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What song are you listening to?


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when I work, I listen to acoustic songs. It helps me focus and be efficient in work.

There are times I feel like listening to r&b music and classical music also. It really depends on my mood. I just make sure I don't listen to rock when I'm working. Or else, I will be losing my attention in work, listen to the music instead of working.

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Welcome Home-Coheed and Cambria


Why do I always find these songs like 5/6 years after they're popular?


In any event, I love it, especially considering that the basic premise of the song (a cheating lover who the singer now hates ) is something that I can unfortunately relate to. So you could say it speaks to me.




Can't wait to get to it on Rock Band.



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Down Under-Men at Work




OMG, you've got that stuck in my head now!

its catchy

No kidding, I'll never forget the one time I forgot my iPod during a trip to California. Hummed that for *hours*!


...and as soon as I turned on my iTunes today...it started playing again...so,


Down Under (Again!)-Men at Work

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