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Roller Coaster Music

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Forget those other crap bands(A7X, Bullet for My Valentine, Ill Nino). I'd say any and everything from Pantera. But for a ride like the Beast, or any other ride thats in woods or in the dark, you need dark ambient music like Lustmord. PRetty much any "scary" type of music would go good with those rides.




Those"other crap bands"?. Those are my 4 favorite bands (including pantera). To each his own, but you have no need to call them crap bands just because it's your opinion.

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Into the Night- Santana

Spirit of Radio- Rush

Mama Kin- Aerosmith (always wanted that song to be played on RnR)

Runnin With the Devil- Van Halen


But the best ride ever..... fast, indoor coaster with amazing lighting effects that syncs perfectly to Sandstorm.....

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"Factory Concerto" Pietasters- Reserved ONLY for the Loch Ness Monster-

"Little Bi#ch"- Specials (Any GOOD hyperocaster)

"Zip Gun Bop" Royal Crown Revue- Any minetrain of length-

"Work That Skirt"- B52s- Speedracers/Hyperspeedracers from Schwartzkopf/Intamin

"Paranoid"- Ruder than You- PowerLoopers

"Flight of the Valkyrie"- Wagner- Beemer Inverteds

"Golden Gate Fields"- Rancid- Wooden twisters/extended twisters

"Black Hawk Down"- Rancid- LIM Coasters

"You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three"- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Twinlift Arrow Suspendeds

"The Globe"- BAD II- Enclosed coasters

"Rock the Casbah"- Clash- Terrain Loopers

"Seven Deadly Sins"- Flogging Molly- Well Paced Beemer Looping

"BoneDiggin'"- Specials, feat. Tim Armstrong and Lars Friedrikson- Intamin Inverted/LIM Inverted

"Nightmare on Broad Street"- Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Long and fast minetrains (Arrow's last few for example)


Just a few from my ZeroG Ipot

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