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What song are you listening to?

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Dancing In The Streets ~ Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

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"Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry!


"There's a stranger in my bed!

There's a pounding in my head

Glitter all over the room

Pink flamingos in the pool

I smell like a mini bar

DJ's passed out in the yard

Barbie's on the barbeque

This a hickey or a bruise??"



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Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis - Wurlitzer 146 Carousel Organ


Unless I killed my speakers or need to change some kind of setting, I guess this organ is an acquired taste. Some of the instruments just do not sound right.


Ah, now I see others have complained about the drums and bass. Too bad, sometimes those are the best part.

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Currently listening to...


Last Ride of the Day - Nightwish


Yes, it is about rollercoasters. And it's pretty decent. LISTEN TO IT NOW!!! (Well, at least on YouTube... It won't be realesed in the U.S. until January 10th, unfortunately.)

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Internet Friends - Knife Party


I think it's safe to say that Knife Party and The Glitch Mob are the two perfect electronic artists for my taste. Intense while still staying fun, having a wide variety of styles in their music, and they're both willing to put up plenty of songs on their websites for free!

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