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character breakfast at disney


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Later this week, I will be at Disney Paris for 3 days, with the wife and befriended couple. Since two of this group (me and half the other couple) are disney freaks, we are considering the character breakfast. I know you had it when visiting (it was mentioned in the TR), but I was wondering, isn't it weird being there without kids? Are the CM's used to that sort of thing, or was it frowned upon?

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I doubt we'll get the pix up of our character meal before you leave, but TOTALLY GO DO IT!!!


The characters interact with the adults on a whole other level. It's not weird at all! If anything, it was so cute to see 50 adults run over to get their photo with Mickey Mouse...then me try to get through with an actual child!

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The Winnie the Pooh breakfast was a ton of fun for me and my brother and his wife (no children, mind you we are all in our late 20's). And to boot, the food is very good.


When Tigger came to our table, nobody in my group has ever watched a Winnie the Pooh cartoon, so I wanted to know if Tigger is a boy or girl. When I asked Tigger he/she covered his/her "privet area" giggled and shrugged his/her shoulder.

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^ Itotally agree with Elissa. I accidently signed up my wife and I for one at Liberty Tree Tavern, and we had a blast.


There's nothing quite like Minnie Mouse flirting with you.


I LOVED the Liberty Tree Tavern and we also experienced some flirting there too... Interesting...Hehe!


I remember one time in the Crystal Palace, I had bought a Disney piano music book and Tigger took it from my table and went around all the tables getting them to sing "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers". It was hilarious.


I also agree with Elissa and Mcjaco! The characters react differently around the different age groups and even if you don't want pictures taken or have nothing to sign, they will respect that, shake ur hand and move on. When I worked in WDW we used to go do character dining alot and the average age of our group was about 21-22 and I think we had more fun than the kids there.


Im sure you will love it!

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