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Julie's Car Hitting 100K Miles Report + pic for Elissa

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So this morning my car hit 100,000 miles, and being somewhat of a milestone for the car, I decided to post a "JCH100KM-R"...similar to a TR, only longer, and more confusing

When I left work this morning, it had 18 miles to go, so I drove to Walmart to stock up on a few last minute trip necessities. I ran my car through a car wash so it would be nice and pretty, and from there, I drove back to Centennial Park, so I would be in a scenic setting when my car hit it's milestone. I ended up driving around the park 3 times, with a cop almost stopping me when I stopped dead in the middle of the road to take the 99,999.9 picture! Not so coincidentally, the car hit 100K right at the entrance to the Parthenon, one of the more photogenic places in Nashville.

Onto the photos!


Me and my car. It's actually a really good picture of me, except that I hate that shirt.


My car in front of the Parthenon in the exact spot where it hit 100K.


Yay! 100,000 miles! It's like the equivalent of a human turning 21 :-)


Straight nines


And here we are about to go in the car wash.


Here we are at Walmart, picking up a new atlas, new sneakers and bottled water for my cats (I know! My cats are getting bottled water during my trip!)

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I love your photo TRs, as they always make me laugh. Though all reports need more pics of axe murdering ducks!


My car has about 176,000 miles on it, and will be 10 years old next month. I'm not into the whole "new car" thing, and would rather drive a car like mine that's reliable and stuff.


Dave "The Toyota Corolla owns!" Thomas

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What is that?? A Cavalier??? You actually got a Chevy to 100K WOW!! I am totally impressed.


Shari "I wanted to have my blown up by the time I got to 50K" Shoufler


Our Chevy Lumina Mini Van has almost 200,000 miles on it and it's still going strong!




Glad you didn't hit the squirrel. they are the 5th coolest animals in the world (the top four being cows, alpacas, llamas, and penquins)


And congrats on getting your car to 100k!



Trev"ok, so our van isn't going "strong""32

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My car is an '88 Corsica. I got it from my grandparents in 2000 and it only had 46,101 when I got it, and it was 12 years old! It was the car that was only driven to church and the grocery store! Remarkably, I've had very few problems out of it. People think I'm nuts, but I've always believed that if you love something, it will love you back. My car knows that I'm not always looking at other cars and saying I need to buy a new car...it knows I love it, so it loves me back by not breaking down very often and not costing me much money I'll drive my car to the day I die if I don't wreck it first


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Thats enough with the chevy jokes, If anyone here knows anything, they should know that the new Chevy Cobalt, you don't have to do any major service untill you hit 100,000, they have a brand new redesigned 4cyl that is alot better than the old one which was voted one of the worst engines ever designed. They did some minor redsign on the new engine to make it smoother


time will tell if its actually better than teh old Cavalier


Chevy is improving, I'm not going to buy one or anything, but yeah, they are OK, they do make good trucks



If you wondering I own a 2002 Kia Spectra, which I paid $9500 brand new for, and it now has 76,000 miles with no real problems


and a 2003 Hyundia Tiburon, which is AWESOME!!!


A red Tib, ours is Dark Blue


A little shocking to open the hood to this


The interior, ours is Cloth, the only option we did not get

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they should know that the new Chevy Cobalt, you don't have to do any major service untill you hit 100,000


Then they burn it.


They can call it whatever they want and it is still a CAVALIER.



LOL, actually if you think about it, I have to take my Kia in every 30,000 miles, so twice so far, first time was cost me about $500, and the second time was closer to $800, so it looks like I'll have one more at 90,000 that will cost me another $500, so it does save you a little money





Did you have a horrible experience with a cavalier or something?

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