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Going to CP

ttd rox

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I'm just curious what to do at CP. I'm going in about 2-3 months. I went there once last year but only got to ride three coasters, TTD, Disaster, and WildCat then a bad storm hit so we had to leave early. Last time I stayed at Kalahari but now just to save money we are going to breakers express. Is Breakers Express any good and nice at all? What are some of the rides flat or coasters you recommend?



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Thought so.


Breakers Express is nice enough for the price. It's on par with like a Holiday Inn Express type hotel. And the early entrance is nice.


Yup, what Carnage said. It's nice enough for the price, and there's a decent pool outside to relax at if you're going to have some down time. It's ride on CP road and about 5 minutes from the park. Right across the street is a Mickey D's, so that's always nice!


Rides and flats?








-Power Tower

-Demon Drop


My first ride on Power Tower was great, the rest were just good...I'll stick to Intamin's stuff.

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Hotel Breakers is right next to the park by Corkscrew/TTD.


Breakers Express is right across from Castaway Bay/McDonalds.


Demon Drop is pretty rough while slowing down/transitioning back to load. But I personally don't find it too rough, and actually adds to the fun. I tend to ride Demon Drop multiple times in a row, as there's rarely a line.

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Ugh, sorry I keep getting Hotel Breakers and Breakers Express mixed up. I meant Breakers Express not Hotel breakers. Thanks for the tips! I'm doing the 2 day package that comes with 2 full day tikcets, 2 star light tickets, free parking, and more! First day I'll arrive there a little bit late and check in, go to the mall for a little bit then use my Star light ticket with my dad. Then the next day I'll be using my full day ticket. I'm going at the end of July, 28th- 30th. It should be pretty fun!

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