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NL-Shaft of the Dead

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RIDE RELEASED (as a video, download doesn't work)




Recently I have realised that I am being stalked by a bad-luck charm. Why, I don't know. All I know is that whenever I start a ride which I think has potential, it slaps me in the face and delete's itself. This time I waited until completing the layout before posting to avoid disappointments. This I have done and now I present to you:


Project New beginning Mark III


This ride is going to be different to what I usually make in a lot of ways. I'm not going to reveal much yet unless you guess something the ride will feature, you might get a yes or even a picture, it depends what mood I'm in.


Thats all I think.

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^ So it is a good name!


Just to point out, this ride will feature 3ds. However, I forgot I don't have a 3d creator anymore and I can't get the download for it to work. Does anyone know a simple 3d software I could use instead.

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^ Nope!


Just to let you's know, this ride is beginning to take its final form. Its turning out much better than I thought it would, I'm really proud of it.


I'm working on an alternate ending as we speak, all I'll say is that it will probably suprise you.

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I've desided put up a .rar while I try to fix the Track Packager. Just follow these instructions to download the track:


-Extract the '1 My objects' folder to the 'objects' folder in the NoLimits file.

-Open up the '-SHAFT OF THE DEAD-' link to download the coaster.




It should work but I am expecting problems so if it doesn't work properly, TELL ME. I can't fix it if I don't know.


To see if all the textures are working, refer to the picture above. (minus the orange-tint). None of the textures should be 'solid grey' (the default colour). Again if you see a problem, post a picture of it and tell me.



If the 3d's arn't there please DON'T RIDE IT. It will just ruin it for you.




I know this isn't convinient but its the only way I can get it to you. I would make it easier if I could.


I'll put a video up later if all else fails.




Enjoy if you can!


EDIT: I forgot to mention this is a FANTASY coaster, no way in hell would it be built in real life. I wanted it to feel like a loosely built mine so it fails quite a lot of the 'tests'. Don't just say things like 'Tunnel test= failed' and instead develop your critique as if it were a fictional mine sequence.


And yes, I know I sound like I'm making excuses. (probably because I am)


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