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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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aww, if they announce it at 10AM it's not going to be up for my first period class (where i can easily acsess the internet)!


im goin to have to fight myself not to go to the library during lunch!


I just hope this rollercoaster will not dissapoint, and given its location, i know it won't for me... but a unique layout definately won't hurt its chances of being awsome!



Mark "NO, not where the nerds live!" W.

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just a thought, but because the picture behind the curtain on sfmm's website has no X, what if they are replacing X and putting in a S:UF clone and moving X to sfgad......just a thought


that's some serious CSI shit right there dood.


^^ You have got to be out of your mind X is one of the best things that has happen to SFMM


and you're on crack.

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