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Fårup Sommerland Discussion Thread

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It's a good thing, for Joey's sake, that they didn't add a new set of monkey bars to the park.


Anyway, neat looking coaster.


But watch out for leeches in that water.

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Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference in a suspended coaster and an inverted coaster?

A suspended coaster has swinging trains.



However, not every manufacturer uses the same terminology. While everyone knows what Arrow's Suspended Coaster is, Vekoma uses the term "suspended" for every single one of their coasters with trains below the track. For example their "Suspended Looping Coaster" is really an inverted coaster, as it does not swing at all.


The ride for Fårup will swing, but only a little bit. That does however not mean that every Vekoma "Suspended Family Coaster" swings. Only the ones with the new trains: Jimmy Neutron, Kvasten and Steel Lasso. Very confusing.


Vekoma also used to sell a ride called "Swinging Turns", which was a real suspended coaster.

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I agree with most of you guys, this is a perfect addition to the park, can't wait to go there next year! Have any of you heard any rumors from Djurs Sommerland aswell? They've announced that they were to build the biggest attraction in Denmark 2013, so I assume that they will beat Fårup Sommerland with their new ride, but we still haven't heard anything.


Seems like Denmark is taking over the rollercoaster Scandinavia ! Good for me and the rest of the coasterfanatics here in DK!

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This was the park where we got a lot of rain that day, in the 2009 Scandi Tour.


But we still rode everything open, which was all of the coasters.


This could be as much fun, heh heh.


Yep. Even in the pouring rain, we'll ride coasters. Coming into the stn., on Falken.

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The drop into the lake looks like it will give good footchoppers when it is operating!


Not sure how you can say that as the drop is on the other side and this side is the exit out of the tunnel...

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That looks like a great little family coaster. I don't recall being that impressed when I first saw it, but the finished ride looks great. While not very big, the pacing looks surprisingly fast, and the layout looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully the construction of these junior SLCs takes off, as they seem like a design that could fit in any park.

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