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Welcome to Fun Forest, New England's premier family theme park. Inside are 20 rides and attractions, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. Care to take a look?


This is my first RCT2 park that I have posted and arguably it is my best yet. It took me yesterday and today to do this so I was very pleased with how quickly I created this beauty. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


EDIT: Whoops! I just noticed I posted my images in reverse. The first one is at the bottom of this post.


Here's an aerial view of Fun Forest. Well, it's in a forest and it looks fun. It's not as big as many other parks, but it certainly has plenty of rides for a park of its size.


Here's the main entrance. Not as elaborate as others out there, but it does its job.


In the center of the park is this beautiful garden. Behind it is the Carousel Pavilion.


Here's the southwest corner of the park. It's dominated by Wild Thing (B&M dive machine) and the Wildcat. With those air-time hills, no wonder why it's a fan favorite.


Here's the northwest corner. The Wildcat and Tree-Topper (junior coaster) stand out.


Here's the northeast corner of the park, or should I say Beast Territory.


Here's the southeast corner of the park. It's clearly dominated by the park's log flume, Adventure River.


You know you like Wildcat's lift.


Wildcat's air-time filled first drop.


Here's the park's GCI, the Beast (does it look better than King Island's?).


The Beast is the favorite coaster according to the guests. The line certainly shows!


The Beast's first drop and tons of twisty goodness.


This drop gives some serious ejector air!


Some flats and more of the Beast's layout.


Here's Wild Thing, my very compact B&M dive machine.


Now that would be scary! Wild Thing probably is the most daring ride in the park.


Here's the Buzzsaw (Huss Rainbow) and Tree Topper (Vekoma Roller Skater) in all their glory.


Not only is this a picture of the Wildcat's turnaround, but the Chance Sky Diver and Sea Dragon can be seen, along with the Crazy Cups.


More rides.


I just think that the center of the park is so picturesque.


From this corner of the park, the Tree Topper, Wildcat, and Wave Swinger can be seen.


He, he, he, he, haaa WIPEOUT. Okay, I couldn't resist. I love the water effects. The Tilt-a-Whirl looks cool too, I guess.


Sweet, I see Wild Thing! It just overshadows the Moonwalk, Sky Diver, and Crazy Cups.


Here's a shot primarily of the Antique Cars. Personally, I like the layout.


I love the Ferris Wheel's location.


The Bumper Cars and Paratrooper look fun.


Here's Adventure River. There are 3 drops on this flume and the whole layout is pretty much hidden!


Another photo of Adventure River. They're almost about to experience the big drop!


Do you think it's worth it? They do!

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I think everyones opinion will be much better if you mix up the trees. That's the only big down fall that I noticed. Your the first park that I've seen my Extreme Rainbow in it. Soon I will have the people version for anyone that still cares, lol.

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I agree with everyone. It's a nice park, but there is a MAJOR problem with all those trees...


I don't really mind that they are all the same kind, its just the AMOUNT of them. Every block should NOT be filled with a tree. It just looks...tacky?


Still good though!

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