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Kung Fu Panda VS WALL-E


Which one will be more successful?  

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  1. 1. Which one will be more successful?

    • Kung Fu Panda
    • WALfluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooE

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For box office, I think Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E could be pretty even. To me, KFP has a larger appeal to young kids, and many kids who want to see it as a joke (like me). Even though I think Wall-E might not have as big as an appeal to a younger audience as KFP, Wall-E might make more due to the fact it was made by Pixar.


In my opinion though, Wall-E is going to be ten times better. It looks visually amazing, fun, original, and has jokes for the whole family. I know that throughout the whole movie I'm just going to sit there thinking "OK, now that would make an awesome ride!"

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I don't know, I think Kung Fu Panda is looking pretty good. And from seeing some clips on youtube, I think it's gonna put up a pretty good fight against Wall-E. But still, Wall-E is gonna win. Hands down.


I'm still probably going to see them both.

And You Dont Mess With The Zohan. That just looks awesome.

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I've been looking forward to WALL-E since the character debuted. Something just strikes a chord with me when I see WALL-E. They made a robot have perhaps one of the most emotive faces ever without really making do things a normal robot would. I guess that made Disney's job a little easier when they made the life size version.


Kung Fu Panda looks ok, but nothing spectacular.

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For all of those who support WALL-E, I have 2 great news for you.


First, it's not one, but two early reviews from the screening of WALL-E. And as we all expected, PIXAR has done another excellent job once again as its latest movie received rave reviews. One of them call the movie as "honestly funny, moving and exciting". While another mention about how amazing the visual of the movie is.


For complete report, please go to http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/06/03/early-buzz-wall-e-gets-rave-reviews/


Second, WALL-E promotion doesn't stop right now. Disney released its newest trailer for the movie less than 24 hours ago. Here's a link to the trailer.




Please tell me what do you think about these things! Thank you!

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Went to go see Kung-Fu Panda tonight. It was pretty good. Wasn't the funniest cartoon I have seen in a while, but I still liked it. However, I am really looking forward to seeing Wall-E.


So thumbs up for Kung-Fu Panda, and hopefully two thumbs-up for the yet to be seen Wall-E.

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Though I believe WALL-E will be better, I think Kung Fu Panda will be more successful.


I just see a panda that performs Kung Fu will attract more children and families than a robot in outer space. But you never know...

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Kung Fu Panda



I have no idea what's in my mind right now, but I'm sure having a great time watching Kung Fu Panda. It's funny, the image is beautiful and the story is just so cool. I think it's gonna be nominated for Oscar next year and will be a main competitor of WALL-E.


Well, I still hope Pixar's WALL-E lives up to everyone's expectation. I hope i can do my first standing ovation for WALL-E, perhaps??



Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda is doing very well in its opening day. On Friday, the movie managed to make an impressive $17.75 million. Many believe this will lead to about $55 million opening weekend since the students are out now and sure the kids will beg their parents to watch this one. Long-legged run is also expected.


All infos are taken from http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/kung_fu_panda_opens_with_impressive_1775_million_friday_estimate

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Kung Fu Panda proved to be a popular movie this weekend. After earning a monstrous $20.3 million on Friday, the movie earned another $22.5 million on Saturday before dropped to $17.2 million on Sunday (projection). Totaled, the movie earned $60 million during the weekend. Good words from the critics and perhaps word-of-mouth may bring Kung Fu Panda as one of the biggest hit of this season. Yes, it outperformed Ratatouille last year. But it's understandable because Ratatouille was a tough sell before people began to spread the word-of-mouth.


Second place goes to You Don't Mess with the Zohan. The PG-13 comedy has another audience target, thus Kung Fu Panda didn't affect the performance of the movie that much. With a $40 million opening, it's sure a big opening for a comedy, although may not be as successful in its foreign box office like the past Adam Sandler's movies.


Indiana Jones 4 once again prove that it will have long run in the theater with having another standard drop to $22.8 million. Nostalgic parents are sure still flocking to the theaters to see this movie. Meanwhile, Sex and the City dropped a huge 62.6% to $21.3 million after its surprising opening last week. Fans must have rushed to see this in the opening weekend and then that's it. Looking at the performance, the movie should top about $150m-$170m area.


Last week's surprise performer, The Strangers had a standard drop for a R-rated horror movie. Dropping to $9.3 million, the low-budgeted movie proved to be a profitable feature for the company. Iron Man on the other hand, had a smaller drop and so far the best performer of the summer. With $7.5 million on its fifth weekend, Iron Man may top $300 million by the end of this month.


However, things don't go well to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. After a weak debut and huge drops, the movie dropped a further 56.5% to $5.5 million. Disney has said earlier that it was their fault to have the wrong release date, saying the season is "too competitive". What's more, a lot of people complained about the promotion that focuses too much on the Prince Caspian and not the Pevensies, leaving the people suggest that the movie is a 'small' fantasy movie and isn't a sequel of Narnia one two and a half years ago. Narnia is so far a disappointment in USA, but it will sure bring lots of coins in its foreign run.



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I have a big news again for you.


A new 3-minute clip from the movie was aired last night in ABC during the Finding Nemo show. The clip really shows how stunning is the visual of the movie. I'm also amazed by how the characters are speaking, much better than I expected. It might not be funny, but I think the love story can be seen very clearly in the clip.


Note: It may contains spoiler, perhaps.



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In its second weekend, Kung Fu Panda is doing very well. With only 43% drop, it's expected the film will top $200-million mark easily. The film also runs very well overseas. Small drops were reported in most markets. But the 'stand-outs' were Russia and South Korea, where it topped The Incredible Hulk in both markets.


Meanwhile, WALL-E will have its world premiere this weekend at Greek Theatre in Griffith Park. Expect to see some reviews about it by the end of June 21.


Now, how much do you think is the opening weekend for this film? I expect it to be in $70 - $80 million range since the character itself has gained attention already.

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Took my son to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday and I must say that it was really good. It had some pretty funny parts, and the action scenes were excellent. I think Wall E will do really well, but I m not so sure it will be a better movie. It is Disney Pixar and they really havent put anything out bad, so Im sure this will be good as well, but KFP could be an instant classic

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It's in third weekend, but Kung Fu Panda continued to steal the attention. It even topped the last weekend's champion, The Incredible Hulk. Kung Fu scored $21.7 million while Hulk scored $21.5 million.


Knowing how popular Kung Fu Panda is, WALL-E will sure be a sure risky job. If people like it, they'll forget the Jack Black's animation. If they don't like it, they'll stick to Panda instead.


Meanwhile, I received a rumor that the duration for WALL-E is about 130 minutes. Anyone knows more about this?

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I'm sorry about my mistake.


However, the 130 minutes duration is true. El Capitan Theatre will specially show a live stage show called "Flights of Fantasy" before the movie begins in each screening.


The movie will be shown for public for the first time at some theatres in USA this Friday at 12.01 A.M.


Meanwhile, it seems 6 new exclusive clips are out now in YouTube. From all of these clips, I can tell WALL-E will be exciting and hilarious!



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This weekend, the most anticipated animated feature of the year is released. WALL-E is a sure champion this weekend as its R-rated competitor, Wanted will take the runner-up position. Both movies are received well by the critics, but the competition won't be very huge as both have their own target audience. Families will flock to the lovely robot movie, while the older ones will go to the star-powered ultra-violent action.


WALL-E is right now stated as the '9th wonder' of Pixar. And there's no more doubt to that statement. The movie, until this post is written' has received an almost universal acclaim from the critics. With an overall score of 98% (in Rotten Tomatoes), and 100% from the 'Top Critics', WALL-E will sure win both heart and money this weekend. Some critics even say it's the best Pixar's feature and can be nominated for 'Best Picture' in the next year's Oscar. Also, WALL-E has become a popular character this summer even before the season began. And with the promo saying it's the movie that came from a legendary lunch in 1994, WALL-E has a chance to regain Pixar's popularity in 2003, where Finding Nemo became the world's biggest animated feature (until Shrek 2 stole the record).


Wanted is also generally acclaimed by the critics. With score of 73% (Rotten Tomatoes), it's an above-average R-rated movies. Word of mouth might affect the performance. Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman also help this movie make a further success as they're very well-known actors and actresses not only domestically, but also around the world. Also this weekend, there's no R-rated movies so those who like to see 'slasher' and action movies will flock to this one as well.


Generally, these two movies will make a great 'bump' of box office compared to the last year's performance at the same frame. Not only that, these two movies are critically-acclaimed so it's possible that these 2 movies will have great hold throughout the summer.


So what do you guys think?

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