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Photo TR: Fahrenheit Opening Day

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Let me begin by saying that it is TOTALLY MY FAULT that Fahrenheit valleyed. You all can blame Intamin, physics, and God all you want, but I promise you, the blame is entirely for me to shoulder.


But I’ll get to that in a minute.


Firstly, I drove up to PA with my mother and aunt in tow. I know, I know – I’m such a dork. I find it best to just accept this and move on. We arrived Thursday and spent most of the day at the park on Friday. We wanted to do two days at HP, and we just figured with the holiday weekend and brand new coaster that Friday would be less crowded than Sunday. Still, I spent a good portion of that first day standing at the bottom of Fahrenheit and watching it take its many, many successful test runs. Indeed, I said successful. The coaster ran practically non-stop for the entire day, and, as crazy as this may seem, the trains RETURNED TO THE STATION EVERY SINGLE TIME. My heart was all a pitter-patter, and things were looking good for the Nantimi 11.


Day 2.


We finally got to meet the infamous Jason and Martin from the whole Nantimi drama that took over the boards last fall. Or summer. Whenever it was – it just seems like forever ago at this point. 7 of the 11 were able venture to Hershey, though I think I was the only one from out of state to make it. Given that fact, I have to admit that I felt a bit overly dedicated to the whole thing to come from so far away, but since I was the only girl in the 11, I’m sure the effort was appreciated by all.


As we were all standing around chatting to 2 of the 3 Nantimi creators (Luke was in Texas for a family reunion. Apparently, his priorities were all out of whack), we noticed one of the empty trains begin its ascent on the lift (the only visible part of the ride from where we were standing) for a seemingly uneventful test run. And my initial thought? Awww, how cute! Remember, I’m a girl - I think all things are cute. Anyway, we just resumed our talking as we waited for everyone to show up, though I did note that there weren’t anymore test runs after a while, not that I thought much of it. But it was then that Jason got a phone call.


And then that I broke Fahrenheit.


While Jason was on the phone, we were all small talking it up like people do in a group of complete strangers, and I figured I’d mention the dream I had the night before since it was Fahrenheit-related. It went something like this: We Nantimi 11 were getting ready to ride the coaster, but the trains were still on the ground. Apparently that was the plan, though, because we had to board them then and there and have a crane lift the loaded trains onto the track in order to ride. But by the time they had gotten the trains attached to the track, they told us that it was time to open the ride to the public, that our ERT was up, and that we’d just have to get in line with everyone else, the end.


Annnnnnd you know what happened next. If you ever hear me begin a sentence with the words, “So, I had this dream last night…” feel free to hit me in the head with a giant, heavy brick. Apparently, I’m pretty prophetic.


But yes, the train valleyed in the cobra roll, and despite there being subtle differences between my dream and reality, the similarities were eerie. A crane would be needed to move the train, there’d be no ERT on Fahrenheit, and we wouldn’t be the first riders. Can’t deny my disappointment, but the Nantimi guys still treated us well. The complimentary tickets we were given to enter the park that day weren’t torn, so we could use them for a future day (that’s the equivalent of TWO free tickets per person – a very nice gesture, eh?), and we got a few rides on Storm Runner before the park opened.


After the ERT, we had the chance have a Q&A session with of the head maintenance guys, Gary Chubb (this was already planned) (and I think that was his name). Obviously, we asked questions about the then-current situation with the valleyed train, but we also covered a few technical aspects of the ride. For instance, both the chains are used to lift the train, though they operate independently of each other, and should one break, one can still successfully lift the train the remainder of the way up. I’ll let someone else cover the other technical questions asked, though, because I am totally blanking right now.


We also got some hints about 2009. When asked if there were any rides that we “should ride while we can,” Gary said, “Hmm…, maybe something in Pioneer Frontier. Or maybe Pioneer Frontier.” When asked specifics, he hinted “Possibly one wet and one dry ride.” I’ll let the rumor mill take it from there.


Afterwards, we all broke off to ride some rides. I left pretty early during the day since I had done the park the day before and lines were INSANE, but I got my hand stamped so I could return later in the afternoon should Fahrenheit start running (I think I switched tenses there or something, so pardon my poor grammar). I don’t know what time it was up and running exactly (I think I heard 4:15, and can I just say GOOD JOB, HERSHEY. That has GOT to be some sort of record), but I was back by 6 or 7 to get my ride.


I’ll let you know up front that I was just so thrilled at that point to be riding that I really didn’t even think to pay attention to the details of the whole experience, but I’ll tell you what I can. I think the best way I can explain the ride is to compare it to Maverick. Maverick, to me, is fun, but a bit jarring. Not in terms of roughness exactly, but it changes directions and elements so suddenly that I dare say that the level of head banging is ALMOST as bad as your average Vekoma. While I’m sure that many of you will think I’m crazy for saying that, please do note that I said “almost.” And given Fahrenheit’s compact layout, I was expecting a similar amount of head banging, but - OH MY GOSH – I could not have been more wrong. The elements flowed so seamlessly from one to the other that I was able to keep my arms up the entire time (something I was not able to do on Maverick since they were too busy trying to stabilize my body in spite of some pesky thing called inertia). And though the two valleyed trains thus far would seem to suggest otherwise, I never noticed any lagging or poor pacing. It was actually quite exhilarating. Again, I wasn’t concentrating on taking note of all this stuff while I rode, but this is what I remember from my one ride.


Also, that vertical life and beyond vertical drop: WON. DER. FUL. I think there’s a small faction of people out there who cry “GIMMICK!” at the mention of the two elements, but even if that’s the case, they are certainly two of my favorite gimmicks out there. There’s nothing like climbing the hill on your back and not being able to see anything around you but ALL THAT SKY. People always say, “Don’t look down,” but this is one coaster that simply won’t let you. And as for that 97 degrees? You definitely feel it. You and your stomach will both come out of your seat.


Bottom line? Fahrenheit: my new favorite coaster with inversions.

(I’m still a hyper girl at heart, so I have to make the distinction).


Okay, did anyone actually read that whole thing? Props to you, man. Props to you. Anyway, I’ll have some photos tomorrow hopefully. Maybe you’ll be done reading this one-coaster TR by then.

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Maverick, to me, is fun, but a bit jarring. Not in terms of roughness exactly, but it changes directions and elements so suddenly that I dare say that the level of head banging is ALMOST as bad as your average Vekoma.


Sounds about right to me, except omit the part about it being "fun"...

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I made it through! Great TR! You kept my attention through all that so major props to you. I'm really happy to hear that Fahrenheit is an excellent coaster. It sucks that everything didn't work out as planned and to be completely honest, I'm still a little pissed that your broke it! I agree with you on Maverick. I felt that it was more of a game involving a constant struggle to keep my body in the right place to limit the slamming around. I'm excited to hear that it is much smoother and that the "gimmicks" work out well. I'm looking forward to the photos.


Oh, and I just saw that my twin posted so if what I said sounded similar to what he said, it's because we're twins.

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Good to hear what the big F is like, nice TR, I'll be looking forward to getting to Hershey in August. I'm happy you actually got to ride it. I was doing the coaster of the week for it today for the East Coast trip and there are already some nice photos of F floating around the net.


I loved Maverick and I'm not ashamed to admit it, being tall I don't get ear bashed or felt uncomfortable riding it and I felt like Maverick was a compilation of the best bits of a whole lot of coasters.

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Sweet trip report (pun intended, of course) good to hear you were able to get your ride on Fahrenheit. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to make it out there to meet the rest of the 11, but I'm glad you guys had fun .


-Jake "Maybe next time!" Sundstrom

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Your friend made a thread for you and you didn't use it! Hehe, looking forward to the promised pictures tomorrow, Natatat!


Oh, I know! I'm such a terrible friend! But I had to have my own thread so I could actually label it as a trip report. Plus, I get all a-fluster when I see my name in a title. Or, at least, I did this once since that's the only time it's ever happened. I'm about 10 different kinds of shy

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You REALLY need to write a novel! About ANYTHING. Your posts/blogs are always very entertaining.


I'm really glad you got to ride yesterday! I felt bad for you.


It was great to finally meet you! Sorry I didn't stick around for long. We rode Wildcat and Lightning Racer and then saw the line for the Great Bear, SDL, and the Comet and headed out!


If you're ever back up this way let me know!

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Okay, did anyone actually read that whole thing?

Yes, of course! What a great story! Great in the sense that it was told really well. Bummer about what happened, but nice to see you were in good spirits about it!


I'm thrilled you choose to share your stories with TPR! It makes me happy!



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Wow! Great Trip Report! I can't wait to see the pics! IMO I think the park really handled Saturday well for what's been going on. I can't imagine how much stress has been going through the maintenance staff.

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Aww, thanks everyone! Such nice comments. Anyway, I'm still working on my photos right now. It's pretty slow goins since I have over 600 to sift through, but I'll get them posted ASAP.


Natalie, is your major in college related to English somehow, because it seems to be a gift you have.


Hmm, I'm actually in between majors right now. I was a clarinet performance major for a while, then I switched to communications (ew) when I transfered schools. Now I'm thinking of either graphic design, engineering, or creative writing. Good thing all my interests are completely related to one another and all have overlapping skill sets, eh?

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Great TR! Book-length reports from the day must be a theme... I'm on page three of a word document so far. Brace yourself.


It was nice to meet you all Saturday, and I'm glad you got your ride. Looking forward to your photos!

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Until I get my photos up, here's something to tide you over till then. Jason Brown printed these out for us - I don't think he'll mind if I share it with you - and it's basically a time line for how the whole Nantimi project developed. He kept emphasizing how the direction of the whole campaign was so heavily determined by the players' actions and discoveries rather than the other way around. I believe items in red were the things that the Nantimi creators weren't expecting to happen, which then caused them to rethink/add to/cover up/go into freak-out mode over their plans.


As you can see, TPR dominated after a while.

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If a coaster were to ever take a restraining order out on an enthusiast for being a stalker, it would be Fahrenheit and you. You should have asked about the crooked webcam during the Q&A session.



Just kidding, what an awesome report! I can't wait to see your pictures since you're such a great photographer!

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Awesome report! I can't wait to see the pictures and finally get on Fahrenheit! I only live like an hour and a half away but alas, the fates seem to have conspired against me so that I went 5 days before Fahrenheit opened and making it so that I probably won't be able to go out for another month or so.


Ah well, I'll be out there sometime, and I'll be sure to be riding front seat. Just make sure you don't break it again

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Very nice TR. It was almost like I was there. Oh wait, I was, at least for the first part of it. (So how was the shopping anyway?-- Thank heavens for PA and its no sales tax on clothing, eh?) It was nice meeting you and your mom on Saturday.


Folks, not only does Nat write well, she's witty in person too. Although I kept ending up on separate trains from the rest of our small group. Those teenage girls absolutely refused to go ahead of me in line on Wildcat. What was up with that?


Even though your dream spoiled our chance for ERT, it was nice meeting everyone and chatting with Jason, Martin, and Gary. Of course, it wasn't till later in the day I thought I could have asked whether HP would ever build, or consider building a hyper. I also chuckled when Jason said he liked my elongated screen name (that I use on another site). To think it may have won me brownie points with the Nantimi org.


So it looks like 4 of the N-11 got to ride Fahrenheit on Saturday, of the 7 who were there. With one person unaccounted for-- I mean I haven't seen a report from.

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Here you go, folks. All the photos are either from test runs the day before or the stalled train the day of the opening since I did not bring my camera when I went in to ride later that day. Still, just imagine arms and coloring on those dummies, and it's basically the same thing, right?


To read my full report click HERE


Look at me - all hopeful and dewy-eyed over the prospect of the next day. Little did I know of the metaphorical brick that was going to crash through the window of my dreams.


I like that they threw in a bunny hill just for good measure.


Shall I do a "through the trees" photo? Am I cool enough for that yet? I guess it's just through *A* tree, but still...you get the idea.


But even with its compactness, this coaster just GLIDES through the elements.


But this train is on a mission and doesn't hang around long.


Bottom of the N-loop


Going by this picture, who'd have ever guessed that it would be the heartbreak of millions?


Oh, Cobra, you devil.


Now let's go in for some close ups...


And those extra 7 degrees really do make quite a difference.


But let's go back to the beginning of the ride for a moment.


And if you were to lift up the Norwegian Loop's skirt, this is what you would see.


This is a fantastic element


I like to think that my heart is shaped something like a Norwegian Loop.


Right before the fun begins


For once in my life, I'm jealous of a bunch of dummies.


Still, despite the set back, I was still able to ride later in the day - and was it ever AWESOME - so no complaints, really. I'll have a photo TR of the rest of the park later this week.


Poor trains waiting so patiently for their brother to return so that they can run around as well.


I think it did this just to spite me. Doesn't it look like it's mocking me in this picture? Think about it, if the elements of this coaster were somehow represented by the fingers on a hand, the train would probably be resting right on the middle finger.


And there it is. I had half a mind to jump the fence, shimmy up the track, and hop in the train anyway, but unfortunately for me, the other half of my brain is actually pretty rational and rule-abiding. Stupid maturity.

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Great photos and thanks for sharing. I like seeing everyone's pictures. As Fahrenheit is seriously awesome. I really liked the lift, I can't decide if the lift or the Norwegian Loop was better.

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Roller coaster dreams are pretty weird...I have at least a few each week. I'm going to Hershey next week, hopefully they work the kinks out by then. If Fahrenheit is like maverick but smoother, that gets me excited because I like Maverick a lot.

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