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What song are you listening to?


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Summertime Rolls - Jane's Addiction


only 15 and into JA? I'm impressed (no seriously).

tho I prefer "Nothing's Shocking". . in particular "the Mountain Song" over anything they did later on.


It's my dad's all time favorite band, I found his CD copy of Ritual de lo Habitual the other day and curiosity got the better of me.


I've been listening to NS on repeat for the past few days, so good it hurts. Ocean Size is one of my favorite opening tracks on any album, period. I'm in love.


My friends and I were at a college Sugarcubes show back in the early 90's where a young lady in front of us was wearing a jean jacket that hand-paintedly read on the back, "Jane's Addiction". We inquired and said we'd never heard of...she said "You will", which I still remember to this day, and we did indeed.

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Chlorine - From Twenty One Pilots' latest album TRENCH! Such a great song, and album!

Never have been the world's largest TOP fan, I really like their self-titled album but that's it.


That being said, holy CRAP, the new album is SO GOOD. Bandito may be my new favorite track by them. Easy contender for Album of the Year, I'm still shocked by it.

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