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What song are you listening to?


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Very much in love with Donald Glover's performance last night.


One of the best songs released this year.


Fun fact- I was just watching/listening to the video a minute ago when I came across a comment that theorized the meaning behind the video. Paraphrased, he said that in the video Donald was supposed to represent America- making tragedies happen, shooting innocent people, etc- and everyone else riots and mourns for 5-10 second then goes back to celebrating. It's all supposed to be a metaphor for mass shootings/attacks and how the public reacts.


That's deep. It makes me love it even more.

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The video makes you focus on the obnoxious dancing the first time around, then every time you rewatch it, it gets more deep and you start seeing meanings behind the chaos going on behind the dancing.



(10 gospel singers all get shot by Glover, referencing the church shooting in Charleston.)

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