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Knott's Sky Tower gets stuck

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Was at work today and someone told me the sky tower got stuck and I went to check it out on my break. sure enough it was stuck and firetrucks where there trying to get the people down.


The only video I can find is a quick clip. I left my phone at home today how random...




They recived free meals from Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restraunt and passes to get into the park another day.

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The articles and videos linked to this event clearly explain the problem with the media and their need to exaggerate a simple, routine ride breakdown.


Breaking news? Please!


Stranded? Barely.


Firefighters RUSHING to the scene? Doubt it.


Frightened passengers? Maybe.


No one was hurt? No DUH!


Its a Skytower for gods sake! Its disgusting how they take a simple, routine event, and spin it like its some crisis. Give it up news, besides the "heat wave" it must have been a slow news day...

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Don't the Sky Tower have a secret door that can lead into the tower? The Kissing Tower at Hershey has a seat in front of the control panel that removes and it has a secret door to lead into the center of the tower. But if the tower broke down at the wrong place then that could be a problem.

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Every time an amusement ride breaks down without incident, or e-stops, it's not really post worthy, or else there would be several such posts every day. However, I will say that for some reason, the last time I rode the tower at Knott's I started to feel, shall we say, acrophobic. Not from the height, but from the possibility of falling.

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This made it to the news all the way here in New York.


All I heard was the headline which was something like:

"Historic amusment attraction left riders stranded hundreds of feet in the air today at a famous Southern California theme park"


I had to leave so I missed the actual coverage but I thought it was gonna be a bigger deal then this...

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^Thanks for the link.


Firefighter: "It's only about 2-3 stories up."


News article to right of video: "Stuck 100 feet up!"


If they can get a simple fact like stuck 100 feet up versus 30-40 feet up, what other "simple" facts does the news conveniently distort all the time? When it comes to important news, and events that actually mean something, how do we even know their "facts" are right?


I hate the news, sensationalized stories with inaccurate information...

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