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RCT2- The Challenge to End all Challenges

Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?  

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  1. 1. Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?

    • Wrebbit
    • Coasterfreak101
    • CoasterNut17
    • ShadowRider
    • Putterfish
    • TheLegendaryMatthew
    • The Ghost
    • Cyber.Fiber

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Well, I think I'm pretty much done with it. All I'm doing right now is playing around with the scenery a little. The layout is short and simple. The name of it is Night Shift. I can't think of a good story to put behind it, so as of now, it's just a ride through an abandoned factory. I can't decide if I should add custom supports or not. On one hand, they make the ride more realistic, on the other they take up a lot of extra space.





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I'm sorry but I think I'm going to have to quit. Now that school started its just getting too busy to do extra stuff like this. I kinda had to rush the last one entry. If I keep doing that it won't be my best work.....


Nice idea for a contest though! I really like the idea, but its just not going to work out for me.

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Well this has been a challenge for me. Industrial and Compact. That is what I found the hard point of this challenge. It was also a bit difficult to fit in some of the custom supports.

The coaster is called Twister. Inc a B&M Twister coaster with a Loop, Sidewinder and a Zero-G Roll(kinda). It also features many turns and twists, and only a little interaction.

This is my most compact coaster I've made so bare with me.

Challenge to End All Challenges.SV6

Twister INC. Download.





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