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Holiday World- A Massive RCT2 Park

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After finishing Fun Forest, I began building this massive holiday themed park. Right now I am working on the Halloween section first, but later plan on adding Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Independence Day areas. I will be updating as I go.


Here's an overview of what I've done so far. So far I personally like my work.


Here's the final helix around a small fountain. The ride still has considerable speed at this point.


You guessed it, more air!


Here's an air-time filled helix.


It's not uncommon to get a little wet going through here.


Here's the insane turnaround surrounded by a waterfall! The train just flies through this turn.


Yeah! More air!


Another pretty big drop.


Don't be deceived, this is the most air-time filled air throughout the ride. It rivals the air on the drop into El Toro's helix!


Out she comes.


Woohoo! Back into the tunnel to the rider's delight!


Yeah! Air Time!


The train flying out of the tunnel for the first time.


Here's the steep 85ft drop. While not the biggest coaster out there, the whole ride is non-stop thrills.


Going up the lift.


The whole ride is about 3600ft long and packed with air.


Ever since opening, the Werewolf has been very highly ranked and has won numerous awards, including the #1 wooden coaster according to Amusement Today.


Custom Coasters International constructed this incredible wooden coaster. The design was inspired by the Raven.


Here's the park's star attraction, the Werewolf. This is a basic overview of the woodie.


The 4-D theater has a great flick entitled Ghostbusters 4-D. Not as good as the first film, but it certainly beats the second.


Here's an overview of Black Cat-astrophe, the park's dark ride. On the inside are some "haunted" ghost scenes.


About to drop.


This essentially is the entire layout of Fright Flight. Not very big, but it's a family coaster and quite popular among families and kids. Fright Flight circles around Demon Drop, the park's Intamin gyro drop.


Here's a little area known as Witch's Castle. In it are the Witch's Wheel, an Eli Bridge Ferris wheel and the Fright Flight, a Setpoint suspended coaster. Personally, I like the broom cars.


The Chance Trabant is aptly named the Pumpkin Patch. Next to it is the Magic Cauldron, the park's Mack Calypso.


The spider ride is called Arachnophobia. Eyerly built it and it was the park's first ride.


Like Fun Forest, Holiday World has flowers surrounding a small fountain.


Here's an overview of the entrance area.


Welcome to Holiday World, "the kingdom of holidays".

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^Agreed. The rest of the park is really cramped together. It should be pretty easy to spread out the Halloween section a little bit. The one thing I don't like about the woody is the water fall around the turn around. It's just extremely unrealistic.

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