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Photo TR: Sad-and-Pathetic Stop at Ocean City, MD


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I was roped into sitting behind a table at a vendor show for my employer at the Sheraton in Dover, Delaware, last Wednesday (June 11). Well, I decided to make the best of it by driving up the Delmarva Peninsula (which includes Virginia's Eastern Shore, a piece of Maryland, and all of Delaware) and doing a wee bit 'o' credit whoring at Ocean City, Maryland, the home of Trimper Rides and Jolly Roger at the Pier (along with an Arrow/Vekoma boomer-ouch, a Pinfari Loop of Doom, and an old Tobaggan body-slammer).


New credits are nice to get, even if they are on the crappy side, but I was more intrigued by Trimper's Haunted House ride and Pirate's Cove waltkthrough than anything else. So, I ambled about the Ocean City Boardwalk, taking in smells of the sea, French fries, and deep-fried crab cakes, along with three credits (didn't bother with the kiddie coasters).


Join me, won't you?


. . . and pile-drived, for good measure. ("Stick a fork in him, he's done!")


More to come from Trimper's.


But here's where I got body slammed . . .


Yeah, this part was pretty much as I remembered. Not too bad, actually.


God, I haven't ridden one of these in over 30 years (and that was the Tobaggon at the Stanislaus County Fair, which reeked of old cigarettes, urine, and carny sweat).


. . . awful idea!


Vekoma had a wonderful, . . .


An awful idea.


One day, Vekoma had an idea.


This ride brings a passage from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to mind.


As you can tell by my grim expression, I rode boomerang (or "Tidal Wave") first.


Oh, a boomerang. Joy.


And here's Trimper Rides! What wonders await us here?


Hey, can't you smell the salt air and French fries already?


After driving for miles behind the stinky chicken truck, I finally arrive at Ocean City. Let's have a look around.


Proof that Frank Perdue and Colonel Sanders are the spawn of Satan.


Two choices: you can join the Eastern Shore Arts Council or buy it.


This took me to the Eastern Shore, the Virginia capitol of sausage, bacon, fireworks, and discount cigarettes.


To get credits, one must get to them, somehow. As for me, I criuised across the Cheapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (a road so cool that it costs 12 bucks to drive on it).

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OK, here was the coolest stuff at Trimper Rides, for my money.


I mean, did he not notice the big diesel engine rumbling through the living room before he bought the place?


More to come.


OK, explain one thing to me--why the hell does a headless vampire dude want a train tunnel in his house?


"Diarrhea is a storm that rages inside you!"


"Ya wanna know why I took this gig? (By the way, we prefer 'pain enhancement' to 'torture.') Ya meet such interesting people."


Or does that just piss it off? I get confused sometimes.


A little gum on the tail always discourages a bloodsucking bat.


Oops! A vampire bat! But I know what to do!


"Hey! Can't a broad get any privacy around here!"


Hmm--sure are into tilting corridors here.


Aggh! What's that?


. . . yeah, the whole world's a'spinnin'!


Uh oh! I knew I shouldn't have eaten that left-handed corn dog! Everything's getting a little wacky . . .


You get your very own, luxurious mini-coffin when you ride.


And it even has a ghetto "ghost host" of sorts! (He was named, er, Headless Harry or Count Chocula or something--I forget.)


Cool! An old-school dark ride!

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More random nonsense from the Maryland seashore.


"Ahoy! Credit off the starboard bow! Set a course fer Jolly Roger at the Pier! Thar be a wee bit more to come!"


"People wants to see me black-lit glory!"


"Arghh! Belay that flash, dog!"


"It'll keep ye safe from this scurvy dog, too."


"Good thing ye be safe in our shark cage, sez I."


"We be one fer tillted corridors, too!"


"Aye, set yer rudder fer Pirates Cove, mate!"


Guys, I think I would've sprung for the Bowflex. Just sayin'.


Oh no! Which way to go?


"So, infidel dog! You disapprove of our creative use of your degenerate language that is not even fit for the fleas that infest a camel's armpit! Now you must survive our Funhouse of Fate, if God wills it!"


A "Thousand and One Night"? Who proofread this freakin' funhouse?


Boy, it gets better and better.


. . . "Forty Thiefs"? That's "theives," people!


Look, an Arabian Nights' type funhouse. Let's see, "A-l-i B-a-b-a and . .

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One last look at Ocean City Boardwalk.


Hmm--good thing I didn't have to make a call. Well, off to Delaware. Thanks for reading.


"No, I didn't. Quit lyin' to people!"


Help! Angus McNasty has followed me to Ocean City!


You're welcome, matey.


What's with the tank of water in the middle of this thing? (Maybe to catch falling riders? For Fearless Freep's High-Diving Act?)


The op had to go scrounge up a few more riders while I waited.


Hmm--looks like Megablitz with a loop, alright.


"I will get you. Yes, indeed, I will. Boo and stuff."


"I say to you, 'boo,' sir!"


. . . if your greatest fear is riding around in a tin-sided warehouse on a rickety golf cart.


But first, let's check out Morbid Manor, a truly frightening attraction . . .


The skeleton helmsman's course was right and true! There is a Pinfari out there.

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Very nice PTR. Thanks for sharing.


By the way, has it ever been mentioned to you that you bear an uncanny resemblance to Beau Bridges? I'm not kidding either. Take a look:


Beau Bridges...



And Beau Bridges again!



Anyhow, thanks again. I enjoyed the pictures and the witty narrative.

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I'll be stopping by Ocean City in a little under a month from now, so it's nice to get an idea of what type of ghetto parks I'll be dealing with.


There's a haunted-house ride at Funland at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (about an hour north of Ocean City), but I didn't have time to stop and check it out.


Thanks for the comments, folks.

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I'll be stopping by Ocean City in a little under a month from now, so it's nice to get an idea of what type of ghetto parks I'll be dealing with.


There's a haunted-house ride at Funland at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (about an hour north of Ocean City), but I didn't have time to stop and check it out.



The haunted house at Rehoboth is all kinds of awesome. Its consistently rated as one of the top dark rides every year. Too bad you missed. Its only open at night though.

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You missed the importance of that very spot as you flew past it. That spot is the EXACT halfway point between the entrace to inlet at Ocean City and the Parking Booths at Bush Gardens Williamsburg.


Also, its EXACTLY 800 miles from that intersection to the main gate of Walt Disney World. (depending on Cracker Barrel/ firework stops)


Most of all, if you look right while traveling North you can see my house.


ESVADJ = Eastern Shore of Virginia DJ


-great trip report btw

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