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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

p. 30 - New inverted coaster announced!

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Call it Xcelerator because as far as I'm concerned the one at Knott's doesn't exist since I refuse to go there ever again!

Speed Monster looks 10 times better than Xcelerator, but what's wrong with Knott's?

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Im not sure who invented the term 'Rocket coaster' but on RCDB and Intamins website they are all listed as 'Accelerator' coasters. Speedmonster is using the same hydraulic launch system as coasters like Xcellerator, Storm Runner, TTD, etc...

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Come June, its gonna be almost impossible to pass by this thing as soon as I get into the park even though I know I'll have ERT on it later that evening. It really does look a lot cooler than I originally thought it would. Come on Summer!

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I'll say this here, but I'll remind you again in June. If the line is not too bad, DO NOT wait for ERT. We all know how awesomely finicky the Intamin Rockets can be. Never pass a ride with a short line that has a chance at breaking!

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