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Walt Disney Imagineering to Outsource Audio Anamatronics

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The main thing here is that outsourcing does not neccessarily mean less quality. There are plenty of companies out there that pride themselves in doing quality work. And that's really what the parks need is just a quality experience for it's guests. I don't really care how they get from point A to point C, so long as the end result works out in the best possible way.

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Disney outsources a lot of stuff that you just don't hear about.


Zamperla built Dumbo for Disneyland, for example. The one currently installed at Disneyland was intended for Euro Disneyland, but --after the original Dumbo literally fell apart in 1990-- Disneyland "stole" it since EDL/DLP wasn't due to open until April 1992.


If you look at the color scheme of Dumbo you'll notice that the hues are a little richer than the rest of Fantasyland. Most of the parts are dyed rather than painted because EDL's Fantasyland used a different palette of colors.


The bottom line is that unless WDI can build a superior product there is no reason to do it in-house.

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