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Kings Island, end of June


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Hey, I'll be heading down to Kings Island on the 27th and 28th and I have a few questions.


Would the local schools be finished for the year?

Are there normally large crowds at the end of June?

Is it possible to get all the credits in one day, or is two needed?

Is Boomerang Bay better than The Beach waterpark?

Is there anything to do in Cincinnati for a day?


PKI ManJZ pretty much answered all my other questions in the "Best Damn Tip Sheet Period" thread.



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As far as other things in Cincinnati, I suggest you check out Coney Island. You can get there pretty easily from KI by taking 275 West down to the exit before the Kentucky bridge. Its no huge park, but it has a nice charm to it that can keep you busy for a couple hours. Plus theres a credit to be had (and I work there, so I have to promote it somehow )


Aside from that, theres the Newport Aquarium just across the river from downtown, which is pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.


As far as your other questions:


1) Schools should be done, but you never know when a camp group might drop by...


2) You might want to get JZ's oppinion on this. I'm too lazy to gauge crowds since I just go up to KI whenever. Since its getting close to July 4, I'd say there would be some crowds, but nothing unbearable.


3) Unless its a really crowded day, its pretty easy to get all the coasters in one go. I'd recommend starting in the Action Zone and working your way around, unless you want to hit Crypt and Beast first, in which case start over by Nick Universe.


4) Haven't been to the Beach in a while, But I personally thing Boomerang Bay isnt that good. Its worth the visit if you have time, but I'd rather spend time at the Beach for the sake of Cincinnati waterparks.



Hope I was able to help out. I'll see if I can get off work one of those days and meet you there.

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^ Thank you for taking the time to reply!

I plan to spend 2 days at Kings Island, one day to try and get in all the credits and the next day for the waterpark and ridding what I couldn't the first day. I might as well just go to Boomerang Bay since it's included in the park admission. Everything is already booked and paid for so I'm good to go. The day we drive home I might stop by Coney Island, but I think the rest of my group would want to do something more relaxing like the aquarium. Anyways thank you for the advice!

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