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Lex Luthor’s Invertatron at Six Flags New Orleans

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Hey all,

I am doing some research on the suspended windshear by Zamperla. The only one in the US i could find was at the now closed New Orleans Six Flags. There it was called "Lex Luthor’s Invertatron".


I was curious if any of you would have information on this ride, or one like it. I was interested in knowing how thrilling it is and how popular it is.


Has anyone been on it? Can you describe your experience?

Did anyone work there? If so, How was it to maintain?


Any info would be helpful.




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I actually got a chance to ride it during one of my brother's baseball tournaments there a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina. I did actually prefer this type of ride to the typical Huss Top Spin for quite a few reasons;


1) The restraints were much more comfortable.

2) Much more interesting ride program.

3) Much more versatile with its movements


If you'd like me to get into more detail, you can PM me.

(also, this ride was not an inverted model, your feet did not dangle)



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The Lex Luthor's Invertatron was originally called the Storm. It was located for a couple of years on Mariners Landing in Wildwood NJ. When it was there it seemed to run on a very limited program which made it run more like a top spin than what it was designed to do. They never seemed to run the arms independent of each other. I think I heard that it was run this way because of New Jerseys stupid ride inspectors.

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