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Photo TR: SFNE June 13

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Superman from the entrance


Catapult was operating!


Scream!, always a fun ride


Cyclone Brake Run


Cyclone is one of my favorite rides at SFNE


Superman enters the second tunnel


Great airtime hill!


Great ending


Start of the spaghetti bowl


the first helix


a picture of me taking a picture of Superman


Dive loop fun!


not huge SLC fans


Although I guess I'm a splashwater Falls fan judging by this picture


extreme close-up


More of the Dive loop fun




I'm not sure what happened here...


Vekoma Boomerang. That's it


Although I never understood this...


Or why this always has the longest line in the park


because it really is not all that fun


There's some real fun


and there is perfection


and there is more perfection


and there is not so much perfection




Scream! or Schrei as someone in the group liked to call it




I'll leave you all with a group shot now

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Great trip report and pictures, thanks for sharing. It certainly will help me get motivated to get myself to my home park too. RoS is such a great ride, I just wish SFNE had more rides of that quality, which is why I end up going to CP more than SFNE (go figure).

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