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Photo TR : 6/11/08 Gorky Park, Moscow and much more

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Great TR. I cant believe the traffic. Thats a complete unsafe mess. They need some rules, laws and lights on the road.


Fun Fact: Gorky Park is mentioned in the Scorpions song "Winds of Change"? Ive had that song in my head all day thanks to this trip report. lol. its annoying.

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Nice TR, it's always nice to see other countries and get some kind of feel for how they live.


But that traffic! Seeing all that mess makes me somewhat thankful for the kind of traffic here at home. I don't think I could survive walking in Moscow lol.

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Wow that park is really random, but cool. Do you know the reason behind all the SBNO's? And in the subway, were those little shops running down the right hand side?

Don't know the reason for all the SBNO's but can imagine they just consider it easier (and less expensive) just leaving the rides standing there.

Yes, all those subways had little shops inside where you can buy newspapers and magazines, tabacco, alcohol, food, ....


Red does not mean "pretty" in Russian, it means "red". However, both words sound the same. Red being pronounced "Kras-ni" and pretty being pronounced "Kra-si-vwi" in their genitive cases. It's easy to make a mistake as the Russian Vocabulary has 6 different cases.


Thanks for the info but I'm still a bit confused. So red square actually really stands for red square ? Is it then called red because of communism ?


Very nice trip report. By the way, the "white house" wasn't sponsored by Japan. Samsung is from south korea


I know but that didn't fit in the storyline


It looks like automotive anarchy. I hardy see any lanes, and it doesn't look like there are any designated parking spaces.


It is indeed complete automotive anarchy. There are really no rules it seemed. People are just parking their car wherever they feel like. On most roads in the city, there are indeed no lane markers making everybody drive where they feel like driving. As you can see on the pic below (taken at a quite moment as there are hardly cars), cityroads are often 8 to 10 'lanes' wide AT EACH SIDE. Well on those roads there are old cars driving at 20 to 30 mph while new cars are zigzagging through at 70-80 mph. As all my drivers were driving recent cars, I felt like being a Gumball Race participant in traffic.


Adding the sideroads, that must be about 30 lanes !!

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Awesome TR with lots of great photos! It is really interesting to see photos of cities you haven't seen that much of, well apart from the areas around the red square.

I dunno maybe I was too positive, but I really couldn't expect the Russians to have such a bad organized traffic system. Still the magnitude of some of the buildings, etc. looks so different than the west, there is something quite compelling about how it is (seems) in Russia.


It would be cool to visit Moscow someday, I would only need to first travel 4 miles away and then take a direct train for 7 hours or so and I would be there , as there's no way I'd drive there or in there

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Here some more crazy Moscow traffic pics I found while surfing the net on englishrussia.com


Wow those pics of the traffic are crazy!


Fantastic TR as well. Always good to see rare parks like that.


What do you do for a living Groteslurf, looks like a pretty good job being whisked off to Moscow like that!

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Thanks everyone for the comments so far.


^^^ The russian language looks extremely difficult. Can you tell me the name of the second, smaller park I've been to ? Is that indeed Luna Park ?


^^ That might have been the case, keeping the russian colors of the stage in mind. But at the time I was there, they were soundchecking the microphones so I assumed it was for a concert. And also Russia didn't play that evening.


^ I'm working for an international transportcompany. We organise transports from and to everywhere around the world.

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