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Photo TR: Big Spring Park

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A few weeks back, my friend and fellow shutterbug Jay and I, got out for some picture taking at the downtown park. We were treated to a gorgeous day, and some great shots. Also gave us a chance to catch up on what all had happened in our respective lives. Just a simple relaxed day.


Now for the pics. Part 2 to follow.


Looking back to the canal and parking garage.


People inside.


I'd go out on a limb here and say this shot is for the birds.


Couple making out in big grassy area? Check.


Interesting contrast, no?


So much for sneaking out the back way...


Yep, the fountain and rock wall. Yep, that would be a door a couple stories up on the left. Ok, the OTHER left.


It's fun to sit on these steps or under a nearby tree during lunch and look at the pool.


Stairs leading up to part of downtown and the courthouse. Up to downtown? Now that's just wierd...


Looking down the canal toward the other side of the park. This is one of the pics of this trip I really like.


More of the canal and fountain. Yep, I like fountains and waterfalls, etc.


Love my Guy T. Koepp hat, but not wild about this profile shot. Eh, I've looked worse.


Part of the canal that leads over to a rock wall and fountian. The ducks wanted to say hi to Moose, despite not being rubber.


The picture I was taking while Jay was taking my picture. Get the picture?


Looks like he got me. Also tested out some new Chaco sandals and a Black Diamond pack. All worked great.


Jay and his Aiptek camera. We had a dueling "Don't you take a picture of me..." the whole time.


The ducks & ducklings were everywhere and would gladly pay you tuesday for some bread crumbs today.

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^ Lol! And I thought the mullet and 'stache was rather dashing. Well, if you hadn't dug up that pic, Wes, Ginzo, or somebody else would've.


And now Part 2. Sorry folks, no Keytar. Yes, I know, weak.


EDIT: Having some troubles posting Saturday afternoon and evening. Server really sluggish. Will try again Sunday.

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I don't think they will ever let you live that picture down.I'm glad your a good sport about it.


Thanks. I appreciate the kind words.


In fairness, it's taken me a while to learn to be a better sport. I guess it's another Patch Jacket thing. Well, if it earns me a little respect and some laughs, why not? Never really thought that pic would make so much of an impression around here. Well, all in good fun.


Besides, what's the old saying? If they give you a hard time, they like you, but if they don't give you a hard time, you're in real trouble?


Hey, I like TPR and enjoy the antics. The door's open if anyone is ever in the Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, or Birmingham areas for a meet up. Just PM me with a little lead time. Would enjoy hearing from you.


I'll get the rest of these pics up sometime this week, however the keytar has stolen the show and the thread appears to be nose-diving. Eh, you win some you lose some. Oh well.

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Those are some nice photos. I forget how nice it is over there but I hardly walk around the park unless it is some sort of event like the Big Spring Jam or a graduation.


Thanks and much appreciated. You said it. Got reminded of that very thing this last visit.


Sorry you all got rained out at AA this past weekend, but at least it held until near the end of the visit.


And now (knocks on wood) Part 2 of the pictures.


Jay got into the act and is either laughing hysterically, or spontaniously convulsing. This is where our stomachs took over and demanded lunch...at a Chinese Buffet. Mmmm Chinese Buffet hot wings...


And with that happy thought, so closes this TR. Thank you all for reading.


They showed off a lot of neat tandem tricks and gave me some great video too. Nice folks all around.


Remember the juggler? His friends showed up with all their gear. This lady is definately coordinated.


I love repeating pattern shots and had to get this one.


Old railroad tressel down the hill and over the creek from the falls. Jay and I walked off the beaten path, and he even found an old railroad spike as a souvenir.


Artsy shot of the stairstep falls...where the sidewalk ends.


I'm standing on some stepping stones at the end of the canal and sidewalk. Sure, I'd love to be able to walk on water, but I'm just not that cool.


Where the sidewalk ends.


Downtown. Through the sky bridge and railing. Ok, I caved in.


More of the water way heading towards the future condos and retail. This is between the Embassy Suites hotel and the VBC Arena.


Looking back at Jurassic Bridge and Thrasher Memorial. There's a Tony Hawk or Dog Town joke in there somewhere, but I fail.


This canal is part of the eventual water taxi idea. It'll connect up to some retail and condo stuff down the way. If it's anything like Bridge Street, this could be good. Just don't nix the bridge. I like it.


Please, a moment of silence. A gnarly skate 'zine has fallen.


So this is a Jurrasic Park?


Looking back at downtown and the Japanese bridge on the left.


Bronze copy of the Declaration of Independence...now with FIRE! Sadly the tunnels didn't make the budget and the mist machine was on the fritz.


Some guy shamelessly playing with his balls in public. Actually, this guy and later his friends, was pretty talented and trying to start a group of enthusiasts to meet up at the park.


The only thing I can juggle is my schedule, and I drop that half the time. Lol!


Almost got it....just a couple more steps back...


The Von Braun Center Arena. Saw some good concerts here and even played goalie here in the hockey little league. Good times. Good Times.


The Dedication on the left.


The Donors List on the right side.


The afore mentioned Japanese bridge, a gift from the Japanese government along with several cherry blossum trees, to the city. With all the downtown refurb, some groups want to remove the bridge so water taxis can navigate the lake as well as other areas yet to be built. This would be an insult to our friends and collegues in the area. Back to point, it's a lovely piece of handwork and represents good spirit. I'm also a sucker for Asian, particularly Japanese culture.


Mutant, baby eating sumo fish. Huh, now I have a Chinese food craving...


Another epic contest at Budokan Huntsville....ya'll.


Mutant, baby eating sumo fish wins.


Ninja Duck vs. Carp Brotherhood for bread crumbs. Fight!


Lotsa carp near the Japanese bridge.


Local art museum. Saw an Anime exhibit there 2 or 3 years ago that was fascinating, but can't remember the name.


And no, even though this pic is ripe for it, I'm not using THAT joke you all know so well.


This duck walked right over to us like an old friend, with a look of "Ok, I'm ready, start with the picture taking." Jay and I were pretty amused.


Cross the street and you're greeted with the other half of Big Spring Park.

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^ Wow! Thank you! That's a big compliment all around. Also good incentive to keep improving. Much appreciated friend!


The Opryland Remnants/Opryland Hotel/Opry Mills pics and these are my best work to date. Very fortunate.


The captions are another story, however...

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