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Photo TR: Sylvan Beach

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I just got back from Sylvan Beach. Here's the Trip Report. It's my first, so I hope it's a good one. Enjoy!


I end the review with the elephant I won on the roller bowler. Hope you enjoyed my first review.


Kiddieland, I did not go there.


They had Bumper Boats!




And Restrooms!


Shooting range, it's ok.


If anyone knows how to play this arcade game PM Me!


"Playland", one of the arcades.


"The Bomber" ride, I have heard it is also called "The Hammer", it is fun, but it hurts.


Fascination, this game is alright, but I can never win.


The Famous dark ride stunt "The Jersey Devil"


Skeleton in "Laffland".


"Laffland" the Dark Ride, only reason I go, it's a great Classic Pretzel Dark Ride.


"Rotor" Spins you around, and the floor drops out, very fun.


The "Galaxy" roller coaster...





Here we are, Sylvan Beach.

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Good job dude!


I was just there.. damn, everything is becoming a blur on The Big Mike Road Show 2008! It was yesterday. Feels like a week ago already.


I need to take a week off



Peace, Big Mike

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