?

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Where were they clearing land?


I think the land we saw being cleared was a road being re-routed to make room for the new coaster (rather than land being cleared for the coaster itself). But you could see this from the top of Atlantica Supersplash, if you looked off to the side before going down the drop.


So perhaps the new coaster will go in Scandinavia land?

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