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Wild Waters Amusement Park (RCT3)

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I've had RCT3 since it came out aaaaaaaaaaall those years ago , but before now, I never have made a park that I found good enough to be posted on here. Now, however, I've decided to build a park solely for showing online, and I would greatly appreciate everyone's comments, tips, and criticisms.


I need tips on how to make it better. As this is my first real park for online, I'm quite new to this so don't expect miracles. Now, without further rambling from me...the park!




Most of the land for the park. That mountain could be a problem or a unique building challenge.


A shot down what is to be the main street in the park.


Construction on Edelweiss Cafe has already begun.


Let's head over to the Tribal Wild section of the park.


The entrance to the pool complex is mostly complete.


The pool is located under and around some bungalows which are raised above the swamp below.


Another part of the pool complex.


Log Drop. A simple mat slide in the pool.


What's this? Construction has already begun on the first coaster. Can't wait!



A few weeks later I returned to the park to see what has happened, and to my surprise most of the Great Outdoors section has been completed.




The now named wooden coaster, Wild Timbers, is now complete, albeit without a sign.


Wild Timbers through the trees.


A better shot of Wild Timber's layout along with shots of Lumberjack Lunge (Huss Topple Tower), and the horse corral


Another view of Lumberjack Lunge.


The unnamed Monster Trucks ride and horse corral.


It looks like Edelweiss Cafe is complete now. Nice!


What is this? People? But the park's not supposed to open for a few months...


Oh, it was a preview for invited peeps from the community. Nothing was open besides Edelweiss Cafe, but that didn't stop everyone from coming in.


It looks like land is already being cleared for the Olde Tyme Square area of the park.


Here's one last shot of what has already been completed.


So what do you think? So far I think it's going well, if slowly. I hope to get updates up at least once a week, but depending on my schedule regular updates could be spotty at times.

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Loving it so far! (Especially the mountain!!!)


The only things I would change are:


1.) Are WT's trains not WAY too short? (Maybe its just the picture...)


2.) Replace the topple tower with a different flat. That bird just doesn't fit in...


Can't wait to see more!

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^Haha, yeah the trains were modified after that, I just took those when it gave me the default length but now they are a few cars longer.


I know that the topple tower doesn't fit in, but I'm thinking of leaving it in for another season or two before I replace it. Maybe with....hmmm, I'll have to think about that.


Thanks though. I'll try to get another update posted today if I can.

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it looks good, the mountain looks nice and could be challenge, but that doesn't stop you right?


the cafe's look like they should look, on the main street though I would use different lights, i'm not a big fan of those 3-lights (or whatever they're called)


The tribal west entrance would look better if you used billboards and custom structure (like Vodhins's packs).


The coaster... well I just love it

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^ Thanks. My problems with Vodhin's scenery is that whenever I try to download that pack (and a few others) it seems the files are not found or something like that. I'll try to see if I can get it and incorporate them into my park later today. My next update (coming in a few minutes) still uses those signs though, so sorry about that.

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I went back to the park this week and saw that even more work has been done in anticipation of the June 27 opening day. I really think the park looks nice and can't wait until it opens to the public.




More buildings have appeared on the main street. One is a restaurant and the other seems to be an Emporium of sorts.


The Tribal Wild bridge has been modified for some unknown reason.


And the pool complex is now complete with two functional slides.


Here is the second slide. An Aquablaster named Bungalow Blast. It shoots riders from inside the bungalow, down to the swamp below before hitting an overbanked turn before dropping into the pool.


This is the Disko ride that was recently installed. It is called Temple Wrath and has numerous fire effects to thrill riders.


Along with that, the Adventura de Rio canoe ride has been added.


A better look at Adventura de Rio's course, along with the pool and Temple Wrath.


Construction walls have gone up around the new area. This section is no longer called Olde Tyme Square as thought before. Park management has informed us that this project probably will not be open until well into the park's second season and will not be announced for a few more months.


And in the bad news today, Lumberjack Lunge broke down while testing and was stalled in this position for the entire day. I hope this is not a sign of what it's life will be like...




There's my second update for the park. In addition to those photos, I've made Wild Timber's trains much longer DBru (even though I kept the topple tower), and am working on finishing the park for the opening ceremony which I hope to have pictures of on Friday.


As always comments, criticisms, and tips are always appreciated.

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Still looking great!


But yeah, I'm NOT a fan of the blocky water. If you don't want to take the time to redo it all, AT LEAST put a fence/border around the edges. I think something from the Catfish Cove set would look great! (This goes for the fountain, too...)


I'll be following this one!

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Thanks all for your responses. To the blocky water problem, I started to use that for an idea that just didn't pan out too well. It never occurred to me to change it though when I gave up on my last idea. I'm actually happy you brought that up because otherwise I probably just would've left it as is and hurt the look of the park.


Looking excellent so far.


Just a suggestion, but if you want to replace the topple tower, a gyro drop themed to a tree would fit in.


Sounds great! Just a question though, where could I get such a themed gyro drop?


NOTE: I still need a name for the park. All suggestions are welcome.

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After quite a bit of work (and frustration owing to the fact that I was forced to change each individual tile one at a time ) I have fixed the waterway, the lamps, and added a few new things.




There, new lamps were put in.


And they look pretty good at night.


The water was fixed as well.


There. Look better? I hope so because every single tile had to be moved individually since, for some reason, when I tried to smooth out the land (or anything else for that matter) the water would not go back up all the way. Short of completely re-doing the Tribal Wild section I just did them one by one.


While I'm there, here's the completed pool. Again.


Bungalow Blast is testing.


So is WT. Now with longer trains!


And a new ride was put in! Bumper to Bumper is a standard dodgem which sits right at the end of Main Street.


A rare shot of the inside. Look at all those cars waiting for Friday.


And across the way is Tea Tyme. I'll give you one guess what it is...


What a surprise! It's a Teacup Ride!


Both side by side.


But...what's this?? Interesting. I'll just leave you with this image as a teaser.




As always comments, criticisms, and tips are appreciated. I still need a name for the park so just shout out your ideas.

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Yea! The water looks MUCH better!


But now I have more suggestions...lol


-WT are still too short...

-Place a fence around the main fountain (preferably from the Catfish Cove set)



As for a name...how about...


-Wild Waters (Amusement Park)?

-Tropical Springs?

-Bungalow Grove


I don't know your plans for the park in the future, so those may not work...

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^Still too short?? That's like 8 or 9 cars there! I might have to extend the station a bit to fit them now.


And screw you fences!! Gah, I can never seem to put in fences where they need to be but I always put them in where they shouldn't be. I really need to get used to putting in fences.

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So a few more days went by and I decided to stop by the park once again and boy was I surprised to see what they put in!




Well here's the new trains. Longest I could make them because of how the station is situated. 18 isn't too bad, I don't really care if they aren't realistic though, some coasters only have 3 trains.


A new Peep Relations building was added with a First Aid building, Information Kiosk, and an ATM.


Bathrooms were added as well.


A fun house (Twisted Fun) was also squeezed in behind Edelweiss Cafe.


And, oh my! A giant wheel was constructed?!?! That was some amazingly fast construction then!


It really adds to the (nonexistent) skyline of the park.


But it was also really squeezed in there as well.


Along with all that, fencing was finally added around the fountain.




There you have it. Another update. As always comments, critiques, and tips are appreciated.

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Yeah, the trains look good now!


I love the giant wheel, it fits in perfectly. But the mountain is still the most amazing thing you've made...


Oh, and the fountain looks much better, too!

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WILD WATERS AMUSEMENT PARK- The new amusement park here in Central Pennsylvania has sure been attracting attention and new news from the park has created a frenzy among fans.


According to sources, earlier this week some pictures were released of what appears to be official sketches for future rides. These sketches were quickly pulled offline once they were leaked but that did not stop thousands of people from downloading them while they were still up.


The ride looks to be a horror themed dark-ride attraction where riders travel through a haunted building with many special effects designed to spook guests. However, since the drawings are not very clear, nothing is known for sure at this time.


Park officials are not releasing any statements on whether or not these sketches are real or even part of upcoming plans, but for now they are generating a lot of excitement.


I managed to get my hands on three of the sketches that were released (even though they were quickly taken off the internet) and I really like what I'm seeing. I really hope that this ride comes to the park eventually.




An overview of sorts I guess. A bit blurry but it looks kind of...castle like??


Looks like a sketch of a room inside. What is it though? A living room? Bedroom?


Giant skull room I'm guessing. It looks like they want to make his eyes flame...




Well I hope you liked those pictures. Feel free to speculate on what it is because I sure have no idea. I'm just hoping this doesn't deter the park from putting it in...


Oh, and here is a quick shot I snapped of the construction zone. Why is random lumber lying around.......???


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I really like the mountain; the buildings though, I think need to be improved, but I guess that comes with practice..


Yeah, I find most of my buildings to be...oddly shaped, and not very realistic looking. For me the best one would have to be the Cafe but before this park I hardly made any buildings so it doesn't surprise me that they aren't great.



And Happy Birthday btw.


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