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Where should I go?  

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  1. 1. Where should I go?

    • Hershey Park
    • Busch Gardens Europe

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And if you are a woodie fan, hershey has what i believe are 3 top wooden coasters in the world.



lol wut? Lightning Racer might look purty, but it does not deliver at all if you ask me. Comet is the best wood they've got, IMO


I voted for BGE, but obviously I'm too late and it seems Hershey is the more logical choice for you anyways. Both parks are amazing and you'll have a blast! The level of quality at BGE is outstanding, though, as the others have said, so definitely make an effort to get there some day!!


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i think lightning racer delivers with a full train. That's really hard to get tho considering that like 48 people technically ride at once, and the capacity with 2 trains running is unbelievable.


The ride isn't great without a full train, but when it's filled up and you're in the front or back seat, hang on for one heck of a ride. Sick airtime if you're in the back on a full train, not so much if it's empty (less weight, less speed, exc)

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The level of quality at BGE is outstanding, though, as the others have said, so definitely make an effort to get there some day!!



Our next trip?

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^That could explain it, I guess... I've only ever been to Hershey on dead weekdays where the middle rows were closed. Still, I prefer coasters that run well regardless of ridership


yeah, i hate when that happens (which is daily)


I've rode LR over 100 times, and the best rides are when you have to wait for a full train in the afternoon for a back row right seat on the Green train . You go a good 3-5mph faster i believe with the extra 1000lbs on board without the 6 or 8 seats closed off. The second hill that's right before the turnaround into the tunnel is one of the better floater hills i have ever expierenced, not quite Phoenix at Knoebels, but it still is a great hill. You'll have to try that some day

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This is hard because both parks are excellent in their own way. I've been to hershey the most and it's certainly a favorite park of mine but I have to say Busch gardens europe has alot more to offer on all accounts. Great rides, great shows and a great atmosphere. I've only been to BGE once, just two months ago and I have to say I wish I could go there as often as I've been to hershey. This is not saying hershey isn't as great but there are alot of little things that BG does that hershey does not and that's why it gets the heads up for me and got my vote.


It was really hard to choose though, if you can I would say make it to both, they are both worth a visit or two.

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I attended at seminar once at the Hershey Lodge. It's a pretty nice looking place. That's cool that you're able to get transportation included too. Any ideas what non-park things you're going to do?

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