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Water Slide Drops You Straight Down Through a Trap Door....

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It reminds me of how SFoG says the awesome (it is awesome) Mindbender is the "first triple looping" coaster. We all know that last inversion is barely an inversion, but a hardcore overbanked helix. Still, I wish this park was open during Oktoberfest! I'd give it a try.


I guess we'll have to wait for either Wet N Wild or Schliterbahn (spelling?) to bring a similar one here!

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That looks like tons of fun! The speedo, however, scares the HELL out of me!



Im with you, thats why I hate foreigners in water parks, especially really overweight men in speedos, I saw this guy one time he was so big you couldnt see the speedo his flab covered it! Not like theres anything wrong with being fat, Im fat too but this guy was just out of proportion.


Anyways this ride looks so awesome! I wish I could ride it, for a second when the girl went I thought I saw her slip off the slide really quick at the top. Could you imagine falling in this, that would suck big time, I wonder if theyve tested it to withstand everyone or just a select few people who can make it through the loop?


Anyone know?

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That looks like it would be a major rush. I'd ride it for sure.


On a different note.. It's nice to see that you can still find a hot babe in a bikini here on TPR, even if it isn't in a Big Mike PTR pic.


And yes, speedos are just plain wrong.

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Is it straight down or at an angle, also it would be awesome to have a full vertical instead of a highly banked turn/inclined loop


Probably straight down but for only like a second before it levels out. [if the trap door was vertical like in the video but the tube itself were at an angle...the trap door would be VERRY painful]

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This slide is actually not the one in Germany. It recently opened in Slowenia, which is close to the Austrian Border.

There is a copyright battle going on at the very moment which is very interesting.


The company that was supposed to build the first ever Looping waterslide for a German park (Austrian slide manufacturer Klarer) filed a patent for a real, almost 90° looping slide. However during testing it became evident that the proposed design was not ridable. Klarer then kept on changing the design until it resembled an overbanked turn.


Meanwhile another Austrian slide manufacturer claims that he was developing this tilted looping slide (the one in the video) long before Klarer changed their full loop to this near identical design.


The Klarer looping slide is supposed to open in Germany later this year. It won´t be the first looping slide anymore, but I think this claim is fishy anyway, since both designs are definately no loops.

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