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Photo TR: Divv's Danish Adventure

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^ Everybody should go to Scandinavia. I'm convinced it's gonna be the best TPR trip of all time!








After Tivoli Gardens we raced all the way back across Denmark and then hopped down over the border to the Northern German town of Flensburg for the night. This allowed us to hit up Germany's most Northern park in the morning before heading back into Denmark hitting more parks up there later in the day.


Tolk-Schau is aimed at younger audiences but it's still a really quirky place. It's got one credit and a load of those "self operated" rides you've seen in previous TPR updates.


It's these self operated rides that really provide the fun in this place. The butterflys are ok. Definitely not a credit for me but fun. The Nautic Jets are freakin' fantastic! Pictures don't do these things justice! We both had a few goes on these.


We didn't stay here very long but still checked out a lot of what was on offer. I'm glad I finally got my fix of these self operated rides. I only wish they'd show up more places!


Here's the pictures...


And that's Tolk-Schau. If you find yourself doing a Denmark trip it might be worth considering a quick jaunt down to check this place out. Well at least if you haven't been to Klotten!


Back to Denmark for Sommerland Syd next!


I should mention it was HOT on this day! And this was only like ten in the morning!


So this is Non-German Tom in Germany. Does that just make him Non-Tom?


Yeah, there's also a self operated zip line.


Check Tom's TR for action shots of me whenever he gets round to it!


It's quite an experience!


Tom then flies off the edge.


Tom then gets apprehensive.


I push the button and send him up the hill.


Tom's not quite sure what he's letting himself in for here.


And I send him off a tumbling.


Tom straps himself in.


Here's another of the random self operated rides.


Butterfly POV!


But NOT a credit! Not for me anyway.


The butterfly. Cool little concept.


A credit! Same layout as the dog fart coaster but nowhere near as entertaining!


What's that I spy through the trees?


The giant Tyrannosaur welcomes you into the park.


Park number seven of the trip and the first of our final day - Tolk-Schau.

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Our second park of the day was Sommerland Syd, right in the south of Denmark. There's not much in this park except for a couple of coasters and some waterslides but it's all quite spread out and what is there looks nice enough.


Danish Face/Off is the big coaster there. Erik tells me that this was the first Invertigo and it really showed. This thing really kicked our asses.


The other coaster Kæmperutschebanen was a bit better and at least looked a lot less deadly than the Vekoma ride!


We didn't stay here long, it's more or less just a credit stop park on the way up to Legoland!


Here's the photos...


Sommerland Syd is not much more than a credit run but worth checking out if you're passing.


Two parks down today, two to go!


Legoland is next!


No, I'm not gonna try and pronounce it but suffice to say it's better than the Vekoma death machine.


Kæmperutschebanen is the park's other coaster.


The park has some boats and other obstacle course stuff that's the norm in this country.


I didn't manage to catch a price list for Big Mike readers but here's a season pass sign with park's mascot.


These seemed to be a lot more popular than the other rides.


There's quite a few water slides in the park.


The pirate ship was nicely themed albeit a bit deserted.


There's also a Disneyland dwarfing castle for people to laugh at.


This is what the park's entire range of merchandise consisted of.


This is Tom's "apprehensive about ordering Pepsi" face


This thing looked pretty messed up. Again, something you won't see in a lot of other countries.


Ow, ow, ow, ow ow.


I wasn't looking forward to this.


Here's the view of impending death.


That's right - it's Danish Face/Off!


Oh dear that doesn't look good.


The park entrance looks alright, although the other Danish parks had kinda spoiled us by this point.


We're back in Denmark for park number two of the day - Sommerland Syd.

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My favourite part about your trip report so far? The classic Divv selfshots that finish off each park!


I really need to get overseas and check out some of these parks. I'm now going to have to give that 2009 trip some serious consideration. Who knows, maybe I'll even head up to the UK with Andrew in 2010 atleast!

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So this is Non-German Tom in Germany. Does that just make him Non-Tom?


He should have vanished from existance and the Universe should have imploded at that point.


You're right, Scandinavia will be the best trip yet, and I want to go since I've been, but I want to do it right.

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Thanks guys. Not long to go now!








Up until this trip Legoland was the only Danish park I'd visited before. That was back in 1995 and the park has changed a LOT since then, in a good way. All the old stuff is still there and is as it was before but so much has been added that complements it all so well.


I really love both of the Legolands I've been to. The attention to detail is great and well there's just fun wherever you turn.


I'm thinking more and more that I'll need to slip in a trip to Legoland California as part of my SoCal trip I'm planning for March next year.


Here's some photos...


That's all from Legoland. I LOVE this place!


One park to go!


Tivoli Friheden is next.


"When God made the arse, he didn't say, 'Hey, it's just your basic hinge, let's knock off early.' He said, 'Behold ye angels, I have created the arse. Throughout the ages to come, men and women shall grab hold of these, and shout my name! "


Man, these Splash Battles really are showing up EVERYWHERE! This one looked really good with all the Lego theming.


Yay for Celtic supporting Lego pirates!


Which was a shame because it looked really good!


The Viking River Splash was closed.


I coulda swore I saw somewhere just like this when i was in the States last year.


Are you sure we're still in Denmark?


Tom mentioned something about making a joke about this being a real space ship in his trip report. I had no idea what he was on about.


Yay for the Scottish section! Everywhere in Scotland looks exactly like this. Fact.


In case any of my Europe trip friends can't remember Amsterdam after we visit next week here's an advance look.


Concorde lives on in Billund.


Here's part of the Copenhagen sections. it's cool how all the different Minilands have mostly different places represented.


I imagine Tom will be making some kind of Fuji-Q joke when he gets to this bit in his trip report.


Woo, Miniland!


I was disappointed to see that the driving school had lost its "Octan" petrol theming. (Lego geek)


Yay for Lego nudity!


The Lego canoe was much appreciated on this HOT day!




Here's some little rodent type dudes to keep you happy.


This is probably what I'll look like after all the meals on the Europe trip.


A Lego pianist keeps queuers entertained.


There were quite sizeable crowds in the park but because there's so much to do there really wasn't any horrendous waits at all.


Doesn't look like those guys have got much done in thirteen years.


This big Indian dude keeps an eye on you while you ride.


The mine train is one of the older attractions in the park.


But Tom needed it so I was more than happy to give it another whirl after thirteen years.


Before this trip Timber Ride was the only Danish credit on my count.


This seems to be the only photo I have of the powered coaster I have. Again for a powered coaster this one was quite good.


Mmm... Lego food!


Of course cool Lego models litter all the queue lines.


I have to say that out of all the wild mouse type rides there are loads that I just can't stand to ride but I actually quite like these ones.


It was nice to enjoy a ride like this without sneeze shields and roofs.


Right away we head for the only credit in the park I needed - Xtreme Racers.


Doesn't look like these guys have moved much in thirteen years!


Park number three of the day - Legoland!

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Thanks guys!


Chrissie, I think it was actually supposed to be Edinburgh! It looked nothing like the Edinburgh in Windsor!


Scott - I'm glad someone actually got the Coupling reference!


The final update will be up very soon!

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Time for the final update...








After Legoland we set off for Tivoli Friheden and got there in not much more than an hour. One of the things I loved about Denmark was the negligible traveling differences between parks. They're mostly all pretty close together so you don't have to spend half a day in a car just to get somewhere.


We ended up putting this park last because we knew that the new coaster wouldn't be ready yet as it had fallen behind schedule. We figured we wouldn't need more than a couple of hours at this place and we were right.


The park is nice but it kinda paled in comparison to other parks we'd visited on the trip. Maybe on about the same level as Karolinelund but even then it lacked the atmosphere. That wasn't to say it wasn't good. It had its plus points and once this new coaster opens it should be a worthwhile destination.


The coasters currently on offer aren't up to much: a Pinfari death machine, a spinning mouse and a kiddie. There's a few flats that looked alright. There's a cool little ghost train with lots of rodents too.


Oh yeah they have a SCAD Tower too...


A bit of background for some of you - On the Midwest trip at Wisconsin Dells a few of the group I was in paid $40 each to do the SCAD Tower there. I declined this opportunity at the time although the guys did try and make me regret it by constantly going on about it.


Well I made up for it by making it my last ride in Denmark! At a cost of only 50 Kr too (that's about $10 maybe). Wow, what a lot of fun that was! It was nice to experience something that got the juices flowing! Although I wasn't really scared more kinda excited.


After a few hours in the park we packed our bags and headed back to the airport and dropped off the car. Denmark is a fantastic country. So much cleaner and fresher than most places in the UK and an all round much friendlier atmosphere. I can't wait to visit more Scandinavian countries in the future.


Our trip was over and of course I was naturally a little down about the fact that it was all over. Although I took comfort in the fact that I had the Europe trip to look forward to in two weeks and as I sit and write this the trip is only a day away! So while this one may be over look out for Divv's European Adventure appearing on the boards in a few weeks!


Here's the final batch of photos...


Of course how else could I end this trip report? Got to keep Shawn happy!


Denmark is a fantastic place and houses some amazing parks. Hope this TR managed to twist a few peoples arms into committing for the Scandi trip next year. I'm sure it'll be a blast!


I'll be back trip reporting in a few weeks with Divv's European Adventure.


Ryanair awaits to take us home. I should have a loyalty card for this airline. I use them almost every fortnight!


But it was time to say good bye.


Tom got quite attached to the car after four days.


1,445.6 km covered. That's not bad going for four days.


With the parks conquered we head back to the airport.


Anyway. Tivoli Friheden is nice enough to pass an hour or two. It should be quite worthwhile once the new ride opens. I'm sure I'll be back for that soon enough!


Hmmm, is that a hidden Mickey I see?


Definitely a LOT of fun and well worth the 50 Kr.


Tom makes a safe landing.


He's not hanging so much any more.


There's Tom. Just hanging around.


We tossed a coin to see who would go first. The prize being that the person going first would take pictures of the second person. I won the/lost the toss meaning I had to go first.


Now for something a bit more exciting!


And the hotel themed ghost train thing was not bad.


The park does have a couple of culturey bits.


And here's another. Glad that's over with.


Here's a look at one of the flat rides.


I have no shame when it comes to these kiddie things.


No point hiding now Tom!


Tom's sad and pathetic.


This might have been the best operating coaster in the park!


Oh how I despise these rides!


Tyfonen is the spinning mouse.


Although we kinda wished it wasn't.


Here's a ride that actually was open.


Oh well. One missed credit out of ten parks is pretty good going in my view!


I think a ride like this is exactly what this park needs. Hopefully it'll bring in the visitors.


The track does look quite sexy in a geeky way.


Seats? Where we're going we don't need seats!


And the first train obviously wasn't even finished yet.


The second train had obviously just been put together.


Yeah, pretty sure we're gonna have to miss this one.


All the coasters in the park have these "RCT style" sneeze shields around them.


The track does look very nice.


I guess this means we can't ride?


Cobra is the new Ride Tek invert under construction.


Before I get to what we rode here's a look at what we DIDN'T ride!


Park number four of the day and our tenth and final park of the trip - Tivoli Friheden.

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