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Roller Coaster "death machines"

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I know most of you in here have ridden a roller coaster that made you feel like you were gonna die--either because of the ride itself was way too rough or the restraints were too tight; I have ridden quite a few of these "death machines." Right now, the Texas Giant comes to my mind.


So, I was wondering, what was YOUR favorite "roller-coaster death machine?"

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Texas Giant would win if it was just a little less homicidal. However, my last ride on it put me down for the count. I was screaming in complete agony just praying to make it back alright. I honestly thought I was going to have to be taken away in an ambulance because the extreme jackhammering was causing such excruciating back pain. I'll never ride it again until I hear they have completely overhauled the ride.


My favorite death machine is the Looping Star at Beech Bend. The ride is completely janky and unnerving, but I really get a kick out of it. I was always a fan of King Cobra at Kings Island as well.

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I LOVE Mean Streak but it is way too rough and slow around the turns and WAY too trimmed. Also Ninja at SF StLouis and SFOG are way to bumpy. The OTSR's on SFOG's Ninja are not bent right, thjey do not go to the stomach but aslanted outward near the heart. They SUCK

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Steel: Time Warp AK (it took the corners too fast and rusty squeaked at every corner we took so it just scared me a lil bit)

Wood: Gwazi BGA (the restraints are way too tight what GENIUS *rolls eyes* made them! And the ride is total suicide if you ride)

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The now defunct Hurricane cat 5 at MB pavilion. OMG that thing was so painful, I was just ready for it to end.

Agreed, this ride was one that hanging on wasn't good enough..


I also put that little death machine Looping star at Beech Bend on my list.



Hercules in its last few years was pretty unpleasant.


Then there are a few out Vegas Way. The former Manhattan express and that thing in Prime Nevada called Desparado...

Just a few of my death machine coasters that provided a less then memorable rides.

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The only rollercoaster that made me really want to get off was Anaconda at Kings Dominion. I dont really like how slow the last corkscrews are, and how bumpy that ride it, also how strong the mid-course brakes are. That is one hell of a ride lol

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Vampire at Walibi Belgium.

I really felt my neck is about to break down. It felt so bad I went out and was in bed for 2 days with horrible pains in my neck that became a migraine. I rode Vekoma SLC here in Israle and it's smooth and nothing as horrible as Vampire.

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