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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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TusenFryd to make their biggest investment ever for a single attraction the ride is stated to open in 2021. They will also get a new attraction for 2020 season, which will be announced in January.




"It will be something new next season, but we are working on something very big for 2021. This will definitely be the park's biggest investment ever, for a single attraction", says Solli



"Does the attraction you plan for 2021 need more space than the park today can offer?"


"Maybe", says Solli, with a big smile.


Considering them announcing that something will happen for 2021(17 months in advance), amount of money and the need of more space, I think we can expect to see a new roller coaster for the 2021 season. TusenFryd will be giving hints during 2020 season.


Here are the other largest investments the park has done:

Speed Monster - 70 million NOK

Thunder Coaster - 50 million NOK

Thors Hammer - 40 million NOK

Ragnarok - 50 million NOK



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We finally got a ride layout for the 2021 coaster, which looks to be a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster.



This layout look very similar to Gold Rush



It looks like TusenFryd will add their very first Singel Rider line to this ride.

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So either Gold Rush or Fury at bobbejaanland.

Both parks + tusenfryd is owned by Parques Reunidos


This chain do like to copy/clone/move stuff in their parks.


Man they need to make a better version of Fury, looks better then gold rush too. Cool things like backwards and voting.

Well It's good and needed for the park. Gerstlauer coasters are ok.

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I went for a walk around TusenFryd to see if there has been any construction going on. I found some markers for the 2021 coaster








Second inversion?


Second inversion?


Marker F30A





Does anyone know the difference of a marker with a red top and a fully orange marker?

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I visited Tusenfryd yesterday, they where finally allowed to open for the season on saturday. They have the same measures as most parks operating at the moment (prebooking tickets, lower capacity on rides, social distancing markings in queues etc). It is clear that they have done a great job in fixing up the park since my last visit because the park was looking great!


And they have also finished refurbishing Thundercoaster and it was running absolutely AMAZING, very smooth and it is running much faster over the first hill than before resulting in major airtime


Can’t wait to return next year to try the new coaster

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So this is a Gerstlauer inverted? AJ said above it's most definitely a Vekoma invert, but the layout looks similar to Gold Rush and I know Gerstlauer are building their first invert out in Japan so I guess it makes sense. Either that, or Intamin because they'll basically do anything. 

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Tusenfryd shared some concept arts of a retheme of the former Enterprise area in a survey sent out on Facebook today. 

The upgrade is gonna be a retheme to an American smalltown located by Route 66 in the 50´s

Mc-hopp, Trafikkfryd and Minibil will be moved to this area. Nightmare will be closed and Minibil will move in to the building that will be changed to a Firehouse. 

I think the new coaster will be pushed until their 35th anniversary in 2023 and that we will get this retheme next year 2022. 




Here are some before and after pictures



Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 12.38.46.png

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